Motorcycle Audio System : Classification & Types

Long journeys, fresh air, rough terrains, beautiful views, yes, we are talking about the ultimate experiences of motorbiking. Anyone whose soul finds pleasure in biking would relate to all of these. If we could add music to such majestic experiences, it would be like a cherry on a cake. This encourages us to write about the best products in motorcycle audio system available in the market. We would help you find out which one is for you and enlist some of the best ones available.

Identifying the right motorcycle audio system could be tricky as it incorporates a lot of factors. There are several features based on which the best motorcycle audio system can be recognized.

Important Trivia about Motorcycle Audio System :

  • Types of speakers: Most popular Motorcycle speakers are of two types. One can be mounted on a bike like on the Handlebar, other is helmet speaker. By helmet speakers, we do not mean headphones. These are specially designed powerful speakers for a surround sound effect like that of audio systems. They can be either attached to the helmet or are freestanding. We will talk about them more in the motorcycle helmet speakers section below.
  • Water resistance: Another important feature to keep in mind is water resistance. Biking enthusiasts would love to explore mountains and forests and rough or long routes on their motorbikes. The people, who have a passion for sporting around, would not want to hold them back due to weather or environmental conditions. Several brands, therefore, produce high quality, durable and water resistant speakers meant for motorbikes and other UTVs (Utility Task Vehicles).
  • Wireless connectivity: You would find wireless connectivity features via advanced Bluetooth technology in motorcycle audio systems. They definitely hold an edge over the wired ones. So go for motorcycle Bluetooth speaker when you decide to buy a speaker for yourself and avoid any wire cluttering.
  • Amplifier Power: Another feature you need to look for while purchasing is the wattage of motorcycle audio amplifier. This will vary from one type of speaker to another. However, the general rule is the more the better. For louder and more powerful music experiences, when en route on a long drive on highways or mountains, go for speakers with higher wattage.
  • Source of Input: The audio systems can either have a head unit as an input source or a portable device like iPod or MP3 player as an input source. Different models will have variations but, in common, speakers and head units are sold together.

Motorcycle Speaker Varieties – 

Handlebar speakers for motorcycles :

Imagining a beautiful surrounding? Or a long highway with you and your motorcycle en route on a musical journey? This would seem real with your passion for biking, along with powerful and durable motorcycle handlebar speakers. These are just like any other speakers with easy mounting hardware to attach themselves to motorcycle handles. You drive carefree with the leisure of music. This we consider better for places where you might encounter some traffic. The music system is mounted on the handle of the bike and your ears are still open for horn signals. The power, however, is magnificently high.

People who love exploring the great outdoors on their two-wheelers, a motorcycle handlebar speaker is a must-have. It is a portable outdoor speaker that can make your travels more interesting and fun. Motorcycle speakers are powerful audio devices. They are built for all weathers and all terrains. They are waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, mudproof and UV-protected. The market today is flooded with all kinds of motorcycle handlebar speakers. Therefore, care needs to be taken while selecting a speaker that best suits your needs. First of all, you must decide whether you want a Bluetooth motorcycle speaker system (set of 2, 4 speakers), a single-unit handlebar speaker or a helmet speaker. This is totally your call and depends on what you like. Our suggestion would be to stick the type you are most comfortable using on the road. Second, consider the speaker’s waterproof rating – the higher the waterproof rating, the better. The speaker must also be dust and mudproof. It must be capable of withstanding minor jolts and knocks. Third, go over the input options. Speakers with both wireless (Bluetooth) and wired (3.5mm AUX input) connectivity are always preferable. Those that additionally offer SD card and USB flash drive options, are even better. Apart from this, make sure the speaker supports all commonly used music formats. It must be compatible with iOS and Android devices so you can play songs on your smart phone, iPod, etc. If you have an MP3 player that does not have Bluetooth, ensure the speaker works with it too. What we are essentially trying to say is, before you put your money on a speaker, be absolutely sure that it’s compatible with the gadgets you plan to use for sound input. Next, consider the mounting capabilities of the speaker. Find out if its clamps fit your motorcycle’s handlebar. Look out for useful features like thumb controls, handsfree calling, onboard powerbank and phone docking station. All these features can make your ride a lot more comfortable and enjoyable.

Motorcycle Helmet Speakers :

Is installation of speakers on the motorcycle a task for you? Do you not want to play the music out loud for the neighbors to hear it ? Are you on a quiet road and solitary trip within nature? Keeping all these in mind, do you still want to carry music of incredible quality while driving? Well, the answer to all these questions is, you need motorcycle helmet speakers. Hopefully, the use of these speakers would have become clearer now. As we had mentioned earlier in this article, Helmet speakers may be similar to headphones but a lot more powerful and feature filled. These come either attached to your helmet or just as freestanding headsets, the choice is yours. Both have some pros and cons.

Motorcycle helmet speakers are a unique category of speakers. They are compact removable wireless stereo systems installed strategically inside helmets to give riders the best on-road audio experience. Most helmet speakers are Bluetooth devices with audio streaming abilities. Bluetooth makes handling the speaker while riding much easier. From switching songs to adjusting volume levels, everything becomes hassle-free. Plus, you are saved the trouble of dealing with tangled messy audio cables. Motorcycle helmet speakers come with inbuilt microphones so you can take your calls without taking your hands off the handlebar. They also have intercom facility so you stay connected with your fellow riders. If handsfree phone calls and group intercom is what you want, you need to get yourself a helmet speaker. It helps you stay alert, informed and also fosters safe riding practices. Although most helmet speakers are wireless, some still offer wired stereo input facility through 3.5mm AUX in jack. One important detail to remember is that helmet speakers do not block or muffle traffic sounds. Ambient noises like automobile horns and other environmental sounds remain audible to the rider at all times. As a result, the rider is aware of his surroundings and traffic conditions. This helps prevent accidents and ensures better road safety. If you are planning to buy a motorcycle helmet speaker, be sure to pick one that has Bluetooth and supports features like group intercom, GPS and FM radio. It must be compatible with iOS and Android devices. That way it’s a lot easier to switch between devices and features/services while riding. Sound quality of the speaker must be top-notch with good amount of bass. You don’t want a distortion-prone system that’s constantly getting jammed. The product must be sturdy enough to withstand difficult outdoor conditions like wind, rain and dust. It must also have a strong battery back-up to last you a whole day. Speakers that are compatible with all helmet types are preferable. Also, those that come with jog dials have an edge over those that don’t. Lastly, the speaker must be ergonomically designed with adequate cushioning for a comfortable fit. These are some of the things you need to keep in mind while selecting a helmet motorcycle speaker.

Pro Tips : Quick Check

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