ION Audio Tailgater Plus – Complete Review

If you tailgate often and are considering buying a tailgate speaker, we would suggest you go for a brand that specializes in outdoor sound equipment. ION Audio, for instance, is a credible name in the audio equipment business. They are a renowned consumer electronics manufacturer, and their product catalog includes wireless sound systems, turntables, smart lights, headphones and many more. Their core competency is portable wireless speakers and today we are going to talk about one of their most popular products, the Tailgater Plus. It is a powerful active wireless speaker with a built-in 50-watt amp. It has Bluetooth, NFC, AUX, FM radio, karaoke and a bunch of other exciting features.

Let us analyze the Tailgater Plus in some more detail. We will segregate the discussion into 2 parts : Sound Quality and Technology & Design.

Ion Audio Tailgater Plus – The Best Speaker For Party :

Technology And Design :

The ION Audio Tailgater Plus is the best speaker to have on a tailgate party. It has an incredible 50-hour rechargeable battery. It gives you the freedom to stay out of doors for hours, even days. You can take your music wherever you go without worrying about the battery dying on you. Just make sure you charge it fully before you step out of the house. The speaker has a ton of cool features. It has Bluetooth for Wireless Music Streaming. It supports input from all iOS and Android devices like smart phones, iPhones, iPods, laptops and tablets. Bluetooth range is a stunning 100 feet which is far more that the 33 feet you get on regular Bluetooth speakers. The gadget has NFC one touch pairing. If your phone also has NFC, all you have to do is tap it gently on the speaker and the two will instantly be connected. For input via audio cable, there is a 3.5mm AUX-IN jack. It accepts input from gadgets that don’t have Bluetooth like MP3 players, CD player and cassette players, and also gadgets that do. This port comes in handy if your Bluetooth is not working for some reason. The Tailgater Plus has an onboard AM/FM radio tuner. You can save up to 20 stations at a time. The display screen on the control panel shows all the relevant information like radio station name and frequency. If you ever get bored of your own collection of songs and wish to listen to something else, the radio can offer you a refreshing break. The USB port of the speaker also charges small electronic devices like phones and iPods. So if your phone battery ever runs low while you are out, you can conveniently plug it into the potable powerbank and charge it in a jiffy. The best thing about the Tailgater Plus is that it has karaoke. It is perfect for creating fun and memorable moments with friends and family. Any party could use a little impromptu singing to turn up the vibe and the Tailgater Plus provides just that. It comes with a good-quality wired microphone and a mic input port. The mic can also be used for public speaking, giving toasts on weddings, etc. The Tailgater Plus is portable and has a carrying handle. It has a rugged composite enclosure that protects it from the elements. The enclosure is 13.11 inches high, 12.6 inches wide and 8.98 inches deep. It is black and weighs 11.9 lbs. It has an illuminated control panel. There are two separate knobs for main speaker volume and mic volume. There are buttons for power, play/pause, radio on/off, presets, volume, track change, Bluetooth and Bass Boost. There is also a mic input, an AUX input and a USB charging port. The display shows the radio information and statuses of the battery, power, Bluetooth, NFC and Bass Boost. The package includes the tailgate speaker, a wired microphone, a charging power cable and a warranty and safety manual.

Sound Quality :

The ION Audio Tailgater Plus has great sounding audio. It has a 2-way configuration and is equipped with a robust woofer and a wide dispersion tweeter. They put out superb low and high end notes even in outdoor locations where there is a lot of ambient noise. It has a built-in amp with a peak power output of 50 watts which is sufficient for block parties and tailgates. The music is loud and audible over a long distance. The speaker has a special Bass Boost function which allows you to crank up the bass output. Heavy metal, EDM and house music lovers are sure to love this feature. Overall, the Tailgater Plus scores well on all fronts be it vocals, treble or bass. We give it a solid ‘Thumbs Up’.

Key Features :

  • Portable outdoor wireless speaker with built-in 50-watt amplifier.
  • Bluetooth, NFC, 3.5mm AUX-IN, AM/FM radio with 20 station preset memory.
  • Includes wired microphone for karaoke, 50-hour battery, charges other device via USB port.
  • Bass Boost, 100 feet wireless range, 2-way speaker with woofer and tweeter.


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