Best Small Soundbar To Make Your Home Theater Awesome In 2019

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  1. Sammy Donald says:

    I think sonos beam, Bose Solo 5 and Sony HT MT 300 are good compact soundbars to buy. I am not sure whether Asiyun or taotronics are theoretically soundbars considering their price tag. Are they worth buying as a small soundbar for TV ?

    • SpeakerGuy says:

      Hello Sammy, if you just compare between a Sonos Beam or Vizio 29” speaker bar with a Asiyun, then to be frank they are not apple to apple comparison. When we did our study we concentrated primarily on smaller dimension speakerbars. Now few of the products in the list is premium. Sonos Beam is an example of premium smart soundbar. As per as Asiyun or Taotronics are concerned, they have in-built subwoofers as mentioned by the manufacturer but we should not compare a Asiyun with a Sonos or Bose product. That would be unfair. For premium sound quality you should go for Bose / Sony or Sonos. The products are already mentioned in the article. For budget small soundbar you can consider the other products.

  2. France Salvature says:

    Does it make sense to go for a mini soundbar when your main aim is to boost your television sound to a different level ? The prices are on lower side for many of the products but do they sound great ?

    • SpeakerGuy says:

      We think there are many segments in the soundbar category. You can categorize depending on their price and then also size. Obviously you can categorize them with different usage as well. For example – computer sound bars are specific products catering the computer & laptop segment. Budget soundbars are meant for price conscious buyers. We can not say that small soundbars are always compromising on sound quality, bass or other technical aspects. Small or mini soundbars are meant for buyers who have space constraint. So, choosing a product primarily depends on size and quality of the product. For example – sonos beam is a premium quality smart soundbar in this small segment and with a higher price tag.

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