Best Speaker Wall Mounts | Best Speaker Bracket In 2019

Are you looking to buy speaker brackets for your home theatre system? Are you confused which mounts would be the best fit? Do not worry. You have come to the right place. In the following paragraphs we will take you through some of the best speaker brackets and mounts you can get your hands on. These wall and ceiling mounting speaker brackets are not only durable but highly versatile and capable of flexible positions.

Here is the Best Speaker Wall Mounts & Speaker Brackets To choose for your speakers :

VideoSecu Universal Satellite Speaker Mounts / Brackets :

The speaker wall mounts from VideoSecu are known for their strength and durability.  They are perfect for mounting speakers on walls and ceilings. If you have a home theatre system with multiple satellite speakers, you might want to check out this product. Each bracket can support a maximum weight of 10 lbs. This is enough to accommodate most home speakers. The VideoSecu Universal Speaker Mounts are made from high quality injection molded polymer that has been reinforced with resin. It is weatherproof and sturdy. You can twist the mounts in multiple directions to get the most appropriate sound projection. It has swivel and pivot junctures that allow you to point the speakers in any direction you like. The brackets work on satellite speakers with keyhole mounting systems and those that have either one or two threaded mounting holes. The length of the wall mount bracket is 3.25 inches and that of the ceiling mount bracket is 5.5 inches. The VideoSecu mounts are designed to fit speakers of all leading brands including Bose, LG, Philips, Samsung, Sony and many others. The package includes mounting brackets, a user’s manual, allen wrench, ceiling extensions and other installation hardware. The mounts are available in black and white.

VideoSecu Satellite Speaker Mount Bracket :

The next item on our list is also from VideoSecu. It is a pair of wall and ceiling mounts with a unique ball and clamp design that facilitates adjustable speaker positioning. Thanks to the super-flexible engineering, you can tilt the speakers by 30ᵒ, pan them across 180ᵒ and rotate them 360ᵒ. This means you can have your speakers face any direction you want. This offers you a lot of freedom to arrange the furniture and overall set up of the room as you like as the speakers won’t get in the way. In other words, the mounts help free up space and make your room look more spacious. The VideoSecu speaker brackets are built to support a maximum weight of 10 lbs each. They are compatible with satellite speaker with ¼-inch 20 thread, and 5mm to 4mm holes. Speakers with keyhole mounting feature can be mounted using these brackets. The VideoSecu mounts work well on drywall and rock sheet surfaces. They have a solid construction with extra tight clamps for extra firmness. The package includes the wall anchoring pair and a complete set of mounting hardware. The brackets are available only in black.

WALI Universal Dual Side Clamping Bookshelf Speaker Wall Mounting Bracket :

The next heavy duty speaker mounts are from WALI. These bookshelf speaker mounts are sold in pairs. They are designed for mounting satellite speakers on walls only. They have a side clamping design which is ideal for large oblong speakers. The mounts are capable of 45ᵒ swivel movement and 7.5ᵒ tilt. This lets you point your speakers in the direction that best fills up your room with booming sound. The trays of the mounts can accommodate speakers measuring 5.3 inches by 11 inches at the base. Non-slip non-marring isolation pads circle the edge of the trays for better acoustic isolation. It prevents the speakers from knocking against the trays and slipping and causing distortions. The brackets come with wall plate covers for a neat look. Each wall mount speaker bracket can hold up to 55 lbs. This means it can accommodate really large speakers and subwoofers. The WALI speaker mounting brackets have cable management for keeping your cables hidden from view. It provides a designated place for the wires and helps keep your room neat and tidy. The brackets can be used on wooden, brick and concrete walls.

VonHaus Black Universal Wall Mount Speaker Brackets :

The next product that deserves mention is the VonHaus Speaker Wall Bracket. It is available in a pack of two and is suitable for speakers with a single thread mounting feature. This means it fits speakers with single entry fittings behind them. The VonHaus speaker wall mounts offer a designated place for you to install your home theatre satellite speakers. They make your living room space-efficient and organized. Each VonHaus bracket has a load bearing capacity of up to 7 lbs. It is perfect for mounting small lightweight speakers on walls and other vertical surfaces. The brackets offer flexible installation positions with swivel and tilt motions. You can swivel the brackets +/- 70ᵒ and tilt them +/- 20ᵒ for obtaining the most appropriate speaker angle so that sound does not get diluted upon encountering obstructions like furniture, pillars and walls. The special movements of the brackets allow sound to spread over a wider arena filling your room with loud and clear audio. The brackets are black in color which compliments most speaker systems. They are accompanied by a complete set of mounting equipment including mounting screws. Each bracket measures 4.7” x 3.3” x 2.9” and weighs 6.4 ounces.

Technology Solutions TSS1 Pack of Wall Mount Speaker Brackets :

The next amazing product in this category is from Technology Solutions. It is a set of 4 or 5 speaker mounting brackets. The brackets are suitable for home theatre systems with single threaded insert fittings. However, speakers with double screw threads can also be mounted by using one of the two threads to screw the speaker to bracket. The Technology Solutions TSS1 is compatible with brands like Samsung, Bose, Harman Kardon, Polk Audio, Panasonic, Sony and many more. If you have a sound system that has 5 speakers, the TSS1 is what you need. These speaker wall brackets are ideal for mounting multiple speakers on walls, bookshelves and other vertical surfaces. They come with all the necessary installation equipment including universal screws that work with almost all kinds of speakers. The Technology Solutions TSS1 mounts have tilt and swivel movements for customizing your speakers’ positions. Each speaker mount can carry a weight of not more than 7.7 lbs. The mounts are black in color and have a sleek minimalistic design.

Mount-It Speaker Mounting Brackets :

One of the most sturdy speaker wall brackets with a heavy duty construction are the Mount-it MI-SB03 speaker wall mounts. They are made from a special alloy of steel and aluminum. The brackets are sold in pairs and can be used to mount your satellite speakers both on vertical and horizontal surfaces. The Mount-It brackets are suitable for home, office, dorm, garage, restaurant, mall and store use. Each bracket has a unique adjustable knob and a compression lock. The compression lock lets you tighten the position of the mount. This makes the speaker-bracket bond firmer and more rigid. You can use the knob and the lock to tilt the bracket 90ᵒ and rotate it 360ᵒ. This gives you the freedom to point your speakers in virtually any direction to get real space-filling sound in every corner of the room. One of the most striking features of the Mount-It MI-SB03 speaker wall brackets is that they have an anti-theft steel security cord. This keeps your speakers safe in open settings. The mounts are compatible with keyhole mount speakers and speakers with single and double threaded holes. This means the mounts work on all kinds of speakers. Fully stretched, the mounts reach a length of 5.5 inches from the base. Each speaker mount can handle a maximum weight of 33 lbs. The brackets are black in color and are accompanied by the requisite mounting equipments.

PERLESMITH Speaker Mounts :

Another versatile set of wall mount speaker brackets is brought to you by Perlesmith. These brackets come in a pack of 5 and can be used to mount satellite speakers on wall and ceilings. Each bracket has a load bearing capacity of 8 lbs. They are designed to support speakers with one or two mounting holes and keyhole mounting speakers. The Perlesmith brackets have adjustable positions thanks to their tilting and rotating ability. You can tilt the speakers 180ᵒ and rotate them 360ᵒ to get the most appropriate sound projection. This helps you overcome obstacles like walls and furniture and fill your room with loud and enveloping audio. The Perlesmith speaker mounting brackets are made from a specially synthesized fiber resin-reinforced polymer. The brackets have a weather-resistant coating for added protection against the elements. You can use the Perlesmith mounts both indoors and outdoors. They are great for living rooms, kitchens, porches, open air restaurants and pool side bars. The mounts can be installed on wood stud and concrete walls. They have a simple tool-free set up process and come with a complete installation kit.

On-Stage SS7914B Wall Mount Speaker Brackets :

The On-Stage SS7914B speaker wall mounts are a superb choice for wall mount brackets for large and heavy speakers. The mounts are sold in pairs and have a load bearing capacity of 80 lbs each. This makes them ideal for sophisticated speakers used in large gatherings like gigs and open-air parties. The On-Stage SS7914B speaker mounts come with toggle bolts and lag screws. They have side-mount support for securing a more stable and rigid speaker-bracket pairing. The SS7914B brackets are perfect for recording studios, pubs and schools as they include adapter sleeves that have a universal 1-3/8 inch to 1-1/2 inch fit. All necessary assembly screws and mounting equipments are provided for quick and hassle-free installation. The length of the bracket arm from the inside of the bracket to the centre of the adapter sleeve is 15 ½ inches. The On-Stage SS7914B speaker wall mounts have a solid steel construction with a black powder coating finish. They have a sleek and low-profile design.

Pyle PSTNDW15 Dual Universal Adjustable Wall Mount Speaker Bracket Stands :

The next item on our list of best speaker brackets is the Pyle PSTNDW15 Dual Universal Adjustable wall mount speaker brackets. They are a pair of durable and long-lasting speaker mounting brackets for home theatre systems. The brackets are made from extra tough reinforced steel. They provide a safe, stable and designated place for your satellite speakers. They also free up space and help keep your living room neat and orderly. The Pyle PSTNDW15 mounts have adjustable tilt and swivel movements. The tilt angle is between 30ᵒ to 90ᵒ and the swivel angle is ±30ᵒ. This flexible positioning allows you to point your speakers in any direction you want for the best sound experience. The Pyle PSTNDW15 speaker wall mounts can support a maximum load of 80 lbs each. They can accommodate speakers with cabinet depths of up to 30 inches. The brackets have 1-3/8 inserts which are compatible with most speakers. Solid steel pins are incorporated into the brackets’ design to act as safety-stops. The Pyle PSTNDW15 speaker mounts are great for installing speakers on walls and other vertical surfaces. They can be used in homes, offices, restaurants and stores for better stereo sound management.

Pyle PSTNDW17 Speaker Wall Mount :

Pyle is a leading manufacturer of audio accessories. It is known for its high-quality speaker wall brackets. The next product on our list is from Pyle. It is the Pyle PSTNDW17 and it is sold in pairs. These wall mount speaker brackets are extendable and have a flexible Hanging Wall Mount Design. The adjustable length makes the brackets suitable for speakers of all sizes. The length of the arm from the wall can be adjusted between 6.7 inches to 11.8 inches. The Pyle PSTNDW17 speaker wall mounts can be used to mount speakers with a central channel mounting system. They are ideal for putting up speakers on walls and are built for home and office use. The PSTNDW17 brackets are made from heavy duty reinforced steel so your speakers can have a sturdy set up. They are compatible with most stereo speakers and sound bars. They have a combined load bearing capacity of up to 110. This is way more than most speaker brackets offer and is therefore a huge plus. Each PSTNDW17 bracket measures: 7.1” x 3.9” x 1.6”.

Sanus Adjustable Sonos Wall Mount :

Among all the speaker wall mounts currently sold, one product that deserves special mention is the Sanus Adjustable Sonos Wall Mount. This bracket, which is available in pairs, is specially designed for Sonos One, Sonos Play 1 and Sonos Play 3 speakers. The mounts can be installed on concrete brick and mortar wall, wooden walls and drywalls. Set up in easy and hassle-free. The manufacturers have incorporated a simple 3-step installation process which they claim can be done in less than 15 minutes. The Sanus speaker mounts have tilt and swivel functions. You can tilt the mounts 30ᵒ and swivel them up to 132ᵒ for the most optimum sound projection. The USP of the Sanus speaker mounting brackets, however, is their signature Invisigrip Technology. This feature involves two super-strong almost-invisible black cords that go around the speakers at the top and base, safely holding them in place. The cords provide extra stability and ensure the speakers are securely fastened to the mounts. The Sanus mounts are black in color and unobtrusive in shape. Once coupled with the speakers, they remain hidden from view, making your room look neat and organized.   

Mount-It MI-SB37 Speaker Wall Mounts :

The Mount-It MI-SB37 is another highly-rated product. It is a pair of side-clamping wall mount speaker brackets suitable for both large and small speakers. The mounts are crafted out of heavy duty steel and sport an ABS coating with a matte black finish. The MI-SB37 brackets can each carry a load of 55 lbs tops. Perfect for domestic and commercial use, the mounts can be installed in living rooms, kitchens, stores, pubs and offices for mounting bookshelf speakers, studio monitors and amplified surround speakers. The Mount-It MI-SB37 can be tilted 7.5ᵒ in the downwards direction and swiveled 180ᵒ both ways (left and right). This flexible movement allows you to project your speaker’s sound in a direction that ensures the best acoustic performance. The mounts can be drilled into concrete and drywall studs. They come with adjustable clamps that can accommodate most speakers. For full clamp contact speakers must measure a minimum of 5.4 inches and a maximum of 11 inches. Once installed, the brackets protrude 11 inches from the wall. The Mount-It MI-SB37 wall mount speakers have a simple 3-step set up process for quick installation. Just drill the mounting plate on the wall, slide the speaker mount on and secure the mount on the mounting arm.

OnStage SS7920 Dual Mount Speaker Bracket :

Another speaker wall mount that is in high demand is the OnStage SS7920 Dual Mount Speaker Bracket. This bracket is sold as a single unit. It has two 1 3/8 inch inserts that can accommodate two 10-inch speakers. Therefore, the SS7920 is a single mount that is built to support two speakers at the same time. This makes it a fairly unusual speaker wall mount and gives your room a smart minimalistic look. The USP of the OnStage SS7920 is that it has a special friction-locking adjustment that fits the stand shafts of most speakers. In other words, the bracket has a universal design and is compatible with most standard speakers. The bracket has a maximum load bearing capacity of 60 lbs with 30 lbs on each side. The length of the bracket is 20 inches from the centre of one insert to the other. The OnStage SS7920 wall mount speaker bracket has a sturdy steel construction and comes in a black powder finish. The manufacturers recommend pairing the speaker mount with LS/SS7770 10-foot lightening speaker stands. It can be used in homes, offices, stores and a host of other settings.

Bose UB-20 Series II Wall/Ceiling Bracket :


The next product on our list of best speaker brackets is the Bose UB-20 Series II. It is a single-unit speaker wall mount designed for mounting Bose cube speakers on walls and ceilings. It is compatible with all 2-speaker and 5-speaker sound systems by Bose except the Lifestyle 650. The Bose UB-20 Series II bracket is also suitable for speakers of other brands like Cinemate 520 and Sound Touch Stereo JC Series II, among others. The bracket is made from solid cast zinc for extra strength. You can adjust the position of the mount horizontally and vertically for the best sound projection. The bracket can be used on all kinds of surfaces including concrete walls, drywall and wood studs. It comes with mounting equipment needed for installation. The bracket is black in color and has an unobtrusive design. They are ideal for homes with space constraints as they help optimize space usage. They also make your living space look organized and well-looked after.

Monoprice Low Profile Universal Speaker Wall Mount Brackets :


The last item on our list is the Monoprice Low Profile Wall Mount Brackets. These brackets come in a pack of two. Each speaker mount can hold a maximum weight of 22 lbs and is therefore perfect for mounting medium to small sized speakers. They can be used anywhere around the house and in stores, restaurants, lobbies and corridors. The Monoprice mounts have a ball jointed 1/4 –inch x 20 threaded screw. Each bracket is a combination of two individual ABS pieces that are held together by a simple slide-and-lock mechanism. One ABS bracket attaches to the mounting surface while the other ABS bracket links with the speaker locking it in a secure grip. However, if your speaker lacks a built-in 1/4 –inch x 20 threaded mounting point, do not worry. The Monoprice brackets come with a keyhole to ¼ inch x 20 adapter for securing such speakers. They also include all the requisite mounting equipment. Each Monoprice speaker mount measures: 7” x 4.8” x 2”.


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