How to use stripping RCA cable as a Subwoofer Wire ?

RCA cable used as subwoofer wire

There’s one question that several enthusiasts often ask, “Can I use stripping RCA cable instead of a Subwoofer Wire?”.

Well, using RCA cable as a Subwoofer Wire isn’t obvious, but it isn’t uncommon as well. Several curious users have often been there when they stripped an RCA cable and utilized it as a Subwoofer wire. They experienced successful results as well, but was it really worth it?

Come, let’s shed some light on it.

An RCA Cable vs. a Subwoofer Wire

An RCA cable is a type of audio cable with three plugs extending from one end and color-coded in Red, White, and Black. These three colored ends pair with the corresponding jacks on other audio devices such as Television, Subwoofers, etc.

On the other hand, a Subwoofer wire is another type of audio cable that serve the same or different purpose. A subwoofer wire is generally made up of thicker insulating material and has a heavier-gauge wire inside. The thicker insulation ensures no noise interference and, thus, better audio quality. Simultaneously, the heavy gauge wire wrapped inside ensures the prevention of power loss.

Subwoofer wires are undoubtedly a robust version of RCA cables.

Is it safe to use an RCA cable (stripped) as a Subwoofer wire?

Even though when most people use a stripped RCA cable as a subwoofer wire, it isn’t a very safe practice. The same can be done, and several experts even advise for its occasional usage, RCA cables aren’t built to substitute a Subwoofer wire.

RCA cables aren’t as potent as Subwoofer wires, and therefore using them as a substitute will strain the amplifier power. In worst can scenario, it can corrupt the speaker or can even cause a fire. RCA cables are extremely thin, and they aren’t meant for carrying high-level signals between the amplifier and speaker. RCA cables are only designed for low-level signals, and they won’t do justice to producing superior punch, thud, base, and brightness in the audio.

The main disadvantage of an RCA cable is that it cannot deliver enough power. And devices like speakers, subwoofers, and more require to demand heavy power in order to work efficiently. Though even if the RCA cable manages to do so, the output will be of very less frequency, distorted, and odd for listeners.

How to use stripping RCA cable as a Subwoofer Wire?

If your RCA cable has appropriate connectors, you can connect it to use as a Subwoofer wire. However, since both an RCA cable and a Subwoofer wire are made differently, you will need some alterations. But as mentioned earlier, using RCA cable as a Subwoofer Wire isn’t an ideal and safe practice. Even when it is providing you some fine results, it will soon enough damage either of the device (Amplifier or Subwoofer) or even cause a fire.

Therefore, it is advisable not to use an RCA cable instead of a legitimate Subwoofer wire.

The wires used for connecting a Subwoofer and Amplifiers are quite potent. Amplifiers release heavy power and signal, which are needed to be slowed down before they reach a subwoofer, woofer, speaker, or other similar audio devices. Therefore, it is important to choose the right wire.

For the subwoofer, 16-, 14-, or 12-gauge wires work efficiently.

Whereas for speakers, 18-, 16-, or 14-gauge wires work efficiently.

Choose wires depending on how much power your subwoofer or speaker is.

RCA cables are undoubtedly cheap and convenient, but they do not perform the job as well as a Subwoofer wire. The power and performance of both will undoubtedly differ.

Simultaneously, a Subwoofer wire has a standard RCA connector, but it is way thicker and more powerful than a regular RCA cable. It will undoubtedly provide more clarity and resolution since Subwoofer wires have a greater shield in them.

Several users connect the classic Red and White cables of the RCA cable with color coordination within an Amplifier. And since Yellow cable is for composite video and has no use in audio functioning, it can be left aside.


Subwoofer wires are designed to offer heavier shields to the power Amplifier releases. Subwoofer wires aren’t just for the smooth functioning of audio, but they also ensure protection for connecting devices. However, when you use an RCA cable instead of a Subwoofer wire, it neither ensures protection nor performance.

That is why it is important to always go with special subwoofer wires since the scenario isn’t worth risking. Invest in high-quality subwoofer cables, and they will do the job in the long run.

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