Rockville RW10CA Compact Subwoofer For Car : Complete Review

A subwoofer is a dedicated loudspeaker that jacks up the bass output of a sound system. If your car speakers sound thin, a good way to fix them would be to throw in a compact powered subwoofer. A sub enhances low end frequencies and makes the sound noticeably deeper and well-rounded.

The Rockville RW10CA is an excellent option for a car subwoofer from the house of Rockville. It is an all-in-one compact sub with in-unit amplification and a peak power rating of 800 watts. It delivers thunderous bass perfect for small cars and pick-up trucks.

Design And Features Of The Rockville RW10CA Compact Subwoofer :

Sound Performance :

The Rockville RW10CA dominates in the bass department. It has a massive 10-inch woofer and a built-in amplifier with a peak power of 800 watts and RMS 200 watts. It is perhaps the only CEA-2006 compliant slim underseat subwoofer in the market. This means that the power ratings on the gadget have been approved and ratified by a 3rd party. So, you can be 100% sure it will put out the amount of power it says it can put out. The amp has PWM MOSFET power supply, fully equipped with ground, remote and power @ 12 volts. It has a frequency response of 20 Hz to 150 Hz, sensitivity of 90dB @ 1w / 1m and impedance of 2 ohm. Overall, the RW10CA does not disappoint and manages to lift the bass signature quite splendidly. However, if you want high-impact bass that sends your heart racing, you should look elsewhere. The RW10CA is a medium-impact sub with average slam. Its job is to supplement the car audio system so you get the best sound possible with the existing set-up.      

Design And Features :

The Rockville RW10CA gives you great-sounding bass without hogging a lot of space. It is shaped like a flat square box and is less than 3 inches thick (or tall). It has a length of 12.4 inches, width of 13.4 inches and height of 2.7 inches. The slim design allows you to slide the subwoofer into narrow spaces in your car. You can install it under the driver’s seat or the passenger seat. You can also pop it in the rear carrier or dicky. The RW10CA has 4 removable rubber isolating mounting legs for slip-free placement. The cabinet is sealed and features a custom-molded metal grille in front. It is predominantly black with bright blue sides and a matching blue ring around the grille. The device has an integrated amplifier which means installation is a breeze. The device is self-sufficient and you don’t need an external amp to power the woofer. It also comes with all the necessary wiring cables and harnesses. The Rockville RW10CA has subwoofer level remote control with a bass knob for easy control from the driving seat. For connectivity it has low-level RCA inputs and high-level speaker-level inputs with auto turn-on function. All the inputs and outputs are placed on the same side so you don’t have a tough time wiring the device. Installation is neat, simple and quick. The high-level inputs allow you to turn on and turn off the device without a remote wire from the receiver. The intelligent circuit automatically senses the presence of an audio signal and turns on the radio. When you turn off your sound source device and cut off the audio signal, the amplifier follows suit and turns itself off. You can adjust the input sensitivity on the device and there is a phase switch to regulate the phase between 0ᵒ and 180ᵒ. The sub has a number of protections for guarding against sudden fluctuations in voltage and heat. It has a Thermal Protection Unit for protecting against heat build-up. It has Overload Protection and Short Circuit Protection. It also has soft delayed remote turn-on to safeguard the circuit board. The audio signal entering the subwoofer can be filtered. A subsonic filter @ 29 Hz lets you screen extremely low frequencies that are inaudible to the human ear. A low-pass crossover filter (50 Hz – 150 Hz) lets you cut off higher frequencies and route only low frequency bands to the sub. The device also has bass boost (0 – 18 dB @ 45 Hz) for customizing the output according to your need.

Key Features :

  • 10-inch underseat active subwoofer, built-in amp.
  • Peak power 800 watts, RMS power 200 watts, subsonic filter @ 29 Hz, variable bass boost.
  • Low-pass filter, low-level and high-level inputs, subwoofer level remote control.
  • CEA-2006 compliant, PWM MOSFET power supply, frequency response 20 Hz to 150 Hz.
  • Thermal, Overload, Short Circuit Protection, soft remote turn-on, removable rubber legs.


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