Pyle PDA6BU Outdoor Stereo Amplifier Receiver With Mini Box Speaker Review

If you are looking to buy a stereo system with speakers for your porch, we might have just the right product for you. It is the Pyle PDA6BU outdoor stereo receiver and it comes with its own mini box speaker system and speaker wire. It is a weather-resistant receiver with Bluetooth, USB and AUX facility. It is ideal for open or semi-open outdoor spaces like patios, lobbies, decks and gazebos. It produces high-fidelity sound and has Bluetooth, AUX and FM radio. It also has a remote controller and a 50-feet 16-gauge speaker wire.

Let us analyze the functions and specifications of the Pyle stereo system.

Pyle PDA6BU Outdoor Stereo Amplifier With Speaker System – Complete Review :

Sound Quality :

The Pyle PDA6BU receiver is teamed with four marine-grade Pyle PLMR24 speakers. These are mini box speakers for outdoor use on boats, decks, yards and porches. Each speaker is fitted with a 3.5 inch aluminum injection cone woofer, a 1.75 inch wide dispersion mid-range driver and a 1 inch super dome tweeter. They produce rich, nuanced and spacious sound. The speakers have a 3-way configuration which reproduces full-range sound and minimizes distortions. They have vented bass reflex enclosures which heightens the overall bass impact of the system. If you are a lover of bass, or if you listen to bass-heavy genres like EDM and house, you will absolutely adore these speakers. They deliver booming bass that is sure to set your heart racing. The Pyle PLMR24 has a peak power of 200 watts and RMS 100 watts which is a pretty good output for small outdoor spaces.

Technology And Design :

Receiver :

The Pyle PDA6BU outdoor stereo system is a complete audio set. It comprises of a stereo receiver, four speakers and a roll of high-quality copper wire for wiring the system together. Let us go over the components one by one. First, the receiver. The Pyle receiver is a versatile gadget. It features a built-in amplifier and a host of inputs and outputs for connecting with a range of devices. The amplifier has a peak power output of 200-watt @ 4 Ohm and an RMS power of 100 watts x 2 @ 8 Ohm. It boosts the audio signal coming in from the source device and gives it the power it needs to drive the loudspeakers which are the four box speakers. The receiver has wireless and wired connectivity. It has Bluetooth technology for wireless sound input. It supports Wireless Music Streaming. It works with all iOS and Android systems including smart phones, laptops, tablets, iPhones, iPods and other Bluetooth-enabled gadgets. For input via cables, there is a 3.5mm AUX-IN jack. It accepts input from both non-Bluetooth and Bluetooth devices such as MP3 players, smart phones, etc. You will of course need an AUX audio cable to connect your device to the stereo. Apart from Bluetooth and AUX, the receiver also plays songs through USB flash drives and SD cards. So, there are a total of 4 ways in which you can play music on the Pyle PDA6BU which is a definite advantage. In addition, the USB port doubles as a device charging port for small electronics like smart phones and iPods. The Pyle receiver has FM radio. If you love catching up on the news and the latest chartbusters, this stereo is just the one for you. It comes with an LCD digital display that shows all the radio-related information like station frequency and station name. The radio has Auto Station Scan function and 60 station memory presets. The front face-plate has all the controls and ports. There are buttons and knobs for managing power, volume, song selection, play/pause, bass, treble, balance, echo, microphone volume and input selector. There is a special knob for locating tracks and folders. There are indicators that let you know different statuses such as power. There is also an ID3 Digital Tag Readout Display for Track Name. The face-plate has the USB flash drive reader and the SD card reader. It has two microphones input ports, one on either side of the large volume knob. The rear panel of the receiver has the antenna, speaker outputs, CD and DVD audio inputs and left/right line outputs. The receiver has a black and compact enclosure. It comes with a remote control for hassle-free usability.

Speakers :

Now let us move on to the speakers. The Pyle stereo receiver is accompanied by four powerful Pyle PLMR24 box speakers with a peak power of 200 watts and 100 watts RMS power. They have a 3-way configuration and produce loud and clear audio. The speakers are each 5.25 inches wide, 3.75 inches high and 3.75 inches deep. They are perfect for small yards and porches. They are designed to be mounted in strategic locations to create true stereo sound with distinct left and right sounds. The speakers are also water-resistant. They can take a beating in the sun and rain. They are marine speakers built to survive hostile outdoor conditions in decks, beaches, boats and lawns. As mentioned above, each speaker is equipped with a 24 Oz magnet structure, a 3.5 inch woofer, a 1.75 inch mid-range driver, and a 1 inch super dome tweeter. Together they produce high-fidelity sound with intelligible vocals, sweet highs, crisp mid-range and deep bass. Despite ambient noise disturbances, the sound is well articulated and free of distortions. The speakers have a bass-reflex vented enclosure for extra bass response. They have a capacitor crossover network and quick connect/disconnect terminals. The housings of the speakers are white and made from heavy-duty ABS plastic. They feature removable rustproof grilles in front to protect the inner acoustic parts. Each speaker has an attached swivel mounting bracket for easy installation. The brackets let you point the speakers in the right direction to get the best sound. Frequency response of the speakers is 70 Hz to 21 kHz and impedance is 4 Ohm. They come with the necessary mounting kit and wires.

Speaker Wire :

Finally, let us talk about the speaker wire. The Pyle PDA6BU stereo includes a 50-foot 16-gauge pure copper wire by EnrockBasics for connecting the four speakers to the receiver. The wire comes wound around a hard plastic spool for easy dispensing. One side of the wire has a white line. It serves as a marker for the user to identify the polarity and makes it easier to get the system started.

Key Features :

  • Weather-resistant stereo receiver with 4 marine box speakers.
  • Bluetooth, AUX, USB flash drive, SD card, FM radio, adjustable EQ settings, 2 mic inputs.
  • 200-watt peak power, 100-watt RMS power, includes remote control and 50-foot 16-gauge speaker wire.
  • 3-way box speakers with bass reflex vented enclosures.
  • Each speaker has a 3.5 inch woofer, a 1.75 inch mid-range driver, a 1 inch tweeter, a 24 Oz magnet.


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