Samsung HW-M360 – A Premium Soundbar with Cheap Price Tag

The Samsung HW-M360 is a promising soundbar under $200. It has 2.1 channels and 200W total power. It is Energy Star certified. It comes with a chic wireless subwoofer for deeper bass cover. The soundbar has a sleek shape. It can be placed under the TV or mounted on a wall. It can also connect wirelessly with your smart TV, which is great as it helps avoid the mess of wires. The subwoofer doesn’t require much space. It is compact and can fit in small spaces.

The HW-M360 is fitted with Bluetooth connectivity which means you can control it remotely from your smart devices and wirelessly stream and play your favorite TV shows and music. The HW-M360 is Wireless Surround Sound Ready. You can team it with the WA-8500S Wireless Surround Kit (optional) and create a 4.1 channel system to get immersive surround sound. The HW-M360 also boasts Dolby Digital Sound (2 channel) for a true home theater-like sound quality. All in all, for a soundbar under 200 dollars, the HW-M360 delivers a knockout punch. Its resounding all-encompassing sound makes for a brilliant home entertainment experience.

Samsung HW-M360-ZA comes with 2.1 channel, 300 watts power and one touch bluetooth connectivity

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How Samsung HW-M360 produces such a brilliant sound ?

Sound Performance :

The 200W Samsung HW-M360 with 2.1 channels uses advanced technology to rev up your TV’s sound quality and range. It has a frequency response of 45Hz up to 20KHz. It is armed with powerful built-in amplifiers with 5 sound modes namely, Music, Movie, Clear Voice, Sports, Night Mode. It has Dolby Digital 2Ch which has an audio format with 5.1 channel theater quality sound. It also has Digital Theater Systems (DTS) 2Ch which is capable of providing 5.1 channel surround sound.

The HW-M360 is a cheap soundbar with impressive feature. It is Bluetooth-enabled, which means you can conveniently manage it through your smart TV, desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone and other smart devices. You can also remotely operate the soundbar using the Samsung Audio Remote app. This mobile app is very handy and offers great flexibility. It lets you control key functions like power, volume, sound modes and equalizer. Plus, the in-built Bluetooth lets you enjoy live streaming of your favorite shows and songs without any distraction. The soundbar has Surround Sound Expansion which spreads sound over a wide arena. It is also Wireless Surround Sound Ready. Its speakers are compatible with the WA-8500S Wireless Surround Kit. You can add this optional audio system to the HW-M360 to get an exhilarating cinema-like surround sound effect. It wirelessly expands your surround sound system without the clutter and confusion of wires.

Overall, the Samsung HW-M360 is a great value for money soundbar. It is one of the best soundbars at low prices currently available in the market.

Design :

The Samsung HW-M360 is a straight soundbar. It has a minimalistic design and comes in a smart black color. The front and top panels are covered with a fine mesh while the sides on both ends of the soundbar have a brushed finish. Illuminated power, volume and input displays are present on the right hand side panel. The subwoofer, like the soundbar, is also minimalistic in design and doesn’t occupy much space. It has 130W power for deeper bass effect. The soundbar has USB capability (micro USB for LAN and Software update), 1 Digital Audio Input (optical input) and 1 Analog Audio Input port. The device comes with an easy-to-use remote control, a power adapter, a wall mount kit, battery and a detailed user manual. The soundbar dimensions are: 35.7” x 2.1” x 2.7”. It weighs 3.3 lbs. The subwoofer dimensions are: 7.0” x 13.8” x 11.7”. It weighs 10.1 lbs.

Key features of Samsung HW-M360:

  • 200W power, 2.1 channels.
  • Energy Certified.
  • Equipped with Dolby Digital Sound 2ch and DTS 2ch.
  • Bluetooth, Wireless Surround Sound Ready, Surround Sound Expansion.
  • Can be operated via Samsung Audio Remote app.


For smaller rooms, it makes more sense to buy compact sized soundbar. For curved television, you might check samsung’s range of curved soundbar.


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