Polk Audio MM522 Coaxial Speakers Review

When it comes to outdoor audio gear, one name that comes to mind is Polk Audio. The company is famous for its quality sound systems and is one of the most dependable brands. In this sub-section, we are going to talk about the Polk Audio MM522 coaxial speakers. These speakers are sold in pairs and are ultra-marine certified. They are passive in nature and need receiver for power and input.

Designed for powersports and off-roading, the MM522 speakers can withstand tough weather conditions. They come with the required mounting equipment for hassle-free installation. Let’s go through the specifications of the product and know a little more about its sound quality.

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Polk Audio MM522 Coaxial Speakers – Complete Review :

Technology And Design :

The Polk Audio MM522 is every audiophile’s dream. It has a ton of features that are going to blow your mind. So sit back and enjoy this in-depth review.

The MM522 is from the MM1 (Mobile Monitor) Series of highly acclaimed speakers by Polk Audio. These speakers are known for their unparalleled sonic detail and rugged all-weather construction. Each speaker is fitted with one 5.25-inch mid/woofer driver and one 1-inch tweeter.

It has a 2-way design. There is no built-in amp and the pair needs to be connected to a power and input source. It can work with any aftermarket radio/receiver/head-unit. The system can handle a peak power of 300 watts and an RMS power of 80 watts. Power handling per channel is between 100-300 watts. If you wish to bring out the real power of the speakers, we recommend you also use an aftermarket amplifier besides the radio.

The speakers are built with Dynamic Balance Technology which eliminates unwanted resonant frequencies. Each speaker features a lightweight compact neodymium motor structure that has an easier drop-in installation. It also has glass fiber formers, oversized voice coils and high-temperature-tolerant Conex spiders, all of which make the device very durable.

The Polk Audio MM522 has a weatherproof build. It boasts an ultra-marine certification of IP56 which means it is water- and dirt-resistant. It has waterproof Santoprene inner and outer surrounds that keep out water splashes and harsh chemicals like boat cleaning agents. The basket is made of tough fiberglass reinforced ABS plastic. It is non-corrosive and lightweight. It offers excellent protection to the back half of the speaker, and reduces wear and tear.

The MM522 has integrated epoxy-coated crossovers for greater protections against water and moisture. Epoxy is a hydrophobic coating applied to equipment to protect them from water damage, corrosion and rust. The cone is coated with a layer of UV-tolerant titanium plating. The weep holes are built for continuous drainage on rainy days.

The speakers are tested for salt, fog, UV rays and humidity. They are fully safe for use on motorcycles, jet-skies, boats, ATVs and cars. You can use them for adventure sports or regular automotive use.

For mounting each speaker you need a cut-out dimension of 4.61 inches and a mounting height of 0.20 inches. Top mounting depth is 2.37 inches and bottom mounting depth is 2.57 inches. Two round grilles are provided along with the speakers. Height of the grille is 0.92 inches.

The box contains a pair of 2-way coaxial speakers, a pair of speaker grilles and factory grille badges, 2 speaker wires each measuring 38 inches, eight 1-inch stainless steel screws, 8 stainless steel speed clips and a product manual.

Warranty period is 1 year.

Sound Quality :

The Polk Audio MM522 has stellar sound. It is tuned for total sonic accuracy just like a studio monitor speaker. The speakers have a 2-way coaxial configuration. They are built with Polk’s patented Dynamic Balance Technology. This technology puts the materials the speakers through rigorous testing for improved sound. It guides the process of material selection. It also identifies and cancels out unwanted resonant frequencies.

Each MM522 speaker is fitted with one 5.25-inch round Dynamic Balance mid/woofer driver and one 1-inch pivoting Terylene fabric dome tweeter. The woofer cum midrange driver pumps out deep bass and spacious midrange frequencies. The low-protrusion pivoting tweeter which is newly developed produces neat and accurate highs.

The compact motor structure ensures more output with less power. Plus, the unique combination of the glass fiber former, the extra-large voice coils and the high-temp Conex spiders ensures higher speaker efficiency, enhanced power handling, better linearity and minimal distortion.

Frequency response of the sound system is 50 Hz to 40 kHz, sensitivity is 92 dB and nominal impedance is 4 ohms. Crossover specifications is 1st Order (Woofer) 2nd Order (Tweeter) at 5.0 kHz.

The second order high/low pass crossover system directs the right frequencies to the right drivers. So, no matter where you are and what vehicle you are driving, the music is beautifully blended and precise.

Key Features :

  • Pair of 5.25-inch 2-way coaxial passive speakers.
  • IP56 ultra-marine certification, Dynamic Balance Technology.
  • Works with any aftermarket radio, peak power 300 watts, RMS power 80 watts.
  • Each speaker has one 5.25-inch mid/woofer and one 1-inch pivoting Terylene tweeter.
  • Neodymium motor structure, glass fiber formers, oversized voice coils, high-temp Conex spiders.
  • Epoxy-coated crossovers, Santoprene surrounds, ABS fiberglass reinforced non-corrosive basket.

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