MTX MUD6SPBT ATV / UTV Sound Bar Review

A great way to add music to your ATV is to install an ATV soundbar or an ATV speaker system. ATV soundbars are tough all-terrain speaker systems with built-in amplification. They are resistant to water, dust, impact and abuse, and are ideal for powersports applications.

In this segment, we are going to talk about the MTX MUD6SPBT, an all-weather ATV / UTV soundbar. It is a durable device with three pairs of speakers and an integrated amp. It has Bluetooth, AUX input and AUX output ports. It is best suited for adventure sports and safari vehicles like ATVs, buggies and jeeps.

Let us study the technology behind the soundbar and see how it performs on the sound front.

MTX MUD6SPBT ATV / UTV Sound Bar Review :

Technology And Design :

The MTX MUD6SPBT is a muscular off-road soundbar. It has an array of six speakers powered by an in-unit amplifier. It is an all-in-one system and does not require a separate amp. You get a neater installation that is both easy to use and maintain.

The soundbar has an IP66-rated water-resistant body. It means it is protected against dust, powerful water jets and heavy seas. It has a water-tight cabinet that does not allow dust and water to enter. It is not susceptible to splashes of water or rain, and can be hosed down after long day on the race track. In short, it is safe to say that the MUD6SPBT is fully fortified against foreign particle ingress. It is the best soundbar for RZR and similar 2-seat or 4-seat side-by-sides. It can also be installed on boats, jet skies and golf carts.

The device has Bluetooth for wireless sound input. It is compatible with multiple sources like smart phones, tablets and laptops. It works with iOS and Android systems and offers seamless wireless steaming experience.

The soundbar also has NFC capability. If your sound source has NFC, all you have to do it bring it close to the soundbar or tap on it gently to activate NFC and connect via Bluetooth. NFC simplifies connectivity and makes the pairing devices more hassle-free.

Apart from Bluetooth and NFC, the device has an auxiliary 3.5mm input jack for non-Bluetooth as well as Bluetooth sources. It accepts input from MP3 players and smart phones alike.

The speaker bar also has an auxiliary media output for adding extra speakers, subwoofers or soundbars. It helps upgrade the bar to a multi-speaker system for a more spacious sound.

The MTX MUD6SPBT is black. It is 21-3/8 inches wide, 3-7/16 inches high and 4-5/16 inches deep. It has a grille running the length of the bar in front. A control panel sits in the middle of the grille. It has buttons for power, play/pause, volume, track change, mute and Bluetooth.

The soundbar has multiple mounting options suitable for roll cages, towers and handlebars. Its mounting clamps can be attached to the top, bottom or rear channel of the bar as required. They fit 1.75 to 2 inch rods. Being adjustable and movable, the clamps allow you to point the bar in the direction you desire to create the best sound projection.

Wiring the MTX MUD6SPBT and getting it started is a breeze. It comes with all the necessary power, ground and accessory wires. It requires a 12 volt battery source.

Sound Quality :

The MTX MUD6SPBT is a 6-speaker soundbar. It has a two pairs of full-range 3-inch speakers and one pair of 1-inch tweeters. It is an active soundbar and comes with its own internal amplifier. The sound profile of the MUD6SPBT is superb. You hear intelligible vocals and instruments. Higher and lower frequencies are well reproduced. Midrange is strong. Overall, the music is impactful, realistic and full of detail.

Key Features :

  • 6-speaker marine soundbar with onboard amplification.
  • IP66-rated waterproof device, Bluetooth, NFC, AUX input and AUX output.
  • Four full-range 3-inch speakers, two 1-inch tweeters, compatible with multiple sources.
  • Mounting clamps fit 1.75 to 2 inch bars, includes power, ground and accessory wires.

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