Sound Storm LOPRO8 Underseat Subwoofer Review

If you own a hatchback or a small sedan, and are looking for a compact car subwoofer with simple installation, we recommend the Sound Storm LOPRO8. It is an active underseat subwoofer with a built-in amplifier. It is super easy to wire and set up, and comes with a remote level control. It has a maximum output of 600 watts and produces heart-thumping bass for the ultimate on-road sound experience.

Sound Storm LOPRO8 Underseat Sub – A Detailed Study On Sound Quality & Design / Features :

Sound Performance :

The Sound Storm underseat subwoofer features an 8-inch woofer driver. It is a self-powered sub with an integrated amplifier that drives the woofer from inside. The amp has a peak power capacity of 600 watts and an RMS power handling of 300 watts. It is sufficient for boosting weak audio signals and giving the audio the thrust it needs. The LOPRO8 has a single voice coil configuration. It is suitable for low to medium-power applications. It generates good amount of bass, and gives tracks a fuller and deeper effect. It has a frequency response of 15 Hz to 150 Hz, sound to noise ration of >88 dB and total harmonic distortion of <0.1%.

Design And Features :

The Sound Storm LOPRO8 is a low-profile active subwoofer. It is designed for vehicles with space constraints. It is compact and stays concealed under seats, in the boot or in the hatch. It has a width of 13.5 inches, depth of 9.7 inches, height of 3 inches, and it weighs 11.25 lbs. The shallow frame allows the sub to slip into the tightest spaces in a car. Make sure the area you choose for mounting the sub has sufficient air circulation otherwise the device will heat up quickly and that is something you don’t want. The Sound Storm LOPRO8 has low-level (RCA) and high-level (speaker-level) inputs for accepting input from the stereo head-unit as well as other sound devices. Try sticking to the RCA cables as they offer the best audio quality. The speaker-level input should be used only if your stereo receiver does not have preamp RCA output jacks. In that case, connect the speaker outputs from the receiver to the speaker-level input of the amplifier. Refrain from using low-level and high-level inputs at the same time. The Sound Storm LOPRO8 has an LED status indicator. Blue indicates ‘On’ and red indicates ‘Protection’. It has subwoofer switchable phase control (0ᵒ to 180ᵒ) and soft remote turn-on. It has variable bass boost (0 to+12 dB), a low-pass filter (50 Hz to150 Hz @ 12 dB/Oct) and a subsonic filter (20 Hz to 50 Hz). It also has an input sensitivity selector: 0.2V-6V. The subwoofer has a wired remote controller for easy control while driving. The remote must be mounted in an easy-to-reach spot for quick grab-and-use action. The remote has subwoofer level controls for increasing or decreasing the subwoofer level when an amp and sub are plugged into the preamp output of the sub. The LOPRO8 has a high-level input harness. The circuit board has 4-way protection – thermal, overload, short circuit and fuse – for a longer trouble-free service life. Warranty period of the sub is 1 year and can be extended by an additional 2 years. Check the Sound Storm site for more details.

Key Features :

  • Amplified underseat subwoofer, max power 600 watts, RMS power 300 watts.
  • Single voice coil configuration, frequency response 15 Hz to 150 Hz, wired remote control.
  • Low-level and high-level inputs, variable bass boost, switchable phase, low-pass filter, subsonic filter.
  • Soft remote turn-on, 0.2V-6V input sensitivity selector, 4-way protection – thermal, overload, fuse, short circuit.


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