Best 7 Outdoor Stereo System To Rock Your Party In 2018

If you are looking to invest in an outdoor wireless sound system with a receiver and speakers, you are in luck. We recently did a study of the best outdoor stereo system bundles currently available in the market. Based on their sound performance, features and product design, we compiled a list of the top 7 receiver-speaker combos. Here are our findings. You might want to give it a read.

Top 7 Outoor Stereo System To Enjoy Your Outdoor Music : 

Yamaha R-S202BL Stereo Receiver and Yamaha NS-AW150BL Outdoor Stereo System Bundle :

Yamaha is one of the leading manufacturers of outdoor sound systems. It is known for its superior sound quality and wide range of product features. Among receiver and speaker bundles sold by Yamaha, the R-S202BL Stereo Receiver and NS-AW150BL 2-Way Outdoor Speakers Bundle is a popular choice. The R-S202BL has an advanced circuit design with dual 100W high power output channels. The sound design optimizes circuit layout while reducing length of signal routes. The power transformer is strategically placed adjacent to the amplifier circuit for ensuring better peak power supply capacity and preventing power loss. This generates high volume output for a great outdoor musical experience. The receiver’s power supply ground and signal ground meet at one point. This arrangement does away with mutual interference and offers a higher signal-to-noise ratio. The result is crystal clear sound free of all distortions. The receiver has Bluetooth technology for wireless audio input. You can stream music on your Bluetooth devices like smart phones and tablets and enjoy them one the receiver’s high fidelity sound system. The R-S202BL also has FM/AM facility with remote control and a headphone jack. You can save up to 40 FM/AM channels and listen to them whenever you want. The auto preset feature lets you automatically scan and register FM/AM stations. The frequencies are displayed on an LED screen. You can select the station you want by dialing in the frequency on the receiver or through the included remote control. The R-S202BL receiver has terminals for connecting 2 different speaker systems. You can use the selector to switch between outputs. You have the option to listen to one or both the speaker systems at the same time. The R-S202BL receiver also has auto standby mode to save power. You can adjust the standby period between 2 to 12 hours. Standby power consumption is only 0.5W. The receiver has a stylish brush finish. Max power output is 140W + 140W. High dynamic power channel (8/6/4/2 ohm) is 125W/150W/165W/180W. Frequency range is 10Hz to 100kHz. Now let us talk about the speaker system bundled along with this receiver – the NS-AW150BL 2-Way Outdoor Speaker System. It is a waterproof speaker system designed for outdoor use. It features 5-inch polypropylene mica injection woofers and 0.5-inch PEI dome tweeters that produce space-filling sound. Max power output of the speakers is 120W. The NS-AW150BL surround sound speakers have an Acoustic Suspension Design for greater sound clarity and richer bass. It is a 5-way Binding Post Speaker with magnetic shielding. The system includes wall mounting brackets and is capable of vertical and horizontal installation. This receiver-speaker bundle from Yamaha is a great choice for an outdoor stereo system. Sound quality is top notch and so is volume output. It has a bunch of features including Bluetooth, FM/AM, remote control and terminals for 2 speaker systems. Dimensions of the receiver are: 17 1/8” x 5.5” x 12 5/8”. Dimensions of the speaker are: 5 3/16” x 10” x 6”.

Yamaha R-S202BL and NS-AW150BL Outdoor Stereo System Bundle

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Key features : 

  • Outdoor stereo system with receiver cum speaker combo.
  • Dual 100W high power output channels.
  • FM/AM facility, Bluetooth.
  • Auto standby mode, remote control.
  • Speakers have 5-inch polypropylene mica injection woofers, 0.5-inch PEI dome tweeters.
  • Max power of receiver 140W + 140W, max power of speakers 120W.
  • Speakers can be mounted vertically and horizontally. 

Boytone BT-3685F Outdoor stereo System :

The Boytone BT-3685F is an amazing 2.1 Multimedia Bluetooth outdoor stereo system. It includes a receiver (main unit/subwoofer) and two satellite speakers. The speakers are connected to the subwoofer by wire. The BT-3685F has a built-in 3-channel amplifier with a PMPO (peak music power output) of 2200W for deafening loud sound for movie, music and games. The system has bass control and treble control for adjusting the playback. It also has multiple modes of connectivity. You can connect your sound source to the system wirelessly via Bluetooth. It is compatible with all iOS and Android devices and supports MP3 playback format. The speaker has Wireless Audio Streaming which means you can listen to all your favorite songs on music apps like Spotify, YouTube and Pandora and enjoy them on the Boytone’s superior sound system. Bluetooth transmission range is 33 feet. You can also play your music through SD cards and USB pen drives. In short, this outdoor wireless sound system gives you the flexibility to carry your music wherever you go. If your sound source lacks Bluetooth, you can feed the speakers with audio using the included 3.5mm AUX audio cable. Simply put, the Boytone BT-3685F outdoor stereo system offers 4 different methods for media input. This is way more than most stereo systems offer. It is definitely earns the bundle big points. The BT-3685F has FM radio and separate controls for volume and mode. A wireless remote control in included in the package for convenient handling of the speaker’s functions. An LED screen on the front of the subwoofer provides details of playback and FM stations. The system needs a 110 to 120 volt AC power source. Power output of the subwoofer is 116W and that of the speakers is 6W x 2. Frequency response of the device is 40Hz to 20kHz. Impendence of the subwoofer is 4 ohm and that of the speaker is 8 ohm. The Boytone BT-3685F receiver and speaker bundle makes for an excellent outdoor sound system. It has an earth-shaking subwoofer with an integrated amp. It is perfect for outdoor and indoor events. The gadget works on all smart Bluetooth and non-Bluetooth devices and boasts multiple means of connectivity. It has a cool black color with LED display and protective metal grilles on the speakers.

Boytone BT-3685F Outdoor Stereo System

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Key features : 

  • 1 Multimedia wireless outdoor stereo system.
  • One subwoofer, two satellite speakers.
  • Bluetooth, AUX input, micro SD card, USB drive for media input.
  • 2200W max power output.
  • Integrated 3 channel amplifier.
  • FM radio, LED display, wireless remote control.

Pyle PDA6BU Stereo Amplifier Receiver and 4 x Pyle PLMR24 Mini Box Speaker System : 

This receiver and speaker bundle from Pyle is a high performance pair. It is a heavy duty outdoor stereo system with a 200W amped-up stereo receiver and 4 water-resistant mini box speakers. The system is accompanied by a 50-foot-long 16-gauge speaker wire by Enrock Audio. The Pyle PDA6BU + PLMR24 stereo bundle offers booming loud audio and amazing sound clarity. Vocals and dialogues are crisp and intelligible and bass response is deep. The receiver is built with state-of-the-art amplification technology. The front panel has a ton of controls for adjusting various facets of the playback like volume, treble, bass, echo and left/right balance. There is a special knob for searching for tracks and folders. The receiver supports Bluetooth, AUX in connections, SD cards and USB flash drives. You have the option to choose any one of these modes for feeding the sound system with audio files. The system reads MP3 playback formats too. It has Bluetooth Audio Streaming. You can play the latest hits on Spotify and Pandora. The USB port also serves as a charging point for other devices. The Pyle PDA6BU receiver has FM radio with Auto Station Scan feature. You can scan and register up to 60 FM channels using the memory presets. An LED screen shows all the radio station and playback details. The PDA6BU receiver supports all iOS and Android gadgets. It has a top power output capacity of 200W @ 4 ohm and RMS 100W @ 8 ohm. A wireless remote control is provided for easily controlling the functions of the outdoor sound system. Let us now look at what the speakers have to offer. The Pyle PLMR24 Mini Box Speaker System consists of 4 weatherproof speakers that connect with the receiver via cable. They are 3-way firing speakers and perfect for taking on camps, picnics and fishing trips. They can also serve as poolside and beach speakers. The speakers are built with 3.5-inch aluminum injection cone woofers, 1.75-inch midrange cones with wide dispersion and 1-inch super dome tweeters. The speakers feature Capacitor Crossover Network and a Bass Reflect Vent for deeper bass. They have a rugged ABS construction, a 24 oz magnet structure and quick connect/disconnect speaker terminals. Each speaker has a protective detachable rustproof grille. You can connect the speakers to the receiver using the included Enrock Audio speaker wire. The 16-gauge 50-feet-long wire comes wound around a plastic spool. The wire is highlighted in white on one side for easy identification of polarity and hassle-free installation. The clearly marked white line makes it easier to set up the system. Frequency response of the Pyle PLMR24 speaker system is 70Hz to 21kHz and impendence is 4 ohm. Each speaker measures: 5.25” x 3.75” x 3.75”. The entire bundle of Pyle PDA6BU and Pyle PLMR24 comes with a complete set of mounting wires and other ancillary installation equipment.

Pyle PDA6BU USB-SD-Card 200-Watt Bluetooth Stereo Amplifier Receiver With Outdoor Speaker

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Key features : 

  • Wireless outdoor stereo system.
  • One amplifier/receiver and 4 water-resistant mini box speakers.
  • 200W top power amp.
  • Bluetooth, 3.5mm AUX input, SD cards, USB flash drives.
  • Includes 50-foot-long 16-gauge speaker wire.
  • FM radio with 60 station memory preset.
  • Speakers have 3.5-inch aluminum injection cone woofers, 1.75-inch midrange cones, 1-inch super dome tweeters.
  • Capacitor Crossover Network, Bass Reflex Vent.

Pyle PT260A Home Digital Stereo Receiver and Pyle PLMR24B Box Speaker Outdoor Stereo System Bundle :

This stereo bundle by Pyle featuring the PT260A stereo receiver and the PLMR24B box speakers is a highly sought-after outdoor stereo system. It is a 200W amplified digital stereo system and is fully weatherproof and waterproof. It can be used at outdoor events like picnics and poolside parties. You can also mount the marine grade speakers on the deck of your boat or yacht to make your fishing and boating trips more entertaining. Power output of Pyle receiver is 50W x 2 @ 8 ohm, 100W x 2 @ 4 ohm. It runs on a 110 and 220 volt AC power source. The receiver features easily accessible knobs, buttons and jacks for fine tuning the audio. All the controls are conveniently placed on the front panel of the receiver. There are knobs for power on/off and managing bass, treble, echo and balance. Two separate volume controls are provided for master volume and microphone volume. The receiver also has a pair of microphone jacks and 3 RCA input sources. It has FM/AM radio with 50 station preset memory. You can search for local channels using the Auto Scan function. All FM station related data is displayed on the rectangular digital screen on the speaker’s front. The receiver comes with an FM/AM antenna and wireless remote control. Now let us turn our attention to the accompanying speaker system, the Pyle PLMR24B. It is a 3-way firing 4-speaker system designed for outdoor use on porches, decks and pool sides.  It has a rough and tough ABS body with detachable rustproof front metal grilles. Each speaker is equipped with a 3.5-inch aluminum injection cone woofer, a 1.75-inch cone midrange with wide dispersion and a 1-inch super dome tweeter. The woofer produces stunning low frequencies, the midrange crisp mids and the tweeter sweet highs. Combined with the integrated 200W amplifier, this receiver-speaker bundle generates resounding audio to make your outdoor party more exciting. The Pyle PLMR24B outdoor sound system has a Capacitor Crossover Network that works to split up the incoming audio stream into small bands of different frequencies. These are then fed to the appropriate drivers. Lows are directed to the woofer, midrange to the midrange cone and high frequencies to the tweeter. This ensures better sound clarity as every band is processed by the right driver. The Pyle speakers have Quick Connect/Disconnect terminals and a 24 oz magnet structure. They also have a Bass Reflex Vent for generating richer bass. The box includes all the necessary mounting hardware and wiring. Peak power output is 200W and RMS is 100W. Frequency response is 70Hz to 21kHz and impendence is 4 ohm.

Pyle PLMR24B Speakers With PT260A Stereo Receiver Bundle

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Key features : 

  • Outdoor stereo system bundle comprising of 200W receiver and 200W speaker system.
  • Receiver has 2 microphone jacks, FM/AM radio with 50 station memory preset.
  • Audio inputs with A/B speaker outputs.
  • 4 waterproof 3-way firing speakers.
  • Each speaker features 3.5-inch aluminum injection cone woofer, 1.75-inch cone midrange, 1-inch super dome tweeter.
  • Capacitor Crossover Network.

Pyle PT390BTU Bluetooth Digital Home Theater Bundle Combo with Dual Electronics LU53PW Indoor/Outdoor Speakers : 

The next outdoor stereo system to make your list of top outdoor wireless sound systems is the combo bundle of Pyle PT390BTU Home Theatre Receiver and Dual Electronics LU53PW speaker system. This 300W amplified stereo receiver coupled with the 4-speaker system produces knockout out sound for the best open air entertainment. Its crystal clear and loud sound rides over the ambient noises of the environment enhancing your music listening experience. The biggest advantage of the Pyle receiver is that it has Bluetooth. You are free to stream songs on the internet and listen to them on the bundle’s high-tech speakers without having to worry about wires and cables. The receiver has easy-to-use controls on the front section. There are knobs for master volume, microphone volume, bass, treble, echo and balance. Two 1.4-inch microphone ports for karaoke function are available on the right hand corner. A USB port for playing songs through a USB flash drive is provided. Next to it is a 3.5mm AUX in jack for sending audio input through an AUX audio cable. You can use this jack for all Bluetooth and non-Bluetooth devices. The receiver also accepts media input via SD cards and supports MP3 audio format. As you can see, the PT390BTU offers 4 different means for feeding it with audio. This is a big plus for the system as a lot of receivers do not offer as many choices. The Pyle home theatre system has FM/AM radio. You are allowed to scan and register up to 50 FM channels using the memory presets. The receiver has its own built-in cooling fan for better ventilation. Now let us take a look at the speakers. The Dual Electronics LU53PW speakers are 5.25-inch 3-way firing high definition speakers. In this outdoor stereo system bundle, they come in a set of four. They have a peak power of 125W and are fully waterproof. They have swivel mounting handles and a metal mesh in front. Each speaker is fitted with a 5.25-inch woofer, 1.6-inch polypropylene midrange cone and a 0.75-inch tweeter for producing the most precise sound for all frequencies. The speakers have an ABS plastic cabinet with advanced UV-protection. Thanks to the flexible swivel brackets, the speakers are capable of vertical and horizontal installation with 90ᵒ-120ᵒ rotation depending on the set up. This outdoor stereo system bundle is accompanied by a 16-gauge 50-foot-long Enrock speaker wire.

Pyle PT390BTU Stereo Receiver With Dual-Electronics LU53PB Outdoor Speaker Bundle

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Key features : 

  • Waterproof outdoor stereo system comprising of one home theatre receiver and 4 speakers.
  • 300W integrated amplifier, peak speaker power 125W.
  • Bluetooth, 3.5mm AUX input, SD cards, USB flash drive.
  • Supports MP3 playback formats.
  • 3-way firing waterproof speaker system.
  • Each speaker has a 5.25-inch woofer, a 1.6-inch polypropylene midrange cone, a 0.75-inch tweeter.
  • ABS construction, FM/AM radio with 50 station memory.
  • Speakers have swivels brackets with 90ᵒ-120ᵒ rotation.
  • Includes 50-foot speaker wire.

Pyle PT270AIU 300 Watts Stereo Receiver and Pyle PDWR40B Outdoor Speakers : 

This bundle of outdoor stereo system is another outstanding combination from the house of Pyle. It features a 300W amplified stereo receiver and a pair of waterproof 5.25-inch speakers. Together they crank out serious high fidelity audio making your outdoor party the envy of the whole neighborhood. The speakers are made of waterproof material and are perfect for BBQs, picnics and poolside parties. The receiver has a peak power output of 300W with A/B speaker outlets. It has an in-built mechanism to shield the system from overheating and short-circuits. The receiver accepts audio input via SD cards and USB flash drives. It features a built-in iPod docking station that works with all iPods and iPhones and comes with its own connection wire. The Pyle receiver supports MP3 players and MP3 music formats. It has an FM/AM Quartz Synthesized Tuner. You can save up to 50 radio stations on the system’s memory. A digital display screen shows the frequencies, station and other details of the playback. Managing the system’s functions and features is super easy as all the controls are conveniently placed on the same panel in front. There are knobs for adjusting the bass, treble, echo, balance, and mic and master volumes. Dual mic ports for karaoke and a power button are also provided. The system has 1 RCA audio input and 2 dedicated mono RCA of subwoofer outputs. It has a separate Subwoofer Gain Control and Banana Binding Post speaker terminals. The receiver comes with a wireless remote control, FM antenna and AM loop antenna. Now let us examine the speakers. The Pyle PDWR40B waterproof speakers are fitted with 5.25-inch aluminum injection cone woofers and 1-inch Mylar tweeters for the most realistic sound experience. It has a 40 oz magnet structure and a Bass Reflex Vent for deeper bass response. The outdoor sound system has a Capacitor Crossover Network for greater intelligibility. Each speaker has a strong detachable rustproof metal grille and rotatable swivel mounting brackets. The brackets are made for flexible installation so you can have your speakers wherever you want. You can also mount the speakers using the special Spring Loaded Mounting System. The Pyle speakers have a heavy duty ABS construction. The speaker terminals are easy to connect and disconnect. Peak power output is 400W and RMS is 200W.

Pyle Outdoor Stereo System with Receiver and Marine Speaker Package

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Key features : 

  • Outdoor stereo system comprising of one digital receiver and a pair of speakers.
  • Integrated 300W amplifier.
  • Supports SD cards, USB flash drives.
  • On-board iPod docking station, supports MP3 players.
  • FM/AM Quartz Synthesized Tuner with 50 station memory.
  • 400W peak power waterproof speaker pair.
  • Each speaker has a 5.25-inch aluminum injection cone woofer, a 1-inch Mylar tweeter.
  • Capacitor Crossover Network, in-built heat and short circuit protection.
  • Swivel mounting brackets, Spring Loaded Mounting System.

Pyle PLRVST300 Receiver Bundle Combo with 4x Enrock 4” 200-Watt Waterproof Stereo Box Speakers :

This receiver-speaker bundle is our final pick for a great outdoor stereo system. It comprises of a mobile Pyle receiver and 4 waterproof Enrock speakers. The Pyle PLRVST300 is a portable wall and console-mountable A/V digital receiver with multi-speaker 3-zone audio source control. It has Bluetooth for wireless audio input and 3.5mm AUX-in for cabled connections. It also accepts media via USB flash drives. The system has a front-loading CD/DVD player which supports multiple media files including MP3, WMA, MPG, AVI, XVID and MP4. It has AM/FM radio with an integrated Weatherband Radio function. You can scan and save up to 30 channels using the memory presets. An LCD screen displays radio station details. Separate knobs a provided for controlling volume, bass, treble and tone. The system has ESP or Electronic Shockproof function. There is an on-board alarm clock, RCA audio output and input connectors and a headphone jack. The Pyle receiver comes with a wireless remote control and all the necessary mounting hardware. It has a peak power output of 4 x 50W. Now let us take a look at the 4 Enrock speakers. The Enrock speakers are fully waterproof, UV-protected and made from anti-corrosion material. Therefore, they are ideal for marine and outdoor use. Each speaker is equipped with a 4-inch woofer and a 0.79-inch tweeter. Peak power output of the speakers is 100W and RMS is 50W. The speakers have swivel mounting brackets for flexible set up. Frequency response is 100Hz to 20kHz and impendence is 4 to 6 ohm. A 50-foot 18-gauge Enrock Basics copper clad aluminum speaker wire is included in the package for connecting the receiver with the speakers. The wire comes wound around a plastic spool and has a plastic jacket around it to ensure distortion-free signal delivery. There is a white line on one side of the speaker cable to facilitate quick and easy identification of polarity.

Pyle PLRVST300 Receiver Bundle With 4x Enrock 200-Watt Waterproof Stereo Box Speaker

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Key features : 

  • Outdoor stereo system bundle of Pyle A/V receiver and 4 Enrock speakers.
  • Wall and shelf-mountable portable receiver.
  • Multi-speaker 3-zone audio source control.
  • Front-loading CD/DVD player.
  • Bluetooth, 3.5mm AUX input, USB flash drives.
  • AM/FM radio with 30 channel memory.
  • Wireless remote control, alarm clock.
  • Waterproof, UV-protected, anti-corrosion speakers.
  • Speakers have 4-inch woofers and 0.79-inch tweeters.
  • 50-foot 18-gauge Enrock Basics speaker wire.

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