Sony HT-MT300/B – A Powerful Mini Sound bar

A soundbar is a great way to upgrade your TV’s sound. It replaces the thin factory-installed speakers and makes the audio more robust. Most soundbars are accompanied by an external subwoofer. It adds to the bass signature of the track and invigorates the audio. The final combined output of the soundbar and the sub is so breathtaking, it redefines your TV-viewing experience.

Soundbars come in various configurations. Among good compact soundbars with subwoofer, the Sony HT-MT300 is a leading product. It is an elegantly crafted small soundbar with a 2-way installable subwoofer. It produces immersive sound with intelligible vocals, rich instruments and ground-shaking bass.

A Detailed Study Of The Sound Quality And Design Of Sony HT-MT300 :

Sound Quality :

The Sony HT-MT300 has interior-conscious surround sound. It packs a lot of power into a small package. The soundbar has a pair of front-firing speakers and a 2.1 channel built-in amplifier. The external subwoofer uplifts bass notes and makes the soundtrack more intense. Together the bar and the sub crank out booming sound with plenty of detail and depth. The Sony HT-MT300 has S-Force PRO Front Surround, Sony’s signature sound technology. It is an advanced sound technique that generates virtual surround sound with just two front speakers. The sound from the soundbar takes into account the layout of the room and accordingly spreads itself out. The sweet spot is thus enlarged, and the viewers are surrounded by reverberating audio. The result is extraordinary cinematic effect that makes you feel as if you are sitting inside a movie hall. The subwoofer of the HT-MT300 has a 2-way design. It can be erected vertically or placed horizontally on its side. This gives you a lot of freedom to install it wherever you want. You can, for instance, stand it on the floor next to the soundbar, or place it on your home media console. You can also place it sideways under your sofa or bed. There is a special Sofa Mode for such placement. It boosts the bass output of the sub and ensures the sofa upholstery does not interfere with the bass delivery. This feature is a great way to optimize space in small homes. It allows you to discretely place the sub under furniture and free up valuable floor space. The Sony HT-MT300 supports PCM, Dolby Digital and Dolby Dual Mono audio formats. It has 3 sound modes viz, Clear Audio+, Movie and Music for customizing the quality of the audio. It also has a voice-up equalizer setting for crystal clear dialogues and vocals. All in all, we can say the Sony HT-MT300 allows you plenty of bandwidth to play around with the sound quality and projection. You can place the bar and the sub anywhere you like to get the best delivery.

Now, let us concentrate on the design and technology spec of the product in detail.

Design And Technology :

The Sony HT-MT300 is a beauty. It has a contemporary design that blends in with the décor of modern urban homes. It has gently curved edges and corners, and is available in 2 neutral earth tones – crème white and charcoal black. The soundbar is 19.69 inches wide, 2.13 inches high and 4.06 inches deep. It is slender, compact and weighs just 3.09 lbs. It doesn’t occupy much space and can be placed in front the TV on a table. The front panel has a grille running the length of the bar while the back panel has all the connection ports. There are illuminated buttons on top of the speaker bar for basic functions like power, volume and track change. The subwoofer has flexible dual placement as mentioned already. It is 3.74 inches wide, 15.08 inches high and 14.37 inches deep. It is slim, unobtrusive, and easily slides under furniture. It weighs 10.80 lbs which isn’t much. You can switch its position whenever you want, placing it next to the TV or under the couch as you desire. The Sony HT-MT300 has multiple connectivity options. For wired connections, it has digital, analog and optical audio inputs. It has a USB port for playing songs via USB. For wireless sound input, the bar has Bluetooth 4.2 technology. You can pair your smart phone, smart TV or other Bluetooth-enabled device with the soundbar, and enjoy music free of cables and clutter. The HT-MT300 comes with a remote control. It can also be accessed through the Sony Music Center app (previously SongPal). The app lets you remotely manage the playlist, adjust the volume and control the settings of the soundbar. It also allows you to directly stream music from your phone or other Bluetooth gadget. Apart from these, the Sony soundbar has NFC one-touch pairing. Just tap your NFC device on the soundbar to instantly pair up the two and enjoy music without wires. Power consumption of the speaker bar is 25 watts and that of the sub is 20 watts. The package includes the soundbar, the wireless subwoofer, an AC adapter, an optical cable, an AC cord, a foot pad and batteries. Please note the soundbar does not have HDMI ARC. It also cannot be mounted on walls. In conclusion we can say that the Sony HT-MT300 is an excellent soundbar-subwoofer duo for homes with space constraint. It promises a riveting home entertainment experience and is sure to keep you glued to the screen. 

Key Features :

  • 1 channel small soundbar with wireless subwoofer.
  • S-Force PRO Front Surround technology, integrated amplifier, 2-way subwoofer.
  • 3 voice modes – Clear Audio+, Movie and Music, Sofa mode for sub.
  • Bluetooth, NFC one-touch pairing, USB, digital, optical, analog inputs.
  • Includes remote controls, also controllable via Sony Music Center app.
  • Table-mountable.


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