Sound Storm BTB6 Amplified Sound System For ATV – Review

We would like to talk about another very popular audio pipe for ATV – the Sound Storm BTB6. It is a weatherproof device with a power output of 450 watts. It has marine-grade speakers, and wired and wired capability. It mounts to handlebars and pumps out booming bass-heavy sound.

For those seeking a simple audio solution for their ATV or cross-country touring bike, we think you should give this one a shot. It is a single-unit sound system with an integrated amp. You control it from your smart phone or MP3 player whatever you are using to play music. There are no hanging wires and installation is neat.

Let us do a deep dive into the sound technology and audio quality of the device.

Sound Storm BTB6 ATV Sound Tube Review :

Technology And Design :

The Sound Storm BTB6 is a force to reckon with. It is a powered audio pipe with two 6.5-inch woofers and two 1-inch tweeters. Both the woofers and the tweeters are marine-certified. They are driven by an internal amplifier with a max power handling of 450 watts. There are no loose parts; everything is held inside a single audio unit shaped like a broad U. There is no remote control either. You control the playback and volume from the sound source gadget like phone or MP3 player.

The BTB6 has Bluetooth and aux connectivity. It has Bluetooth Audio Streaming and you can listen to songs on apps like Spotify and Pandora. The gadget works with smart phones, iPhones, tablets and MP3 players. There is a 3.5mm AUX input port for playing music through audio cable in case Bluetooth is not available. All pairing and playback functions have to be managed from the media source itself as mentioned already.

The audio pipe needs a 12 volt power source. It works with all 12 volt vehicles such as motorcycles, ATVs, etc. It has a simple plug-and-play functionality. Just connect it to a wired cigarette lighter socket, hook up your phone for music input, turn on the power and hit play.

Operational power is 12 volts, and the allowable range is 10 to 16 volts.

The Sound Storm BTB6 has a rugged black ABS cabinet. It is 26 inches wide, 9.5 inches deep and 7.5 inches high. It comes with straps and zip ties for securing it to the handlebar. It stays firmly in place and does not dislodge at all.

The system is weatherproof. It is designed to take a pounding in outdoor areas. It is the perfect entertainment device for your off-road vehicle. Whether you are into dune bashing or off-roading in a jungle, this monster with its breath-taking sound will not disappoint. It is also great for jeeps, tractors, scooters and RVs. You can use it as a tailgate speaker system too.

The package contains a 12-volt Quick Connect Power Adapter, mounting hardware and an owner’s manual.

Warranty period is one year and it can be extended by another two.

Sound Quality :

The Sound Storm BTB6 booms like a pro. It cranks out awesome bass responses. It amplifies your audio experience, making the sound fuller and deeper. The audio pipe features a pair of 6.5-inch power sports and marine speakers and another pair of 1-inch weatherproof tweeters. They are powered by a built-in Class D amplifier with a peak power output of 450 watts. They produce rich sound with plenty of nuance and character. The vocals come through distinctly and the music hits all the right notes. This is primarily because Class D amps are a whole lot more efficient than conventional Class A/B amps. They generate less heat and use less power. The Class D amp used in this audio pipe is compact in size but delivers massive amounts of power for an unparalleled bass effect. Frequency response of the unit is 45 Hz to 25 kHz.

Key Features :

  • Weatherproof audio pipe for ATV with built-in amp.
  • Class D amp with 450 watts max power, two 6.5-inch drivers, two 1-inch tweeters.
  • Bluetooth Audio Streaming, 3.5mm AUX input, includes mounting gear.
  • No remote, controlled from phone or MP3 player, works with any 12 volt power source.

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