Razer Leviathan Soundbar – Finest Gaming Soundbar Under $200

Why Razer Leviathan is the best soundbar for gamer ?

The Razer Leviathan is a bass-heavy soundbar ideal for gaming. It is an impressive soundbar under 200 dollars. It comes with a powerful wired subwoofer with a downward firing 5.2 inch driver. Together the duo can effectively upgrade your TV and desktop’s audio quality by packing it with a solid bass support and extending sound reach. The Razer Leviathan has Bluetooth connectivity and Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound (simulated) technology. It can directly interface with your PS4 and Xbox One via the optical audio-input port. You can also connect it to your PC and TV using the auxiliary-in port. The Razer Leviathan is also one of the most stylish-looking soundbars at low prices. It is diminutive in size and comfortably fits under your TV or desktop. The subwoofer is also compact and hardly takes up any space.

The Leviathan however lacks a remote control. This means every time you wish to change the volume or settings, you will have to rise from your couch and physically press the buttons on the top panel of the soundbar.

Let us now discuss the quality of sound and product design in detail.

Sound performance :

The Razer Leviathan is designed to elevate your gaming experience. For a cheap soundbar under $200, it has the remarkable ability to produce robust bass without distortions even at high decibels. The soundbar has two 0.74 inch tweeters and two 2.5 inch full range drivers. Each driver and tweeter combination runs on 15W power. You can connect the soundbar via Bluetooth with any device that has Bluetooth capability and enjoy your favorite movies and songs with enhanced audio support. There are 3 sound modes: Game, Movie and Music. It has Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround sound technology for immersive room-filling sound. The Dolby Pro Logic II codec transforms analog, optical and Bluetooth signals into simulated 5.1 surround sound. However, it has to be simulated as the soundbar is one driver short of real 5.1 surround sound. It may also lack in distinctly separate right and left sounds and authentic HDTV 5.1 surround sound effect. The downward firing subwoofer adds a lot of low-end kick and deeper bass. The soundbar has frequency response of 180Hz to 20KHz.

As mentioned already, games are fun and more exciting to play with Razer Leviathan. It is a real value for money soundbar, adding powerful bass to your existing TV/desktop sound. Movies and music have crystal clear dialogues. You will notice a prominent improvement in the audio clarity and tonality. However, it may lack in high-end crispness and may not perform as well in large spaces. In our view, as the Razer Leviathan lacks a remote control, it is better suited as an audio upgrade for your desktop than your TV. Just place it on the table under your computer for easy control and enjoy non-stop gaming.

Design :

The Razer Leviathan comes in a smart black color with matte finish. It has a grille mesh covering the front panel with the company’s stylish snake-triskelion logo in the center. The soundbar dimensions are 19.7” x 3” x 2.8” and is a pretty perfect fit as a computer soundbar. It weighs 4.5 pounds. The subwoofer weighs around 5.1 pounds. The soundbar has 2 brackets for mounting it on a wall. There are buttons on the top panel of the soundbar for power, volume adjustment, input selection, Bluetooth, sound mode and Dolby surround sound. The rear of the soundbar has optical and 3.5mm audio inputs, a power connector and a jack for connecting the subwoofer. However, it is worth noting that the cable linking the subwoofer with the soundbar sits rather loosely in the port and feels like it is weakly attached. It does not have HDMI connection.

Key features of Razer Leviathan:

  • Cheap soundbar with excellent bass, perfect for gamers.
  • Simulated Dolby Digital Surround sound.
  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Wired 5.2 inch downward firing subwoofer.
  • 3 sound modes: Games, Movie and Music.


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