Klipsch Gallery G-42 Passive Soundbar

Adding a soundbar to your TV can make a huge difference to your TV watching experience. You will notice a stark improvement in your TV’s audio quality. Movies will be more enjoyable with intelligible dialogues and impactful action packed scenes; music videos will be have punchier bass and sweet high notes.

A soundbar is a cluster of drivers housed in a single cabinet. Each of these drivers handles specific frequencies of the inflowing audio signal. The signal is split up into smaller frequency bands of high, mid and low frequencies. High notes are processed by tweeters, mid range frequencies by midrange drivers and lower bands by woofers. This special treatment of different frequency bands produces crystal clear realistic audio with plenty of nuance. It improves your TV’s overall sound performance making every show more entertaining and fun.

Among passive soundbars currently sold in the market, the Klipsch Gallery G-42 is a leading high quality product. It is a non-powered speaker bar fitted with high definition drivers that truly enhance your TV viewing and listening experience. Let us take a closer look at the sound delivery, design and features of the Klipsch Gallery G-42.

Klipsch Gallery G-42 Passive Soundbar Detailed Review :

Sound Quality :

The Klipsch Gallery G-42 is a 3-channel speaker system with a peak power output of 300W and RMS 75W. It has three 1-inch Tractrix horn-loaded titanium tweeters for the left, right and centre channels. Tractrix horn technology is a patented technology developed by Klipsch for achieving extra wide sound dispersion over a large listening arena. It has a special 90 x 90ᵒ dispersion mechanism that enlarges the sweet spot and enhances sound dynamics. The unique design of the tweeters also improves the soundbar’s high frequency output making it more realistic and life-like. Sound imaging of the Gallery G-42 is unbeatable. With the Tractrix horn-loaded tweeters you will be able to pin point the exact direction of the sound as it is being played out on the screen. The left and right tweeters are each paired with a single 3.5-inch long-throw injection molder graphite woofer while the central tweeter is accompanied by two such woofers. This combination ensures all the frequencies of sound are adequately processed for the best sound output. You get deep and rich bass, crisp midrange, sweet highs and distinct treble. These special tweeter-woofer clusters of the left, right and centre channel speakers are strategically placed in separate acoustic chambers inside the soundbar’s single cabinet. Each of these chambers has their own port to minimize interference between the channels and produce good quality sound. This gives you the impression of sound coming from three separate high definition speakers. The result is a wide soundstage with noticeably accurate sound. The Klipsch Gallery G-42 passive soundbar offers a comprehensive cross-over sound system solution with its three powerful left, right and center channel speakers. It produces non-fatiguing sound with precise imaging and sound reproduction, transforming your TV’s thin sound into booming audio with enormous amounts of detail. Kindly note that the Klipsch Gallery G-42 is a non-powered speakerbar which means you will have to pair it with an amplifier or an AV receiver. It lacks internal amplifiers so you will need to power it with a separate amp. This could be a blessing in disguise because most amplifiers integrated into soundbars are of poor quality and barely manage to provide satisfactory amplification. The Gallery G-42 is a flexible passive soundbar and can be connected with other Klipsch Gallery speakers to further expand sound coverage. You can create a multi-room sound system or plan a smart on-wall surround sound system with additional Klipsch speakers. It can give you thunderous all-encompassing sound that reaches every corner of your house.

Product Design :

The Klipsch Gallery G-42 passive soundbar provides spacious full spectrum sound for your home audio system. It has a slender low-profile polymer cabinet that compliments modern flat screen TVs. The front panel is elegantly curved lending the soundbar a sophisticated look. The cabinet is put through twelve stages of processing for a super glossy lustrous black finish. The soundbar features a removable ultra-thin grille that can be attached and detached using the magnetic clasp. The tweeters of the Klipsch Gallery G-42 have Linear Travel Suspension (LTS). This ensures accurate diaphragm excursion for smoother and more detailed high frequencies. The woofers have a light but stiff diaphragm that enhances controlled excursion needed for producing voluminous bass. As mentioned already, the tweeter-woofer combinations are housed in special acoustic chambers. Each of the three channels is installed in a separate chamber and each chamber has its own port. This is a path-breaking product design in the field of soundbar technology. The bar’s innovative structure of individually ported chambers inside a single enclosure eliminates distortions. The Klipsch Gallery G-42 is capable of multiple mounting positions. You can use the two onboard keyhole mounts to mount the system on the wall under your flat panel TV. You can also use the included glass bass to mount the bar on shelves, counter tops and home theatre consoles. The soundbar has three sets of five-way binding posts. It increases the system’s compatibility with a wide range of connectivity options including large speaker cables like 16-gauge wires. Frequency response of the bar is 65Hz to 24kHz, impendence is 8 ohm and sensitivity is 92 dB. Dimensions of the product are: 42” x 6” x 2.5”. It weighs 12 lbs.

Key features :

  • Passive soundbar with separate chambers for left, right and center channels inside a single cabinet.
  • 300W max power, 3-channel soundbar.
  • Equipped with 3 Tractrix horn-loaded titanium tweeters, 4 graphite woofers.
  • Non-powered speakerbar.
  • Tweeters have Linear Travel Suspension.
  • Wall and table mountable, includes glass mounting base.
  • Individually ported acoustic chambers.
  • Low-profile polymer housing with removable grille.


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