Yamaha Yas-106 Soundbar – Why You Should Buy It ?

Sound bars are the latest trend , and it’s an easy way to enhance any music just by connecting  it to your television. Amidst of so many options of sound bars to chose from I am sure it’s not easy to pick. With lives getting busier it’s getting tough these days to go out for movies but what’s better than bringing the theater like experience to your living room. Yamaha promises you to deliver the theater like experience and it has failed none. Raising the bar and expectations , Yamaha Yas-106 is the one to go for. A simple way to enjoy the TV sound is to escalate your experience with Yamaha Yas-106.

Let us check what makes Yamaha Yas-106 Soundbar a coolest option to buy :

Sound quality and Specifications of Yamaha Yas-106 :

Amplify your experience with Yamaha Yas-106 . This sound bar promises you complete surround sound with a blissful experience. Below are the quick details of its features and specifications before you make choice of buying this excellent soundbar. This is one of best soundbar under affordable price tag with a promise to deliver awesome sound quality.

  • Virtual surround technology
  • Bluetooth for wireless music
  • Audio return channel via HDMI
  • The speaker features two sets of drivers each consisting a 2.25-inch cone woofer, a 3-inch bass driver and a 1-inch dome tweeter.
  • Clear voice feature.
  • Dimensions 35” x 2-1/8” x 5-1/8
  • Weight 1 lbs.
  • Nominal output power 120 watt
  • Frequency 60 – 23000 Hz
  • Built in decoders DTS decoder, Dolby Audio, Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic II, SBC decoder

Design and looks :

It’s sleek and slender design add glamour to your decor. The ultra slim design can slip in anywhere easily. Keep it on a shelf or clamber up to a wall. It can add beauty to any place you place it. The looks are way too subtle and classy. Very easy to set up and pretty simple to access. It’s affordable, it’s worth the money you will spend.

The specialty of Yas-106 is the top placed drivers. On the top, there is more room and this helps the driver to be large enough to produce stronger and better sound. Also we found that the speaker is really well designed to suit wall mounting positions. This is very important if you are placing it in smaller place. The control buttons in the rear position are also placed in top to get it accessed easily in wall mounted position.

The remote of the soundbar is a credit card style but very smartly designed than many of it’s peers. The volume control and bass control buttons are given in the bottom with side by side position to be found easily. Also the other controls are placed in a uncluttered and easy to found position. All in all we loved the soundbar and it’s companion remote control for their smart design.

Performance :

The sound bar Yamaha Yas-106 has everything. But the performance it gives matters the most. It can look beautiful and can have all the features of the world but what if it fails to perform? But the good news is this sound bar wins hands down. The music hits you hard but it still doesn’t hurt your ears. It amplifies music, takes you to another level of bliss. Music in itself is the food for your soul. Imagine it in its purest form. Yamaha being best in sound justifies. It’s really good and clear at a very low volume as not everybody is in a party mood all the time. Nothing can beats its clarity. Yamaha Yas-106 can handle 4K and HDR material and able to take simple dolby and DTS input through it’s HDMI input. And this is by far the best in this price range.

Other than the standard movie mode and  music option, there are two special modes. One is to enhance the bass which is known as Bass boost option. The other one is “Clear Voice Mode”.

Now coming back to the play time performance, Yamaha Yas-106 is really awesome on many aspects. In fact during our test we placed it in a smaller room with surround effect ON. We found for movies the bass is quite impactful with lot of detailing and clarity. We also found the dialog are clear and easy to understand. On the music playing part our test was quite satisfactory with all genres of music played really well.

All in all it’s a good choice. If you believe in breathtaking experience, Yamaha being the  best in sound will never fail you. It gives you the experience of your lifetime. Lose yourself in the music delivered by this sound-bar and experience the melodiousness at it best. You have to buy it to believe it.

Check this CNET Video For Yamaha Yas-106 :


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