Soundbar VS Surround Sound – Complete Guide

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  1. Linda Tiu says:

    Hi, pretty good detailing on what to select between sound bar and surround sound system. I have a soundbar for my TV and every time I think about upgrading to surround sound, I am little nervous. The main reason is, to get optimum experience from a surround sound, I think the sitting arrangement needs to be optimized. Can you share your experience.

    • SpeakerGuy says:

      Linda, I can not agree more. A surround sound is really a comprehensive sound setup. For a movie buff, I will recommend to go for a surround sound system. But the point is how to unleash the true benefits of the surround sound. I think one of the primary consideration is a sitting arrangement. Again there is no hard recommendation in sitting arrangements. It depends on the size of the living room and the surround sound you are installing. But yes, definitely the sitting setup with respect to the sound system is an important factor to get the maximum out of your surround sound. Best luck for your future purchase !

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