Best Motorcycle Handlebar Speakers In 2018

Are you planning to buy a speaker system for your motorcycle ? Our team had done a market deep-dive to study outdoor sound systems with special emphasis on motorcycle handlebar speakers. We analyzed sound performance, features and design to come up with a list of top twelve handlebar speakers for motorcycle. Here it is. Hope you find it useful.

The winner – BOSS Audio MC500 All-Terrain Weatherproof Motorcycle Handlebar Speaker

BOSS Audio MC500 Motor Cycle Handlebar Speaker

The 1st-Runner Up – BOSS Audio MC720B Bluetooth Weatherproof Speaker

BOSS Audio MC720B Handlebar Speaker

Check Our Hand Picked Best Motorcycle Handlebar Speakers Below :

BOSS Audio MC500 All-Terrain Weatherproof Motorcycle Handlebar Speakers :

BOSS Audio MC500 Motor Cycle Handlebar Speaker

Leading the way among motorcycle handlebar speakers is the BOSS Audio MC500 motorcycle audio system. The speakers, sold as a set of two, are designed for all kinds of terrain and weather conditions. They are waterproof, fogproof, dustproof and can endure long hours of playtime in the sun. The speakers come with rubber covers to keep the control panel and inputs safe and dry. The MC500 is the perfect speaker system for long-distance rides, cross-country biking and off-road adventure sports. If you have a motorcycle or ATV, and like hitting the road with your music in tow, this is the gadget you need. It features two 3-inch speakers and a separate dual channel 600W Class A/B amplifier. Together they pump out loud and clear audio with well defined vocals and deep bass. The speakers accept media input through three different means: AUX-in port, SD card and USB flash drive. The 3.5mm AUX-in port lets you connect the speakers to any iOS or Android gadget, MP3 player or other AUX-enabled device for receiving audio input. If AUX connection is not an option, you can use an SD card or a USB flash drive/pen drive to play your songs. It offers a wire-free means of sound input and gives you more mobility. The speakers support up to 32GB SD cards/USB drives. If you like listening to the radio, you will like this product. It has an inbuilt FM radio tuner which you can use to tune in to your favorite radio station and listen to the latest hits on the road. One distinctive feature of the BOSS Audio MC500 is that it has a wireless remote control shaped like a keychain. The remote has buttons for FM radio, volume and track change. The speakers come with the necessary mounting hardware including wiring harness and adjustable handlebar mounts. The mounts fit bars with diameters between 0.75 and 1.25 inches. The speakers are bullet-shaped and have a chrome finish. The speakers can work with motorcycles, scooters, ATVs, ORVs and other 12 volt applications. A 12 volt power cable is included in the box. Dimensions of one speaker are: 4.8” x 4” x 6.1”. Dimensions of the amp are: 5” x 1.5” x 3”. Kindly note the MC500 does not have Bluetooth.

BOSS Audio MC720B Bluetooth Weatherproof Speaker :

BOSS Audio MC720B Handlebar Speaker

The second best product is also from the house of BOSS Audio. This time it is the MC720B Bluetooth motorcycle handlebar speakers. It consists of a pair of 4-inch full range speakers and a 2-channel weather-resistant Class D amplifier with a staggering power output of 1000W. Class D amps require less power than Class A/B amps and generate less heat. They also produce more bass from a compact enclosure. The MC720B is an all-weather all-terrain speaker system for motorcycle, scooter and ATV. It has a wired in-line weatherproof remote control for adjusting volume. If you like exploring the great outdoors in your motorcycle, these speakers can keep you entertained throughout the ride. They have superior waterproofing and are also dustproof and fogproof. For audio input there’s Bluetooth and A2DP profile for Bluetooth Audio Streaming. You can live stream music on apps like Spotify and Pandora without the hassle of wires. The speakers support all iOS and Android devices. However, if your sound source lacks Bluetooth, you don’t have to worry. The manufacturers have provided a 3.5mm AUX-in stereo jack for sound input through audio cables. You can connect your media source to the speakers using a 3.5mm AUX audio cable. The AUX input works with AUX output of MP3 players, smart phones, tablets, etc. The BOSS Audio MC720B Bluetooth motorcycle handlebar speakers are designed for 12 volt motorcycles, ORVs, ATVs and scooters. It features a custom-designed 3 ohm voice coil that works with all automotive head units. The voice coil increases speaker sensitivity and overall sound output. This means for the same amount of power, you get more spacious sound with more volume. The speakers come with a complete installation kit which includes adjustable mounting brackets. The mounts fit 0.75 to 1.25 inch bars. The MC720B speakers have a chic chrome finish that matches your motorcycle’s handlebars. A black metal mesh covers the front section of the speakers. Each speaker measures roughly 5” x 4” x 4”. They do not occupy much space and leave you enough room to maneuver your arms and legs freely. Frequency response of the speakers is 65Hz to 22kHz. They come with a one-year warranty, extendable by two more years, taking the total warranty period to 3 years. In conclusion, we can say that the BOSS Audio MC720B is a power-packed motorcycle handlebar speaker. Armed with a 1000W amplifier and dual 4-inch speakers, it delivers unbeatable distortion-free audio even at high speeds. It has a heavy duty construction and can withstand all kinds of climates for a longer play life.

Pyle PLMCA10 Motorcycle Handlebar Speakers :

PYLE PLMCA10 Motorcycle Handlebar Speaker

Another quality product in this category is the Pyle PLMCA10. It comprises of a pair of wired 3-inch speakers linked to a separate 100W mini amplifier via RCA connector jacks. The speakers are bullet-shaped and have a chrome finish. The amplifier, also called the base unit, has playback controls for fine tuning the audio output. The PLMCA10 is accompanied by a wired remote control with soft touch buttons. It makes it easier to control the system’s functions while riding. The entire kit, i.e. the speakers, the amplifier and the remote control are fully waterproof, dustproof and snowproof. They are made from marine grade material and are perfect for motorcycles, cruiser bikes, ATVs, snowmobiles, boats and jet skies. The Pyle PLMCA10 combines great audio with solid all-terrain construction. No matter how far out into the country or sea you venture, with the PLMCA10 you will always stay entertained. The device has a DC input jack and works on 12 volt vehicles. A 12 volt power cable is included in the package. For music input, the device has a 3.5mm AUX-in stereo jack. It lets you connect your media source to the speakers using an AUX audio cable. The port is compatible with the AUX output jacks of smart phones, iPods, iPhones, tablets, CD player and MP3 players. The Pyle PLMCA10 has FM radio with Auto-Scan Station Tuning System. Say goodbye to dials and knobs. The Auto-Scan system has easy-to-use ‘up’ or ‘down’ buttons. All you have to do is press the buttons and the system will intuitively tune in to the strongest station. An LCD Dot Matrix display screen on the amplifier shows you your FM station frequency and the time. You can also adjust the treble, bass and volume of the radio stations using the onboard digital controls. The Pyle PLMCA10 has a simple installation process. The speakers have integrated mounting clamps that can be adjusted to fit your motorcycle’s handlebars. The package contains mounting hardware and wiring to get the speakers started. Frequency response of the PLMCA10 is 20Hz to 20kHz. The amplifier measures 4.37” x 3.14” x 1.77” and each speaker measures 4.46” x 4.09” x 4.09”. Please note the speakers do not have Bluetooth.

NOAM N3C – ATV/Motorcycle Waterproof Chrome Speakers :

NOAM N3C Motorcycle and ATV Speaker

The NOAM N3C is a highly rated motorcycle handlebar speaker system. It consists of a pair of 3.5-inch chrome bullet speakers made from pure aluminum. The speakers have IPX6-rated water-resistance and are built for outdoor use. They are weatherproof, mudproof, dustproof and snowproof. They can work for days exposed to the elements in extreme climates. The NOAM N3C speakers give you the freedom to carry your music wherever you go. They are the perfect sound accessory for your motorcycle. You can also use them on boats, ATVs and scooters. They are versatile and suitable for all kinds of topography. The speakers project twin blasts of high fidelity music in the direction of the rider, engulfing them with loud and clear audio. Vocals are so intelligible, you can catch every syllable of every word of the song playing. The NOAM N3C speakers have a Neo motor, waterproof paper cone and a Whizzer cone. They are made from high quality aluminum and have a lustrous chrome finish. They compliment your motorcycle and look great once installed. Each speaker has an integrated adjustable mount that fits bars with diameters of 7/8 inches to 1.25 inches. Two pairs of mounting inserts are provided, one for 7/8-inch bars and another for 1-inch bars. The speakers have their own speaker wire. It is 6.5 feet long, which is sufficient for wiring the entire kit. Max power output of the N3C speakers is 100W and RMS is 50W. Impendence is 4 ohm. Dimensions of a single speaker are: 4.24” x 6.25” x 3.89”. Overall, we can say the NOAM N3C is a durable motorcycle handlebar speaker system. It generates full range loud audio that rides over surrounding noises to give you the best on-road listening experience.

Kicker 40PSM34 Handlebar speakers for motorcycle :

Kicker 40PSM34 Motorcycle handlebar speaker

The Kicker 40PSM34 is a leading motorcycle audio system. It is a waterproof device and is sold in pairs. You can mount the speakers on your motorcycle’s handlebar or ORV roll cage. You can also use them in marine vessels like boats, yachts and jet skies. The elements have no effect on these rough-and-tough speakers. They are fortified against harsh climatic conditions like scorching hot summers and freezing winters. They are weatherproof and splashproof and can function in all kinds of terrain. Each Kicker 40PSM34 speaker is fitted with a 3-inch full range driver that pumps out serious high definition audio. With a peak power of 100W and RMS 50W, the Kicker speakers effectively suppress wind and engine sounds to make songs more intelligible and enjoyable. The sound system has a wired mode of connectivity. You can send audio input via AUX cable. It is compatible with all smart phones, tablets and MP3 players. Frequency response of the device is 100Hz to 15kHz, impendence is 4 ohm and sensitivity is 85 dB, 1W/1m. The Kicker 40PSM34 motorcycle handlebar speakers are capable of universal installation. They come with built-in adjustable mounting brackets that fit 7/8-inch, 1-inch and 1.25-inch bars. The speakers have a stylish chrome finish that matches most bike handlebars. The front of each speaker is covered by a black grille with the Kicker logo in the middle. All speaker wires and harnesses are insulated and waterproof to maintain system integrity. Please note the Kicker 40PSM34 are passive speakers. They do not have an onboard amplifier. If you want louder music, you will have to connect them to a separate amp. The box contains a pair of chrome speakers, mounting brackets, speaker wire, crimp connectors, rubber adapters and a user manual. Dimensions of a single speaker are: 3.4” x 3.9” x 4.7”.

WinllyAT Bluetooth Motorcycle Handlebar Speakers :

WinllyAT Handlebar Speaker With FM Radio

The WinllyAT is a popular handlebar speaker for motorcycle. It is a single unit speaker system shaped like a cylinder. Made from high quality aluminum, the speaker bar has a unique double horn hollow out design. It has IPX4 waterproof standard and is designed for all kinds of terrain and weather conditions. The WinllyAT is perfect for off-road adventure sports and long-distance rides. It combines rugged construction with superb audio performance. You can mount them on your ATV, UTV, motorcycle, scooter, jet ski, boat and golf cart, and stay entertained wherever you are. The USP of the WinllyAT is that it has 4 modes of audio input – Bluetooth, 3.5mm AUX-input, SD cards and USB flash drives. That’s correct. The WinllyAT lets you play your songs wirelessly through Bluetooth. It supports all Bluetooth-enabled devices including smart phones, iPods and tablets. If your sound source lacks Bluetooth, no worries. You can connect it to the speakers using a 3.5mm AUX audio cable and play your songs. The AUX in jack of the WinllyAT is compatible with the AUX output of most devices like CD players and MP3 players. However, if your sound source is too bulky or heavy to lug around, you can just copy the media files on an SD card/TF card or a USB flash drive. The speaker has a TF card slot and a USB slot for accepting audio input from these devices. Plug in your device into the right slot and you are good to go. The WinllyAT motorcycle handlebar speaker has an inbuilt FM radio. You can tune in to your favorite channel and enjoy the latest hits on the go. The speakers support many audio formats including MP3 and WMA. It needs a 12 volt power source. So make sure you have the exact power supply on your motorcycle. The WinllyAT has a bar-like design and is divided into 3 equal parts. The speakers are positioned on the left and right sections of the bar. The central part has controls for power on/off, play/pause, Mode, FM, volume and track change. It also has a display screen that shows your FM station frequency and the time. Ports and slots for TF card, USB drive, AUX input and power are provided at the base. This connector interface is kept covered by a protective flap. Two adjustable mounting brackets are provided on the two ends of the speaker bar for securing the system on handlebars and roll cages. The package contains all the necessary mounting equipment. Dimensions of the speaker are: 10.3” x 3.1” x 3.1”. It weighs 1.3 lbs.

Aileap High Performance 5 Inches Waterproof Motorcycle Speaker :

Aileap High Performance Speaker for Motorcycle

One bike sound system we think you should check out is the Aileap Bluetooth motorcycle handlebar speaker system. It comprises of a pair of 5-inch extra large wireless bullet speakers with an integrated 2-channel 600W Class D amplifier. Engineered to perform in all types of terrain and climates, the Aileap speakers are a hardy and dependable pair. They are fully waterproof, dustproof and weatherproof. If you like adventure sports, and if you are passionate about music, this is the gadget you need. It is the best sound accessory for off-road vehicles like UTs and ATVs and motorcycles and cross-country cruiser bikes. The speakers have a diameter of 5 inches and a length of 6.5 inches. Before you buy this product make sure it fits your motorcycle handlebar. Due to its large size, it may not be suitable for small bikes and scooters. Each speaker is fitted with a 4-inch full spectrum cone that delivers spacious and thunderous sound with crisp vocals and deep bass. It uses the latest treble enhance technology to make sound richer and clearer. The Class D amplifier pumps out high impact audio. Class D amps are better than traditional Class A/B amps as they consume less power and deliver more output. They also generate less heat and enhance the quality of the bass. The Aileap motorcycle handlebar speaker accepts sound input via Bluetooth. It does away with the need to work with messy cables and simplifies connectivity. The speakers support all Bluetooth-enabled devices including smart phones, tablets and iPods. A wired remote control is included in the package. It has a single button for turning on and turning off the power. A SAE power cable is also provided for quick and easy power connections. The Aileap has an input voltage of DC 10-16 volt. Impendence is 4 ohm and sensitivity is 84 dB. The speakers have skeleton panel with advanced plating. It lends them a smart sassy look which compliments your bike. The speakers are shaped like bullets and have a glossy chrome finish. The box contains a complete set of installation hardware. The mounting clamps fit bar measuring 1 to 1.5 inches in diameter. You can rotate the speakers 360ᵒ at the base to point them in any direction you want. Dimensions of one speaker are: 6.5” x 5” x 5”. It weighs 1.76 lbs.

MTX MUDHSB-B Universal 6 Speaker All Weather Handlebar Sound System :

MTX MUDHSB-B Universal 6 Speaker Handlebar Speaker

Another durable motorcycle handlebar speaker we wish to bring to your notice is the MTX MUDHSB-B Universal 6 Speaker Handle Sound System. It is a single unit cylindrical soundbar with 6 powerful speakers and a built-in amplifier. Together they project spacious sound with crystal clear vocals at all volume levels. With the MTX MUDHSB-B onboard, you won’t experience a moment of boredom. It is a rugged all-terrain all-weather gadget. You can take it on long distance rides on your motorcycle, or go off-roading in your ATV or ORV. It is also suitable for golf carts and tailgating. The device is built to withstand strong winds, rain and dust. Its tough outer enclosure protects it from water damage and minor knocks and shocks. The speaker boasts two 2-inch by 3-inch full range drivers and four 1-inch high frequency tweeters. The amplifier enhances power and impact, making the resulting audio louder and more enjoyable. The MTX MUDHSB-B has both wireless and wired mode of connectivity. It uses Bluetooth to play songs wirelessly. You can directly stream music from music apps like Spotity and Pandora. The speakers work with all Bluetooth-enabled devices. It also has Auto Pairing through NFC. For non-Bluetooth devices like CD player and MP3 players, there’s a 3.5mm AUX input jack. You need to connect your sound source to the speakers with the help of a 3.5mm AUX audio cable. Having two modes for audio input makes the system more adaptable and flexible. The MTX MUDHSB-B motorcycle handlebar speaker also has an AUX output port for connecting it to an external subwoofer, amp or other speakers. This is a very useful feature as it lets you add more sound devices to widen the sound field and improve coverage. The speakers are fairly simple to install. They have universal adjustable mounting clamps that fit bars with diameters between 7/8 inch and 1.25 inches. The package also includes power cable and other wires for securing the device on handlebars and roll cages. The speaker bar is black in color and has a metal mesh running its entire length. One end of the bar has button for power, play/pause, mute and volume and song change. Dimensions of the product are: 14.6” x 7.4” x 4.1”. It weighs 3.5 lbs.

Rupse Waterproof Motorcycle Handlebar Speaker :

Rupse Waterproof Motorcycle ATV UTV Bike Handlebar Speaker

The motorcycle handlebar speakers from Rupse are a highly sought-after product. The speakers, available in a set of two, are shaped like trumpet horns and have a funky red color with a high gloss finish. The bright red shade lends them a distinctive look. It also makes your motorcycle look cool and stylish. The Rupse speakers are fully waterproof and dustproof. They are designed for outdoor use and therefore are ideal for motorcycles, scooters, cruiser bikes, ATVs and ORVs. The speakers have Bluetooth for wireless audio input. You can use Bluetooth Audio Streaming to live stream music on your smart phone. The speakers are compatible with iOS and Android gadgets. If you do not have a Bluetooth source, you can play your songs using a USB flash drive/pen drive or SD card. It is a hassle-free and wire-free means of audio input. Plus, it lets you carry thousands of songs in a single compact device. The Rupse motorcycle handlebar speakers allow you to answer calls hands-free. You don’t need to halt your bike or take your hands off the handlebar for too long. Just press the call answering button on the control panel and you will instantly be connected to the caller. The Rupse speakers also have FM radio. You can listen to all the hit songs and catch up on the latest celebrity trivia via the inbuilt FM radio. It provides a refreshing break from your personal collection of songs. The device needs a 12 volt power source. It has ACC-cut memory function after power off. Frequency response is 20Hz to 20kHz. A black plastic control panel has a display screen for showing the FM frequency. It houses buttons for power on/off, play/pause, mode, EQ settings and volume and track change. It also bears slots for TF card and USB. The box contains, apart from the speakers, mounting hardware and a user manual. Dimensions of the one speaker are: 3.9” x 3.2” x 3.2”. Overall, the Rupse motorcycle handlebar speakers are a dependable pair. They have multiple modes for accepting sound input which makes them very convenient. They are waterproof and hence best suited for long rides and off road adventure sports.

LX-S3 Waterproof Motorcycle Bluetooth Speaker :

LX-S3 Waterproof Motorcycle Bluetooth Speaker

A good product endorsed by many motorcyclists and adventure lovers is LX-S3 by LEXIN. It is a fully waterproof outdoor speaker system designed for all kinds of weathers and topography. Sold in pairs, the LX-S3 is ideal for motorcycles, cruiser bikes, ATVs and golf carts. It fits handlebars and roll cage bars with a diameter of 1 inch to 1.25 inches. It has a universal make and can be used on all brands of bikes including Harley-Davidson Street, Kawasaki Vulcan, Suzuki Boulevard, Yamaha raider, Honda Gold Wing Valkerie and many more. The LX-S3 is super easy to set up. The integrated wiring loom simplifies installation by keeping connections to a minimum. You first need to connect your battery to the power leads, harness the speakers and mount them on the handlebars or other bike part, turn on the power, connect the speakers to your sound source via Bluetooth and you are good to go. The speakers support all iOS and Android devices that have Bluetooth A2DP profile. You can live stream songs through Spotify and Sound Cloud on your smart phone and enjoy nonstop music throughout your ride. If you are unable to carry your sound source with you, you can use a USB flash drive. Just load your music on the drive, plug it into the USB port of the speakers and fire away. The LX-S3 motorcycle handlebar speakers have FM radio. Be it music, news or the latest celebrity gossip, you can find it all on the radio. Simply tune in to the local stations and you’ll find what you’re looking for. The LX-S3 has an inbuilt amplifier with a peak power output of 50W. It makes sure the speakers crank out serious high definition audio rich in bass with crisp vocals and dialogues. The USB port of the speaker functions both as a port for plugging in your USB flash drive/pen drive for music input and as a cell phone charger for charging your phone on the go. The LX-S3 speakers have a smart bullet-shaped metal casing with a smooth polished chrome (or black) finish. A jog dial is provided on the side of the left speaker for managing the functions of the speakers. It controls power on/off, play/pause, volume and playback change, Bluetooth pairing and FM radio. Frequency range of the device is 125Hz to 1.8kHz, impendence is 4 ohm and sensitivity is 78 dB/W/m. The package contains 2 units of speakers, a power cord, mounting equipment and an instructions manual.

GoldenHawk Waterproof Bluetooth Motorcycle Handlebar Speakers :

GoldenHawk 4inches Waterproof Bluetooth Wireless Motorcycle Stereo Speaker

Another awesome handlebar speaker for motorcycle is the GoldenHawk motorcycle speaker system. It is an IP56-rated water-resistant device and is sold in pairs. The 3-inch speakers are shaped like bullets and have a black satin finish. They are made from high quality aluminum alloy which makes the enclosure more robust. The speakers have an integrated amplifier that helps produce astonishingly loud and lucid audio. The speakers are capable of multiple mounting positions. They come with built-in mounting clamps that fit bars with diameters between 7/8 inch and 1.25 inches. Rubber inserts are provided for ensuring a firm slip-free grip. The base of the speakers can be rotated a full 360ᵒ. The speakers are accompanied by a 47-inch power cord with ring terminal connector. It simplifies installation and makes the gadget more user-friendly. The GoldenHawk speakers have Bluetooth technology and are compatible with all iOS and Android devices. You can send audio input wirelessly to the speakers from your Bluetooth-enabled devices. You can also directly stream music on your smart phone using the Bluetooth Audio Streaming feature. Bluetooth transmission range is 15 meters. You can also play songs using a USB flash drive. The device supports MP3 media files. A USB port is provided for charging phones and other electronic devices. This is a useful feature and comes in handy on long rides. If your phone’s battery runs out during the journey, you can conveniently change it using the USB charging port. The GoldenHawk motorcycle handlebar speaker has FM radio with extended antenna wire. Just tune in to your favorite radio station and enjoy non-stop music on the go. The speakers need a 12 volt power supply source. A black metal grille covers the front part of each speaker. One of the speakers has controls for power on/off, play/pause, mode (Bluetooth, FM, USB), radio station tuning and volume and playback change. The buttons are placed across the middle of the grille and are easy to access. The GoldenHawk speakers are suited for all kinds of weather and terrain. They are waterproof and can easily withstand light rain and splashes of water. Therefore they are perfect for outdoor power sports like marine sports and off-road driving. You can also mount them on your cruiser bike or touring motorcycle and explore the countryside with your song collection in tow. Frequency response of the gadget is 20Hz to 20kHz, impendence is 4 ohm and sensitivity is 84 dB.

Rockville RMS60S Handlebar Mount Motorcycle Speaker System :

Rockville RMS60S Handlebar Speaker For MotorBike

The last entry on our list of top motorcycle handlebar speakers is the Rockville RMS60S motorcycle sound system. It is weatherproof, waterproof and dustproof cylindrical speaker bar for motorcycle and ATV. It is designed for land and marine use and can withstand extreme hot and cold climates. The outer housing of the speaker is made from pure aluminum alloy. It features two heavy duty metal mounting clamps at the two ends of the bar. The clamps have an anti-theft bolt down system. The speaker is 8.07 inches long. Clubbed with the mounting brackets, the length goes up to 11.81 inches. The installation distance is 9.8 inches to 11 inches. The Rockville RMS60S speaker is fitted with a Class D amplifier with digital power supply. It makes sound richer and more voluminous. The amp consumes less power than standard Class A/B amps but produces more sound output. It is also protected against short circuits and fluctuations in voltage. This keeps the device safe from random spikes in current. The Rockville speaker has Bluetooth for wireless sound input. It works on all iOS and Android gadgets. You can directly stream music on apps like Pandora and Spotify on your smart phone. Bluetooth coverage range is 32 feet. The speaker additionally accepts audio input via TF cards and USB flash drives. It can read files from cards with up to 64GB memory. A TF card slot and a USB port are provided at the bottom of the bar. If you like listening to the radio, you will like this speaker bar as it has FM radio with 18 presets. Signal reception is very clear and free of distortions. You can enjoy the latest chat toppers on the radio and also catch up on the news as you drive. The Rockville RMS60S has a peak power output of 60W and RMS 30W. It also has an inbuilt clock that shows the time on the central display screen. The soundbar is divided into 3 equal parts. The middle section has controls for managing the functions of the bar. It has buttons for power, play/pause, mode, clock, playback and volume. A display screen in the middle of the speaker indicates FM frequency and time. The speakers are placed on either side of the control panel. Input port and card slots are provided at the base of the speaker and are kept covered by a protective lid. All in all, the Rockville RMS60S delivers impressively on all fronts. It is a rough-and-tough gadget built for harsh weather conditions. It has multiple means of receiving audio input and a powerful integrated amp which accentuates sound, making it richer and more spacious.

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