How much does a Sound Masking System cost?

How much does an Average Sound Masking System cost?

Since every space is different, there is no ‘definite’ cost on how much a Sound Masking System will cost. However, on average, installing a Sound Masking System will cost you nearly $1.50 to $2.00 per square foot. One can easily multiply and estimate the overall cost depending on how big or small the office space is.

For an even distribution of this technology throughout the office space, professionals survey the entire area and create a custom plan. For instance, in a 6,000 square feet space, Sound Masking will cost somewhere between $9,000 to $36,000, given which company you are dealing with. Remember, every provider will introduce a different budget, given the variety of technologies and features they offer.

Note: The cost of installing a Sound Masking System will differ depending on the size and location of the workspace, the service provider, the brand you are choosing, and more.

Cost Breakdown of Sound Masking Systems

One-time investment with Sound Masking Systems may appear expensive, but if you break down the cost, it isn’t.

For instance, while you invest $18,000 for a 6000 to 7000 square feet space, the Sound Masking will last up to roughly 20 years. Now, break it down; it will cost $900 annually, $75 monthly, and $2.47 daily. And that, for a high-quality Sound Masking System is no less than a steal deal.

Different Sound Masking Solutions

  1. Valcom V-9422 SPOT Sound Masking Speaker
  2. Digital Fabric Sound Masking
  3. Marsona 1288A Programmable Sound Conditioner
  4. Remark Group Sound Masking

When we talk about Noise in architecture, it is definitely a trouble for many. Especially commercial spaces, for instance, Offices, Schools, etc., that have an open floor plan workspace trouble with privacy due to distracting noises. However, with Sound Masking Systems, speech privacy increases, and that too in a cost-effective method.

Offices and other similar workspaces often introduce Sound Masking Systems as a necessity. Using this device increases productivity while providing privacy and peace simultaneously.

However, installing a Sound Masking System isn’t hassle-free since many factors are to consider. How much will a Sound Masking System cost can’t it have a ‘One-for-all’ answer since every business is different? But we still have tried to provide you with a better idea that will likely pay off well for the money you will invest.

Before moving forwards, let’s shed some light on,

What is a Sound Masking System, and How Does it Work?

A Sound Masking System is a series of loudspeakers. It distributes an engineered background sound to match the frequency of human speech for increased speech privacy. This background sound aids in targeting conversational distractions and makes human speech less distracting.

Sound Masking Systems don’t eliminate Noise from the environment but reduce how far it can flow. In the real world, it makes voices from one corner of the hall reach very quietly towards another corner of the room in a way that won’t cause a disturbance. For instance, if conversations can distract employees 60 feet away in a normal environment, with Sound Masking Systems, the voice will become unintelligible just at 20 feet.

Sound Masking Systems today are heavily in demand within the interior acoustics industry. While most people confuse it with White Noise, remember both are of different frequencies and work in two separate manners.

What’s better: A Manual Sound Masking System or An Automatic Sound Masking System?

A manual Sound Masking System needs physical adjustment, which can prove tedious most of the time. However, the Automatic Sound Masking System adapts to real-time conditions by constantly monitoring the ambient noise levels and making automatic adjustments. When the noise levels are low, it decreases the frequency, whereas when the distraction is getting high, automatic machines increase the frequency and compensate for any changes.

Are Sound Masking Systems really worth it?

If you have a medium to large workspace, Sound Masking System is truly worth it to invest at. Not only will it increase productivity amongst the workforce, but it will also aid in employee well-being.

Voice and Noise on the ground level create disturbance in the environment. However, very subtly, it also leaves an impact on employees’ psychological, behavioral, and cognitive well-being. This isn’t an estimate, but studies and research by different institutions from time to time have proved how Noise can affect both productivity and well-being.

For instance, when the research was conducted at Corneal University, the team found out that a noisy environment decreased employee productivity by 40%. However, when the same research was conducted with Sound Masking Systems ‘On,’ the results will impressively improve.

Simultaneously, in one of their studies, the British Journal of Psychology found out that noise and collective speech create a heavy disturbance. Not just that, it also has a major impact on performance related to mental arithmetic tasks.

Further, while we talk about employees’ well-being, Noise at high levels can play with that. High-level noises can impair hearing power, whereas low-level noises can have adverse effects on one’s physiology. Even when the noises are low but constant, it can lead to hypertension among employees. In addition, Noise can actually tire out employees by increasing the adrenaline surges and forcing stress on the nervous system. This ultimately depletes energy and plays with both productivity and health.

In the long run, poor speech privacy can adversely impact employees psychologically and physically. And that is why Sound Masking Systems are truly important for workspaces. Even if you are investing a few thousand dollars in a Sound Masking System, the benefit it will provide multiple productivities of a greater economic benefit. So, no matter if the Sound Masking System is expensive, it as a by-product aid in employees’ contribution to the workspace which is directly related to the company’s growth both socially and financially.


Install Sound Masking System in your workspace and say good-by to office distractions. A Sound Masking System won’t totally cut down all the sounds, but it reduces Noise traveling to a high level.

While you are planning to install a Sound Masking System in your workspace, take a demo from at least a few service providers. Given what kind of workspace you have, every product will work differently for you. Therefore, before investing a fortune, take demos from at least 3 to 4 providers.

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