Sylvania SP328 Portable Bluetooth Speaker For Tailgating ( Review )

A portable Bluetooth speaker has many uses. It rocks a block party. It entertains guests on barbeques. It adds music to picnics, camps and tailgates. It also provides sound in musical shows in school and college auditoriums.

While the market is inundated with portable Bluetooth speakers, it might be a little confusing for the average buyer to know which product to buy and which not given the technical nature of the product specs. In this segment, we are going to analyze a leading portable wireless tailgater speaker, the Sylvania Bluetooth speaker. We are going to walk you through all the features and functions of the gadget and explain how it works.

Sylvania Portable Bluetooth Tailgater Speaker – Complete Review :

Technology And Design :

The Sylvania is a mobile Bluetooth speaker. It is portable and has a carrying handle on top of the frame. It weighs only 4 lbs and can easily be carried from place to place. The enclosure is black and measures 14 inches (height) by 7 inches (width) by 5 ½ inches (depth). The Sylvania has multiple modes of sound input. It has Bluetooth for cable-free input from a range of devices such as smart phones, tablets, laptops, iPhones, iPads, etc. It has a 3.5mm AUX-in port for wired input from devices that lack Bluetooth like MP3 players and CD players. The speaker has a rechargeable lithium ion battery that has a long battery life for prolonged outdoor use. It comes with a USB charging cable for instant recharges. The speaker also has a charge out port which means the battery doubles as an on-the-go powerbank and charges phones and tablets though the USB port. The Sylvania speaker has blue LED backlights which gives it a smart look. It is perfect for disco nights and keeps the ambience pumped up. The control panel is located near the top in an accessible position. It has buttons and knobs for power, play/pause, volume and track change, and mode. There are EQ controls for changing the treble and bass output. The package contains the Bluetooth speaker, a USB charging cable, an AUX audio cable and a user manual.

Sound Quality :

The Sylvania Bluetooth speaker has thunderous ground-shaking sound. It has a pair of 4-inch high-fidelity speakers that produce loud and clear stereo sound. It sounds great both on low and high volume. It is great for parties in the garage, terrace and yard. There are two large knobs for adjusting treble and bass notes. You can customize the music to suit your taste and the genre of music playing.

Key Features :

  • Portable Bluetooth tailgate speaker.
  • 5mm AUX-in jack, dual 4-inch speakers, built-in rechargeable battery.
  • Multiple hours of wireless back-up, charge out port, adjustable treble and bass.
  • Carrying handle, lightweight, blue LED backlights, includes USB charging cable and AUX cable.


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