JBL Cinema SB 350 – A True Companion For Your Movie Time

Most televisions come with fairly average built-in audio systems. These may perform well in small enclosed spaces but when it comes to a bigger living room, the sound quality is not up to the mark. Soundbar such as JBL Cinema SB 350 makes a real difference in these situations. JBL Cinema SB350 employs superior technology to project sound that’s crystal clear, balanced and more nuanced. The JBL Cinema SB 350 is a stunningly powerful home cinema featuring a 2.1 soundbar and a wireless subwoofer. It has a thunderous 350W sound with Dolby Digital and Harman Display Surround Sound for a never-before cinematic and surround sound experience. You can connect the soundbar to your smart TV using the HDMI ARC included in the package. It also has Bluetooth connectivity, an optical cable and a remote control. The JBL Cinema SB 350 is attractively designed. The soundbar is sleek, slender and has a curved front panel with a mesh covering. The subwoofer is compact, smart-looking and beautifully compliments the soundbar.

Let us check what makes JBL Cinema SB350 – A True Choice For Movie Lovers :

Sound Quality :

The JBL Cinema SB 350 has a 1.2 channel soundbar with an in-built dual stereo speaker system for a truly superior audio experience. It generates a powerful 350W sound that spreads itself out over a wide field and reaches even the farthest corners of your living room. The soundbar connects wirelessly with the 160W subwoofer which has independent volume control for adjusting the bass. The included HDMI ARC cable affords easy plug-and- play facility with a single cord. Optical and analog audio inputs are also available. What’s more, the soundbar hardly takes up any space. You can easily place it under your TV and barely notice it at all. The subwoofer also is very compact. You can place it anywhere you like according to your convenience. Though you can be quite impressed with the virtual surround sound provided by this soundbar but do not expect this to be matching anywhere near to a surround sound experience. This gives you a better than ordinary soundbar experience but never reaches to the optimum performance of a true surround sound system. The SB 350 uses state-of- the-art technology like Dolby Digital and Harman Display Surround Sound to give you a rich all-encompassing sound. The Harman Volume Control Panel makes sure there is no sudden spike or dip in volume level. This is extremely useful because sound decibels on TV fluctuate wildly between different channels. The JBL Cinema SB 350 can easily stream from any compatible bluetooth device such as smartphone or tablet and makes your life easy when streaming wireless mode. It can memorize up to 10 Bluetooth devices and connect automatically when it comes within the soundbar’s range. The JBL Cinema SB 350 can also be readily accessed and controlled using the remote control of your existing TV.

Design :

The soundbar and subwoofer are handsomely crafted. The soundbar is one meter in length and around three inches thick. It has a smooth black finish. It has a convenient adjustable feet and tapering designed ends on both sides. The curved front panel has a metal grille. JBL Cinema SB350 boasts four 2.25 inch full range drivers and two 1.25 inch dome tweeters to create the much needed room filling clarity. The subwoofer comes with 9.5 inches X 12 inches dimension. It has a matt-black finish and a downward-projecting 6.5 inches woofer with bass extension jack. The soundbar, which is also wall-mountable, has an EQ switch that lets you optimize the quality of bass between table and wall mounting.

The remote control is too basic with just volume control and making changes to the subwoofer. If you want more finer details it is better to buy an universal remote for this soundbar. Otherwise the remote is simple, easy to use, credit card size device for everyday use.

JBL Cinema SB 350

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Pros :

Above average clarity and punch for any genre of movie. Be it action or any thing.
Stunning all-enveloping sound.
Stylish make.

Cons :

Music quality is moderately harsh and not up to the mark compared to world class brand like JBL.
Controls on the soundbar are top-mounted and not easily visible from a sitting position.
Unimpressive remote control.
Subwoofer occasionally loses sync with soundbar.


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