JayBird Freedom Wireless Earbuds

Jaybird Freedom wireless headphone is a latest model from Jaybird launched on the year of 2016. Jaybird has other earphone products for outdoor and sports enthusiasts. But freedom from JayBird is the most unique and quality product among all. It has excellent sound quality, sweat-proof exterior and long enough battery life to endure long session of gym or outdoor activities. Above all Jaybird Freedom wireless earbud has a unique comfortable fit which helps it stuck into the ear during most rigorous physical activities.

jaybird-freedom-wireless-earbud is a sweat proof outdoor use headset

Let us see what makes Jaybird Freedom wireless Earbuds Exceptional Sports Headphone :

Physical Design :

Jaybird Freedom is much slim and quite different in design from X2 wireless sports headphone which was launched in 2015. The company specifically mentioned that the earbud and remote are made of sweat-proof metal. We found them to be mostly metal with some portion made of hard plastics. Jaybird specially redesigned the earbuds and calls them “tapered step down” design which is nothing but a better & smaller design to fit more comfortably in your ears. The product is available in five different colors to choose from –  black, Golden, red, blue and some exclusive shade to match iPhone Space Grey and Rose Gold variant. So, the buyers has a lot of color options to select from.

Battery Quality :

Battery life is good at 8 hours but with a small hitch. Basically the full 8 hours support is not provided by headphone alone. The headphone is capable of 4 hours battery backup and rest 4 hours is managed by a rechargeable battery clip. So, once the headphone is running out of the battery backup, the rechargeable clip is coming into play. The difficulty is twofold in this design. The first problem is the battery clip which seems to be a nuisance as always dangling down from the headset. Also you cannot recharge the headphone without the rechargeable battery clip. This is an issue as a detachable part there is every chance that you may lose this portion and then you cannot recharge your headphone separately.

Wearing Experience :

Most of the users will give a thumbs up as far as wearing & using it outdoor. Special mention to its ear fins which are part of the product. You can choose between the ear fins which settles in your ear most comfortably. This helps to sit tight in your ear and also create a kind of passive noise isolating experience for the user.

Sound Quality :

Sound quality is really good if we compare with the peers and also in absolute scale. The natural sound with clear tones at different level of pitches creates a very nice experience for the ears.

Wireless & App :

Jaybird Freedom Wireless Headphone uses bluetooth 4.0 to connect over wireless mode. You can pair up to as many as eight compatible devices at one go. The in line remote helps to control and select between different paired devices seamlessly. You can pair up and control the play or pause from iPhone app like Siri with ease.

Also Jaybird designed MySound App for apple and andriod users for personalized  experience. This helps to create and reshuffle the playlist of their choice. So, in a nutshell from technology stand point this headphone is quite ahead of the competition and provide best in class experience for the user.

Microphone :

Jaybird Freedom has a good microphone which is backside when you are wearing it as a normal neckband headphone. But the good point is the normal performance of the microphone, when you are running and at the same time having a conversation with someone. Over all microphone performance is pretty cool to say the least.

JayBird Freedom Wireless Earbuds Accessories :

Unboxing Jaybird Freedom Wireless Earphone could be little overwhelming for some buyers. It has lot of small accessories like different size fins to adjust in your ears. You will find 3 pairs of silicone built tips and 4 wingtips inside the box. All of these are used for different fitting styles and comfort levels. These accessories helps to lock the earphone in the ear securely. Also it includes the battery clip for extra battery life. Good part is for carrying this whole setup, the product is shipped with a cool pouch which can accommodate all the items easily. So, make a point to use the carrying pouch often when travelling outside.

Comparing with competition :

The nearest competitor we can find is obviously a Bose product. Bose SoundSport Wireless headphone costs less than this. In each and every aspect Bose really scores well except physical design part. The bulky looking bose soundsport wireless earphone seems to be little misfit for normal sized ear.

Though Jaybird Freedom Wireless headset is little expensive considering the competition, still it’s worth a look for its endurance, secure fit and great sound quality.


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