JBL Flip 3 Splashproof Bluetooth Speaker

Let’s check the cool features of JBL Flip 3 Splashproof Bluetooth Speaker :

JBL Flip 3 MultiColor is one of the best splashproof bluetooth speaker.

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Stunning Design

JBL Flip 3 splashproof portable speaker is a full-featured sound box that carries powerful music in a compact form. It redefines music quality by its next generation features in the award winning Flip series. Its sound quality is powerful for both indoor and outdoor parties. Songs with beats sound amazing enough to make your head spin. Its attractive exterior is also sure to win every heart. It comes in 8 vibrant colors catching every eyeball around. The Fabric used in designing the exterior is sporty, durable and splashproof. This quality of JBL Flip 3 waterproof Bluetooth speaker makes it an all-weather companion in every sphere of your life. So rock your sunny morning poolside parties or evening rain dance party with the booming music from JBL Flip 3.

Take-away points:

  1. 8 color options
  2. Durable waterproof fabric
  3. Good for every weather

Powerful Battery

JBL Flip 3 splashproof speaker guarantees there is no stop to your music with a 3000mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery that lasts up to 10 continuous hours, depending on the volume level and audio content. That surely is a lot of music playtime. The battery can be recharged via the Micro USB Cable provided with this speaker. Recharging time of about 3 hours is required. To know the amount of battery exhausted, there is an LED indicator. In case the LEDs flash red light it suggests low battery and requires a recharge. A user manual is also provided in the box for easy reference on handling the device.

Take-away points:

  1. 10 hours battery backup
  2. Approximately 3 hours of recharge time
  3. Cool LED battery indicators

Advanced Technology

JBL Connect technology of this waterproof Bluetooth speaker allows you to connect several JBL speakers. Two or more JBL Connect enabled speakers can wirelessly join to create an atmosphere of surround sound, just like a home theater. The wireless technology can pair up to three multimedia devices to play their playlist alternatively. So now enjoy an extra-long playlist with this wireless connectivity feature. It has dual radiators for an amplified and excellent music quality and bass effect. This audio system also has a noise and echo cancellation feature for a crystal clear and crisp voice call through its in-built speakerphone.  Enjoy conference calls with no disturbances for a happy talk time. The device is also capable of connecting to Siri or Google Now for easy voice commands and navigation.

Take-away points:

  1. JBL Connect technology to connect several JBL speakers for amplified music
  2. Bluetooth connectivity with up to 3 smartphones
  3. Voice integration with Siri and Google Now
  4.  In-built speakerphone

Get Going Portability

JBL Flip 3 waterproof Bluetooth speaker is of a very portable size and easy to carry via its side hook. You can hang it on the shower tube or place it along the poolside easily.  Outdoor experiences will become magnificent due to its portability and all-weather sustenance qualities. Hiking, biking, snow-treks and of course poolside hangouts would become better than ever with this little technology invention.

Take-away points:

  1. Sleek design
  2. Light-weight
  3. Easy to mount



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