How to pair an LG soundbar with a subwoofer?

Though LG Soundbars are good enough amplifiers. But when your idea of home theater is taking the sound to another level, you will need to connect a Subwoofer along. And that’s where a lot of users confuse and often wonder, ‘How to connect an LG soundbar with a subwoofer?’

LG has simplified the process of connecting a Soundbar with a Subwoofer. And if you are utilizing both Soundbar and Subwoofer from LG, connecting the hardware will become even easier for you. However, since some wireless connections are trickers for many individuals, even the easiest can become messy. But that’s what we are here for.

This article today explains a ‘GO-TO’ guide that will help users connect LG Soundbar with a subwoofer easily. Stick through the end to get the most out of it.

How to connect an LG soundbar with a subwoofer?

Connecting Soundbars with speakers is a task even a naïve can complete, though the tricky part often steps in when it comes to subwoofers. When both Soundbar and Subwoofer are sold together, the process is still easy, but the standalone ones typically bring more confusion. There are many soundbars that connect universally though a few of them connects only with subwoofers of their brand line.

Connecting an LG soundbar with a subwoofer manually

  1. Begin with reducing the sound coming out from Soundbar by pressing/ pushing the ‘Volume –’ button. You can find the said button with similar identification on either the device itself or the remote that came along.

NOTE: While connecting a Soundbar and Subwoofer, turning down the Volume is important. Following this necessary step will turn the device into manual pairing mode. Volume up can actually stop you from connecting your Soundbar to the Subwoofer.

  1. Next, keep pressing the ‘Volume –’ button until you see the LED light on the rear of the Soundbar lit up in red color.
  2. Now, as the LED light indicator lit up, take the remote, press the ‘Mute’ button and hold it down for three seconds. Do not release the ‘Mute’ button until the LED indicator light begins to flash rapidly.

NOTE: While you were on the ‘Volume –’ button, the light would have blinked at a slower rate. However, now while you are on the ‘Mute’ button, expect the LED indicator to flash rapidly at a substantial difference than before.

  1. Now, take a paperclip or a similar object, move to the Subwoofer and locate the button used to pair devices on the rear of the Subwoofer. Then, using the tiny pointy tool, press and hold the button for over 5 seconds or until the LED indicator begins blinking between red and green lights. Be gentle, and make sure you do not pinch or pierce the button with the paper clip/ pointy tool.
  2. Here, disconnect both Subwoofer and the Soundbar from the power source and keep them unplugged for half a minute.
  3. Again reconnect both Subwoofer and the Soundbar to the power sources (respective), and once you do that, both the devices will pair automatically.
  4. For visually identifying the same, look at the LED indicator light, and it must be uniform green (no blinking or changing or light). Or, for verifying, play any audio on your TV, and the Subwoofer must sound for the same.

Connecting an LG soundbar with a subwoofer automatically

  1. Begin with Powering up both the Soundbar and Subwoofer with separate power sources. To Power On the Soundbar, you will need to first connect the cable to the socket, and then its other end into the port labeled DC IN.
  2. Next, to Power On the Subwoofer, plug the right end of the cable into the DC IN and another end into the Power Source.
  3. Now press the power buttons on each device, and it will power on both the Soundbar and Subwoofer. If the LED light on the Subwoofer is blinking that it indicates that both devices are On.
  4. Further, wait for a few minutes and allow the Soundbar and Subwoofer to connect automatically on their own. Once that happens, the Red blinking light will turn Uniform Green, and that’s when the connection is successful.

You can now play theatre-like sound using the Subwoofer.

However, remember that for playing any audio, the Soundbar should be connected to the TV first. And to do so, either use a cable of the optical variety or a cable of type HDMI.

Things To Know While Pairing A Soundbar and A Subwoofer

Even when you are following every single step rightfully, things can still go wrong. For example, maybe the procedure you were following was correct, but some external factors were interfering in between. Therefore, follow the tips below and rule out any such possibility:

  • While pairing a soundbar and a subwoofer, make sure both devices are kept close. Doing so is crucial for easy pairing. Not just that, but it even enhances the sound quality.
  • If pairing a soundbar with a subwoofer gives you hard times, try lowering the Volume. It is difficult and sometimes even impossible to connect both these devices with high Volume.
  • Other devices such as wireless LAN connection, Microwave, Medical Devices, or more can often interfere while you are trying to connect a soundbar and a subwoofer. When there are multiple active devices, the chances of frequency interference in common; therefore, consider turning off other such devices for a while. You can turn ‘On’ them back on once the pairing is successfully done.
  • Make sure there aren’t any obstructions between the Soundbar and Subwoofer since it may cause difficulty while pairing.
  • Reboot both of the devices if required.

TIP: For the best sound experience, always keep your Subwoofer a few inches away from the wall and perhaps in an open space. When kept in a close, confined space, the sound from the Subwoofer bounces off of the wall interfering with your audio listening experience. You can also consider placing your Subwoofer in the corner of the room, which will help produce an even greater amount of sound. However, ensure a few inches of distance from the wall here as well.


Pairing an LG Soundbar and Subwoofer is a relatively simple process, and the guide above must have well explained the same. A wide range of LG soundbars and subwoofers are available in the market, and you can invest in any of them depending on your requirement.

For the maximum instances, LG Soundbar and Subwoofer pair without much hassle. However, if doing so is still a task for you, we would recommend you to LG’s after-sales service team. They will either guide you over a call or email or will send an executive to your place.

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