Top waterproof headphones for swimming

Good music can relax your mind and take your imagination anywhere. How amazing would be if you could take music anywhere you want, even while swimming, rehearsing for a show in the shower or just relaxing on the pool side. While not all public places would allow you to play loud music on speakers, waterproof headphones are a great option. Here we are enlisting some of the top waterproof headphones for swimming and outdoor activities.

There are numerous brands that have launched waterproof headphones in the market especially for music lovers. You can pair up these headphones with your wireless devices or to your wearable watches and dive deep underwater. Before you finalize your buying decision, don’t forget to rate the products on parameters like design, battery life, sound quality, waterproof rating, and durability.

So these are some of the Best Bluetooth waterproof headphones available for swimming right now. You can add to the list any product that we’d missed and give us a feedback later.

List – Top waterproof headphones for swimming

Bragi Dash Pro –  Top waterproof headphones for swimming – Our Choice


They take the first position and are most popular among waterproof headphones. They provide a top notch technological built-up and a stylish design with awesome sound quality. It is the choice of the best swimmers around the world. It gives a 5-hour of playtime on a full-charge and comes with 4-GB memory storage to give you vast space for your elaborate music playlists and preferences.

So whether you’re free styling or breast-stroking they remain fitted in your ears and their comfortable wearing is what will leave you totally impressed. They are rated IPX7 waterproof rating. Means you can keep them submerged underwater at 1meter depth for 30 minutes and they will still operate uninterrupted.


KuaiFit one of the top waterproof headphone

KuaiFit waterproof Bluetooth headphones are well-built and durable. They are biometric headphones equipped with sensors for serious sporting activities and can be submerged in water up to depths of 3 meters. And in terms of memory storage, it fares even better than Bragi Dash Pro. It offers a memory storage capacity of 8 GB!

The sensors can monitor your heartbeat rating and can be helpful in tracking lap time, intake of calories etc.

Sony B-Trainer

Sony-B-Trainer water resistant headphone

This is a neckband-type headphone. This waterproof wireless headphone can be used primarily for both running and swimming. The embedded sensors can monitor both heart rate and speed of running (motion sensors). Sony takes the experience of listening to music to another level by providing memory pool as large as 16 GB. This device has a waterproof rating of IPX5/IPX8. You can keep it submerged at depths of 2 meters for an hour and it will still function properly.

FX-Sport VRX

waterproof headphone with text to speech navigation

If you are a keen music enthusiast then this waterproof MP3 player is just for you. This is packed with 8GB memory storage. You can upload your training apps in the device and also it can customize the silicon case which you need to encase it in before diving into the pool. Its text-to-speech navigation feature is its one major highlight.

Finis Duo – Best designed waterproof headphone for swimming

Finis Duo for underwater experience of excellent hearing

Finis Duo is named so because their design is inspired from fins. It promises 7-hours of run time on a single charge and gives 4GB memory space. It’s built with new-age technology to give you a rich experience of music listening underwater and while swimming.

i360 – Best lightweight waterproof headphone for swimming

IPX8 rated light portable waterproof headphone

This light-portable device has a good playback time of 10 hours and comes with decent memory capacity of 4 GB. The sound quality is praiseworthy although echoing glitches have been experienced by some user at large depths underwater. It is IPX8 rated, so you can rest assured of its smooth performance up to depths of 2 meters at least.

Exeze Rider

Exeze Rider Bluetooth waterproof headphones are IPX8 rated are a value for money product with its varied features. It gives 12 hours of runtime on a full charge via audio jack provided in the design. You can attach the device with your goggles. It’s a portable device with small size and less weight. The audio jack is an added perk because this will prevent water seeping in from the charging point.

Sony NW-WS413

Sony NW WS413 highest rated waterproof headphone with best sleek design

Another remarkable product from Sony, this product is eye-catchy for its sleek design, comfortable fit and high sound quality. It has a highest waterproof rating of IPX8 and a playback time of 12 hours. It has in – built memory space of 4 GB which can be updated to 8GB on paying extra £10. The bass may sound quite distorted underwater as compared.

Photive BTH3

Photive BTH3 is sweat-proof and waterproof headphone

Photive BTH3 has one of the most stylish designs and an impressive sound quality. It offers a runtime of 6 hours on a full – charge . This highly comfortable-to-wear device is both sweat-proof and waterproof for your rigorous exercise routines. So you can also ro-am about in rain wearing these. Also, its charging time is way lesser than its rival products.

Sony SBH70BK wireless headphones

Rated an impressive IP57, these headphones from Sony are both dust-resistant and water-resistant. They can run non-stop for eight and a half hours on a full-charge. You just have to pair them with your Bluetooth-device and enjoy music with high sound quality. It can operate in vibration mode and has control buttons on the upper side of the main body for quick access.

Check Sony site for more details on this product.

JLab Go

They have an elegant design and provides a runtime of 10 hours means they have a long battery life. The manufacturers provide 7 type of ear tips for a perfect fit. You can experience deep bass and rich treble tones with the audio driver of superior quality.

Check JLab site for more details on this product.

Finis SwiMP3.1G

One of the most striking feature of these waterproof Bluetooth headphones is that they are equipped with bone conduction technology. It means that the sound waves travel through the bones of your upper cheek to reach your inner ear from the device attached to your temple area. So if you have a niche for adventures and cool technology, you can give this product a try.

Check Finis site for more details on this product.

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