Wet Sounds Stealth 10 Ultra HD Installation Guide & Review

Today’s Music enthusiast wants best in class performance along with solid durability when choosing a sound system. Particularly sound systems exposed to outdoor weather needs special design consideration. Waterproof soundbar is a must have to outdoor enthusiasts and sports freak today. Let us review all the important features & details of Wet Sounds Stealth 10 Ultra HD here. Wet sounds stealth 10 HD is undoubtedly the most premium soundbar for outdoor activities. Most importantly Wet sounds stealth 10 HD is a waterproof soundbar.

Wet Sounds Stealth 10 Ultra HD – Best Waterproof Soundbar :

Features and specification :

Stealth 10 Ultra HD is world’s best soundbar solution for outdoor vehicles like – golf cart, ATV, UTV and mobile applications. The Stealth 10 model has speaker array with extra set of titanium dome tweeters for top performance. It also consists of a RF Remote for wireless control.

The STEALTH ULTRA HD Series operates on full range class D amplifier. The model has following specifications integrated :

  • IP67 Rating for waterproof and dust proofing – can withstand immersion up to 1m depth
  • Improved low end bass with new DSP amplifier technology
  • Bluetooth capability
  • Auxiliary inputs
  • Line driver output (2 volt) for linking another speaker, sound bar or external amplifier
  • Excellent mounting facility to attach to almost anything ( universal L mount brackets and sliding top mount channel system )
  • Wiring harness
  • Automatic turn off for saving battery
  • Back lit control panel for night outs
  • Resistance and weatherproofing achieved through special powder coat finishing

Now Let us look at the following physical and electrical specification –

  • Frequency : 40 Hz – 20 kHz
  • End to end Length : 38.20 inches
  • Depth : 7.20 inches
  • Height : 6.80 inches
  • Voltage to operate : 12 V
  • Weight : 20.9 LBs

The STEALTH-10 ULTRA HD Soundbar has total 10 speakers. Out of these 10, eight are 3 inch drivers with full range and rest two are 1 inch titanium tweeters. The total speaker array wattage is 300 watts providing an excellent music delight. This extraordinary set of speaker array makes wet sounds stealth 10 ultra hd one of the best in class high performance plug and play audio system. Go ahead and buy this awesome outdoor soundbar, if you are planning to have one for your ATV, UTV or golf cart.

Installation Guide of Wet Sounds Stealth 10 Ultra HD

The Wet Sounds Stealth Ultra HD soundbar is a 2-wire 12-volt outdoor speaker bar. Here’s how you can install it on your ORV.

  1. The first thing you need to do is remove the bolts connecting the top to the front strut.
  2. Then, fit the right tube clamp around the front strut and position it at the desired point.
  3. If your soundbar includes a sliding adapter, fasten it loosely to the unit and then to the round tube clamps.
  4. Check if the bar is in the correct location, then tighten all the hardware.
  5. The next step is wiring. If you have an electric vehicle, first switch it to TOW mode. Then gingerly remove the positive and negative wires of the battery. Connect the black Negative wire to the Ground on the DC-DC Converter and the red Positive wire to the +ve post on the DC-DC Converter. DC-DC Converter is necessary in an electric vehicle to avoid damage to the audio system and the vehicle.
  6. If your vehicle runs on gas, connect the black Negative wire to the -ve battery terminal and the red Positive wire to the +ve battery terminal.
  7. Next direct the thick Blue Aux In and Aux Out wires where you need them. The Aux In wire accepts input from devices that lack Bluetooth whereas the Aux Out wire sends out signal to a powered subwoofer.
  8. The Blue Remote Out wire provides 12 volts of power when the soundbar is turned on. You can consider this as an ON signal for any additional subwoofer or amplifier that you may add to the setup.
  9. Once this done, bunch up all the excess wires and tie them up neatly. Reinstall the +ve and then the -ve battery wires. If your vehicle is an electric one, switch it back to RUN mode.
  10. The speaker bar can be controlled using the onboard control panel or the included wireless remote control. A bracket with an elastic band is provided for securing the remote to any round bar such as a steering wheel. Attach the bracket to the wheel and slide the remote into it to access it comfortably while driving.
  11. The Stealth Ultra HD can be paired to only one device at a time. A source indicator light lets you know the status of connections. A blinking blue light means the bar is in pairing mode, a solid blue light means Bluetooth mode is on and no light means it is in AUX mode.

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