Samsung HW-J6500R Curved Wireless Soundbar – Complete Review

If you are looking to upgrade your flat-panel TV’s sound system, you should in go for a soundbar. A soundbar can take care of all your home entertainment needs. It is a collection of speakers housed inside a single enclosure. Each speaker is crafted to handle a specific band of frequency. Tweeters process high frequencies, midrange speakers process midrange frequencies and woofers process low frequencies. This differential treatment of sound highlights all the little nuances of the inflowing audio signal. It focuses on the details that might otherwise have been lost, making the final audio way more detailed and realistic.

Curved soundbars are the newest kid on the block. They are specially engineered for TVs with curved flat displays. A leading product in this category is the Samsung HW-J6500R. Let us understand what makes this soundbar a top-rated speaker system.

Complete Features Of Samsung HW-J6500R Curved Soundbar :

Design and Technology :

The HW-J6500R is a massive 6.1-channel 300W Samsung curved soundbar with a wireless subwoofer. It is an active sound system with inbuilt amplification. It matches Samsung Curved Ultra HD TVs with a screen size of 49 inches to 65 inches. The HW-J6500R has a slender curved frame made from high-density plastic. It is black/silver in color and has a smart brushed finish. An aluminum grille stretches the length of the bar covering the front and side panels. The top panel has low-profile button for power, input selection and volume. A dot matrix display just underneath the grille in the middle of the bar indicates selected inputs and volume levels. The soundbar has a minimalist design. It is unobtrusive and hardly occupies any space. You can mount the bar under the TV or place it on a home theatre console. The Samsung HW-J6500R soundbar features six drivers with individual amplifiers. The sub has a massive 7-inch woofer with active amplification. The HW-J6500R speaker bar has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It supports all iOS and Android devices including smart phones, tablets, desktop, laptops and iPods. It also supports music streaming apps like Spotify and Pandora. Using Bluetooth Audio Streaming you can live stream music on these platforms on your phone and play them on the soundbar. The bar and the sub pair wirelessly via Bluetooth. You can also pair the bar with select Samsung flat screen TVs (check compatibility before buying) wirelessly through TV SoundConnect. The soundbar is Wireless Surround Sound Ready which means you can pair it with additional satellite speakers for expanding the sound field. For instance, you can connect the soundbar to Samsung Radiant 360 speakers (optional) through the home Wi-Fi network. The extra speakers can be placed in other rooms to create a striking multi-room home entertainment system. Controlling the soundbar and all the associated speakers and subs is a breeze. There are multiple ways to monitor its functions. First, there is the remote control that comes with the soundbar. It lets you control both the bar and the sub. You can also manage the system through any Bluetooth device like smart phone or tablet. All you have to do is pair the bar with your device, power it up through a one-touch control and get going. You can additionally monitor the bar using the Samsung Wireless Multi-Room App. This app has both Apple and Android versions and lets you control the wide-spread multi-device home theatre system. You can use it to stream and download songs, change tracks and adjust volume. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi offer clutter-free and hassle-free connectivity. The device supports Anynet (HDMI-CEC). It has 3D Video Pass and HD Audio. For wired connectivity, the speaker bar has one HDMI ARC input and one HDMI ARC output, one optical input, one audio input, USB port, Ethernet for LAN connection, 3.5mm AUX input and Auto Power link. Dimensions of the bar are: 42.4” x 1.8” x 5.1”. It weighs 6 lbs. Dimensions of the sub are: 17.8” x 13.2” x 6.1”. It weighs 15 lbs.

Sound Quality :

The Samsung HW-J6500R has six drivers. Each driver has its own 22W inbuilt amp with an active crossover. The sub is fitted with a 7-inch woofer which is powered by a 168W inbuilt amp. The six speakers and the sub together crank out serious high-fidelity sound with distinct vocals, rich high notes and deep bass. This Samsung curved wireless soundbar has Surround Sound Expansion. It spreads sound sideways and upwards to make it more immersive and forceful. No matter where in the room you are seated you will hear crystal clear audio with thunderous bass and distinct dialogues. A cool feature of the speaker bar is its five inbuilt listening mode options. The Voice, Movie, Music, Sports and Night Modes let you adjust the audio to the genre of show playing on the screen. It gives you accurate sound and makes TV-watching more enjoyable.  Plus, Night mode prevents sudden spikes in volume so you can watch TV late into at night without disturbing your housemates. For audio processing, the device has Dolby Digital 5.1 channel and DTS 2 channel. These are sophisticated audio formats that offer 5.1 channel surround sound. The soundbar has real HD quality audio which keeps the original sound quality intact. HD audio preserves the richness and depth of the audio using 96kHz/24bit without down-sampling. Since the HW-J6500R has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi with multi-room function, you can place your rear satellite speakers anywhere you want to get the best sound coverage throughout the house.

Key features :

  • 1 channel 300W curved soundbar with 7-inch wireless active subwoofer
  • Inbuilt Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, Multi-Room compatible
  • TV Sound Connect, One Touch Bluetooth Power On
  • Dolby Digital 5.1 channel, DTS 2 channel
  • Surround Sound Expansion
  • Wireless Surround Sound Ready
  • Can be controlled via Samsung Wireless Multi-Room App
  • 5 sound modes, HD Audio
  • Supports Anynet (HDMI-CEC)
  • HDMI input and output with ARC
  • Wall and shelf mountable
  • Includes remote control


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