Top Bluetooth Swimming Earbuds In 2019

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  1. Claris M says:

    Excellent list of products. But I am little inclined to premium products like, Bose sound sport. Can I consider bose sound sport for my occasional swimming classes ?

    • SpeakerGuy says:

      Claris, difficult question. We think may be some people use it for swimming. But we are not very confident. No doubt it is a premium product in it’s segment with a heavy weight brand like Bose. But if we look at the IP rating it is not IPX7 or IPX6. Also it seems to be used for outdoor activity and the product is sweat-proof not a waterproof one. May be it can withstand occasional splash but for swimming classes we recommend to buy something which is waterproof ( best is IPX7 ). You can check our recommended product list above.

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