JBL Stadium UB4000 Marine Soundbar Review

The next marine soundbar we want to explore is the JBL Stadium UB4000. It is a heavy-duty powersports soundbar speaker system with fully-separable speaker towers. It can be used as a single unit or be split into two speakers. The body is weatherproof and has a rating of IPX6. The mounting clamps are adjustable and fit various kinds of roll cages. There is Bluetooth for wire-free input and a GoPro shoe for recording your most awesome moments.

If you are looking for an ATV soundbar with customizable installation, we highly recommend the JBL Stadium UB4000. You can mount it anywhere you want and also separate it into two speakers. Let us go through the functions and features of the soundbar in a little more detail.

JBL Stadium UB4000 Marine Soundbar Review :

Technology And Design :

The JBL Stadium UB4000 is designed for rough outdoor conditions. It has a rock solid housing that keeps out water and dirt. It has a water-resistant rating of IPX6 which means it can take high-pressure water jets from any direction. You can hose down the soundbar after a long day on the tracks to wash off mud and slush. Its water-tight cabinet keeps the internal parts sealed off from moisture and dust.

The soundbar is shockproof. It can take a 10G shock and handle knocks and impact on the trail. It is best suited for ATVs, UTVs, buggies, jeeps, trucks, RVs and boats.

The USP of the Stadium UB4000 is its ability to split into two disjointed speakers. You can do this using the JBL SK300 separation kit which you will have to purchase separately. The kit includes a 9.8-foot (3 meter) bridge umbilical cable and rear and bottom filler plates for installing the speakers. Each of the two tower speakers is fully functional and produces loud and clear stereo sound. You can have them on two sides of the roll cage to create surround sound. It amplifies your listening experience and makes your adventure more exciting.

The Stadium UB4000 has Bluetooth for wireless sound input. It supports playback from all iOS and Android gadget like smart phones, tablets and iPods. You can directly stream songs on apps like Spotify and SoundCloud. The advantage of having Bluetooth is that you can keep your source device away in a safe and dry place like the in-dash storage. It keeps them from getting damaged in the rain, or falling and breaking while the vehicle is in motion.

The soundbar has flexible placement. It comes with a bunch of mounting clamps, quick release brackets and inserts to help you mount the bar to any off-road vehicle or water vessel, including pontoon boats.

The device has a GoPro shoe too for mounting an action camera. It is a great way to record your memorable moments and save them for eternity.

The Stadium UB4000 has chic looks. It has a black frame with a grille covering the speakers in front. The device is 31.5 inches wide, 6.12 inches deep and 5 inches high. It weighs 19.8 lbs.

The UB4000 is a passive soundbar. It has a power handling of 100 watts x 2. You need to install an external amp to drive the loudspeakers.

The box contains the 2 soundbar sections, 2 mounting brackets, 2 bridge plates, 2 hex wrenches, 2 safety wires, 1 threaded rod, 24 screws and a quick start guide.

Sound Quality :

The JBL Stadium UB4000 has outstanding sound. It has 2 channels and each channel consists of a pair of 4-inch long-excursion mid-woofers and one 2-inch edge-driven dome tweeter. So in all it has 6 speakers: 4 mid-woofers and 2 tweeters. This allows the soundbar to produce loud and resonating music with stellar highs and deep lows. And because it can be split into two tower speakers, you have sound coming at you from different directions which creates an amazing surround sound feel.

Frequency response of the gadget is 50 Hz to 20 kHz and maximum SPL is 100 dB. It can handle a peak power of 100 watts per channel.

Key Features :

  • 2-channel passive ATV soundbar.
  • Fully separable into two full-range speaker towers, power handling 100 watts x 2.
  • Four 4-inch long-excursion mid-woofers, two 2-inch edge-driven dome tweeters.
  • Bluetooth, flexible placement, GoPro shoe, IPX6-rated waterproof shockproof enclosure.


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