Pyle PLMCA10 Motorcycle Handlebar Speaker Review

The best way to enjoy music on long bike rides is to install a motorcycle handlebar speaker system. Motorcycle speakers are designed for life on the road. They have rugged housings and booming audio. They have onboard amps, remote controls, flexible mounting and multiple music-playing means.

In this segment, we are going to discuss the Pyle PLMCA10. It is one of the best motorcycle speakers you can get your hands on. It comes from the house of Pyle Audio, a pioneer in the sound equipment and consumer electronics industry. It has a strong presence in the vehicle audio market and the Pyle PLMCA10 is one of its top-selling motorcycle speaker systems.

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Let us examine the technology and sound performance of the PLMCA10 in a little more detail.

Pyle PLMCA10 Motorcycle Handlebar Speaker Review :

Technology And Design :

The Pyle PLMCA10 is designed for adventures. It consists of a pair of 3-inch speakers, an external amplifier and a remote controller. It is sturdily built to withstand hard weather conditions. It is suitable for motorcycles, scooters, boats, snow mobiles, jet skies and ATVs.

The device has a 100-watt mini amplifier. It boosts the original sound signal and infuses it with enough power to drive the speakers.

There are two ways to play music on the Pyle PLMCA10. You can either plug in your smart phone or iPod into the 3.5mm AUX input jack or you can tune in to the radio. The auxiliary jack is compatible with a wide range of gadgets like smart phones, tablets and MP3 players. It supports input from both non-Bluetooth and Bluetooth devices. The built-in FM radio is a great alternative. If you get bored with your collection of songs, you can anytime switch to the radio and listen to the latest hits. You can also get live traffic updates and news while riding.

The radio has an electric auto-scan tuning functionality. That means you don’t have to turn a dial to get to a strong radio frequency. Just press the up or down button and you will be taken to the next strong frequency. The amplifier automatically tunes in to the nearest strongest station. Radio coverage of the device is from 87.5 to 108.0 mHz.

The amp has a dot matrix LCD screen that shows the radio frequencies, clock time and other important details. It also has several easy-touch button controls for adjusting the volume and customizing the bass and treble of the soundtrack. There is also a button for muting the sound.

The speakers can be controlled from the handlebar, thanks to a remote control unit. It lets you manage the functions of the device from the handlebar itself while you are riding your bike. That makes things much easier and lets you enjoy your ride better.

The Pyle PLMCA10 is super simple to install and get started. It comes with all the necessary mounting hardware. The speakers are fitted with built-in mounting clamps that fasten seamlessly to your motorcycle’s handlebars. The clamps are adjustable so they can fit different bar sizes.

The speakers connect to the amplifier via RCA connector jacks. The amp needs a 12 volt power source and can run off of 12 volt motorcycles, scooters, boats and ATVs.

Each speaker measures 4.46 inches (height) by 4.09 inches (width) by 4.09 inches (depth). The amp measures 4.37 inches (height) by 3.14 inches (width) by 1.77 inches (depth). The system weighs 4.83 lbs.

The package includes a pair of weatherproof chrome speakers, a mini amp, a remote control unit, a 3.5mm AUX audio cable, a DC power cord and a quick start guide.

Sound Quality :

The Pyle PLMCA10 weatherproof speaker and amplifier system greatly improves your on-road entertainment. The two 3-inch marine speakers and the 100-watt mini amp belt out loud and reverberating music for the ultimate road trip experience. The speakers project sound at the rider and the passenger(s), engulfing them with heart-thumping audio. You hear every word, every lyric of every song with optimal clarity.

Frequency response of the device is 20 Hz to 20 kHz. Signal-to-noise ratio is >50 dB, channel balance is <2dB and FM sensitivity is 10 volt @ S/N 30dB.

Key Features :

  • All-weather motorcycle handlebar speaker cum amplifier set.
  • Dual 3-inch marine speakers, 100-watt mini amp, remote control.
  • 5mm auxiliary input jack, built-in FM radio with electronic auto-scan tuning.
  • Adjustable bass and treble, digital DOT matrix LCD screen with clock.
  • 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response, works with 12 volt applications.


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