Pro Armor 8 Speaker Bluetooth Sound Bar System

Pro Armor is an American company that makes audio accessories for off-road vehicles like ATV, UTV and side -by-side. Among its many offerings are waterproof sound systems like sound bar and subwoofer. The Sound Armor Series of sound bars by Pro Armor has premium-variety multi-speaker sound bars. The Pro Armor AU51080, which we are going to discuss today, belongs to this series.

The Pro Armor AU51080 is a behemoth of a sound bar. It is driven by 8 powerful speakers and a massive 100 watt amplifier. It has a rugged construction and a low-profile installation. It is also a relatively cheap UTV sound bar. Let us now discuss the technology and design of the Pro Armor AU51080 in a little more detail.

Why Pro Armor 8 Speaker Bluetooth Sound bar Is An Automatic Choice For UTV / ATVs :

Technology and Design :

The Pro Armor AU51080 is a rough and tough ATV sound system. It has a durable all-weather and all-terrain enclosure. It is an IPX67-rated waterproof gadget. This means it can survive complete immersion in 1-meter-deep water for up to 30 minutes. It also means the device is impervious to dust and mud. It can play non-stop under the scorching sun for hours at a stretch without any issues. It can easily take a drizzle and the occasional splash of water. The cabinet of the speaker bar is made from high-quality extruded aluminum. A bar cut-out is discretely integrated into the design of the sound bar for mounting it on roll cages and bars. This custom-made cut-out ensures a snug and tight fit. It keeps the bar in a recessed low-profile mounting position so it does not obstruct the view. The cut-out measures around 1.5-2 inches in diameter, and nests into the visor clips of the Polaris RZR for a smooth and recessed installation. It fits comfortably on other UTVs and ORVs too. The Pro Armor AU51080 is black in color and has a heavy-duty grille covering the internal speakers. It has large and intuitive rubber buttons that can be used even when you have thick riding gloves on. There are buttons for power, play/pause, volume and song selection at the base of the front panel. For media input, the device has two modes: wireless and wired. It has Bluetooth 4.0 CSR chip with SSP which offers the best wireless transmission. It provides a range of 10 meters and is compatible with most sound sources. It can play songs from smart phones, tablets, MP3 players and iPods. Thanks to Bluetooth, your vehicle stays clutter-free. You can also keep your device in your pocket or backpack during the ride. For non-Bluetooth sound sources, the system has a 3.5mm AUX-IN jack for wired input through an audio cable. A 2 volt RCA preamp output connector is provided for adding more speakers. You can use it to connect the sound bar to an external subwoofer or speaker. It can really upgrade your bar to a multi-channel stereo system and expand the sound stage. The Pro Armor AU51080 is the perfect sound bar for power-sports like off-roading. It is also a great golf cart sound system. The bar comes with all the necessary mounting hardware for securing it on a vehicle. The package includes the sound bar, mounting brackets, screws, hex-nuts, rubber inserts and a user manual. Let us now study the sound performance of the gadget.

Sound Quality :

The Pro Armor AU51080 has big sound. It has the muscle of six 3-inch midrange/midbass drivers and two 1-inch titanium dome tweeters with neodymium magnets. It is also fitted with a 100 watt amplifier. The midrange/midbass drivers process medium to low frequencies. They process frequencies around 500Hz to 2kHz, and generate thumping midbass and crisp midrange. The dome tweeters are treble speakers specializing in high frequencies of around 2kHz to 20kHz. Combined with the onboard amplifier, the 8 speakers pump out loud and booming audio with distinct vocals, soaring highs and deep bass. The dedicated amplifier really jacks up the nuances of the audio and makes it sharper and more impactful. The sound is loud enough to be heard over engine and wind sounds. The speakers of the Pro Armor AU51080 sound bar fire at the rider. This makes the audio more powerful and immersive. You not just hear sound, you feel it. One cool feature of the speaker bar is that it has preamp output connectors with an output voltage of 2 volts. This essentially means that you can add a subwoofer and supplementary speaker pods to your sound bar to bump up its sound output. Obviously, it throws up a ton of options. You can upgrade the sound profile of the device as you like. If you are into bass-heavy music like EDM and house, you can slap on an extra sub, or if you want a more spacious feel, you can go for additional speakers. Overall, we can say that the Pro Armor AU51080 has pretty awesome sound. It is flexible and customizable. You can use it as a stand-alone sound system or club it with other gadgets like subs, amplifiers and speakers. The speaker bar performs brilliantly in open air conditions. Its audio stays unchanged and free of distortions even during stunts and high-speed racing. We highly recommend this sound bar for adventure sports, golfing and tailgating.

Key features :

  • 8-speaker Bluetooth sound bar for ATV, UTV, golf cart.
  • Six 3-inch midrange/midbass drivers, two 1-inch titanium dome tweeters with neodymium magnets.
  • Integrated 100 watt amplifier.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 CSR chip with SSP.
  • 5mm AUX-IN jack.
  • 2 volt preamp outputs.
  • Extruded aluminum cabinet.
  • Recessed mounting with bar cut-out.
  • Large rubber buttons.


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