Acoustic Research Santa Clara AWSEE320 Light Up Bluetooth Speaker

If you are big on BBQs and love throwing parties in your backyard, you should consider investing in an outdoor speaker. A good outdoor speaker can make a huge difference to the way you host a party. It makes your parties more fun. It fills your yard with music and keeps everyone animated. Some outdoor speakers also come with dancing LED lights that beat in sync with the music. So, you can creative and build a nightclub-like ambience right in your backyard.

In this segment, we are going to talk about the Acoustic Research Santa Clara AWSEE320 Light Up Bluetooth Speaker. It is a powerful 20-watt outdoor speaker with full-range audio. It is shaped like a street lamp and offers 360ᵒ illumination with changing multi-color light patterns.

Let us study the functions and features of the Acoustic Research Santa Clara AWSEE320 speaker in a little more detail.

Santa Clara AWSEE320 Speaker – A Speaker With Light Effect :

Sound Quality :

The Santa Clara AWSEE320 is an excellent outdoor speaker for outdoor spaces like gardens and gazeboes. It has a 2-way configuration. It is equipped with a tweeter, a mid-range driver and a bass resonator. Together they crank out crystal clear music with sweet highs, crisp mid-range notes and deep rumbling bass. You can also create a true stereo experience by combining a pair of speakers via Bluetooth. It produces distinct left and right channel sounds and greatly enhances your listening experience. The stereo pairing function is however not possible if you are using an AUX cable.

Technology And Design :

The Santa Clara AWSEE320 is a weather-resistant speaker. It is designed for prolonged outdoor use in decks, yards and forest camps. It has a durable weatherproof housing that can stand up to rain and wind. The speaker boasts a beautiful 360ᵒ light display inspired by the Northern Lights. There are 4 lighting modes: Dance, Party, Breathe and Solid. Dance and Party are multi-hued pulsating light sequences, Breathe gives off a calming blue light and Solid is plain white light. The Santa Clara speaker has a mode for every mood. Just turn on the one you like and enjoy the synchronized music and lighting. There is a handle on top of the speaker for hanging it from branches and hooks. The Acoustic Research speaker has 2 ways of accepting sound input. It has Bluetooth for wireless input. It supports a wide range of Bluetooth-enabled gadgets like smart phones, laptops and tablets. You can also wirelessly pair it up with another AWSEE320 speaker as mentioned above to produce true stereo sound. Bluetooth range of the device is 33 feet. For input via audio cable, there is a 3.5mm AUX jack. It supports input from all non-Bluetooth and Bluetooth gadgets. The device has a built-in rechargeable battery. Once fully charged, it can play non-stop for up to 14 hours. This gives you the freedom to take the speaker on camps and day-long trips. You don’t have to worry about the battery running low. You can stay out for hours and still have charge left. The Santa Clara speaker looks like a rustic iron street lamp. It has buttons at its base for controlling power on/off, play, pause, Bluetooth pairing, volume and music. There are two indicators for status and battery. The charging point and AUX jack are covered by a guard door. When taking the speaker outdoors, remember to close this door securely to prevent water ingress. The speaker also has buttons on top of the enclosure for controlling the lighting modes. The Santa Clara is accompanied by an AC power adapter, an AUX audio cable and an owner’s guide. Dimensions of the speaker are: 14.6 inches (height) x 10.5 inches (width) x 10.5 inches (depth).

Key Features :

  • Water-resistant Bluetooth speaker with lights.
  • 2-way speaker with a tweeter, a mid-range drivers and a bass resonator.
  • 5mm AUX in port, rechargeable battery, up to 14 hours wireless run-time.
  • 4 LED light patterns, 360ᵒ illumination, 20-watt output, stereo pairing function.
  • Includes power adapter and AUX cable.


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    • Sorry to hear that. But generally these speakers are good to use for fancy purpose and many of them last long if handled with some care.

    • Hey George, We do not know why you want to replace the battery ? This product comes with a rechargeable battery. So, once the battery is down just use the charging cable to recharge the speaker battery. That is sufficient.

  1. The lights don’t work when paired please help. We have two of them. They sync together but the lights don’t change color and only one light work.


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