Infinity Kappa 4100msb Amphibious Soundbar – Complete Review

The Infinity Kappa 4100msb amplified marine soundbar has outstanding sound. It nails every aspect of sound to make sure you have the most thrilling marine audio experience. It is designed for marine vessels and off-road vehicles. It has a tough construction to stand up to the elements, be it on land or water.

The Infinity Kappa soundbar has a unique design. Its body can dismantled into 2 separate tower speakers for flexible mounting. It has a bunch of inputs and outputs for connecting with all kinds of devices. It also features a GoPro shoe for capturing the action on the go. All in all, the soundbar is an excellent Bluetooth marine soundbar for boats, yachts, jet skies, pontoons, UTVs, ATVs and trucks. Let us find out what makes the Infinity Kappa 4100msb so special and how it manages to outshine its peers.

Infinity Kappa 4100msb Soundbar – Detailed Review :

Sound Performance :

The Infinity Kappa soundbar is a 2-channel sound system. Each channel consists of a pair of 4-inch long-excursion midrange/woofers and a single 2-inch high-output edge-driven dome tweeter. The mids and woofers provide crisp midrange and bass. The tweeter delivers soaring highs. The combined effect of the drivers offers a balanced sound with intelligible vocals and rich instruments. The soundbar can be separated into 2 speaker towers. This lets you optimize the sound and customize the installation of the system as per your requirement. To do this, you will need the Harman SK-300 separation kit which you will have to purchase separately. The kit has a 3-meter bridge umbilical cable, and rear and bottom filter plates, which will help you set up your system as 2 separate speakers. The kit will afford you more flexibility in terms of how and where you would like the speakers to be mounted. The Infinity Kappa soundbar has 2-channel full-range left and right audio outputs. You can add a powered subwoofer to jack up the bass, or throw in an external marine amplifier to make the music louder and more intense. The soundbar is powered by a Class D amplifier with multiple inputs. Each channel gets 80 watt RMS power which makes the audio signal more robust. Total power of the amplifier is 120 watts x 2. The soundbar has a frequency response of 50Hz to 20kHz and a maximum SPL (sound pressure level) of 100dB. In our opinion, for outdoor conditions with plenty of wind, water and engine noises, this soundbar is an excellent choice. It checks out all the audio requirements from volume to intelligibility to bass. Its powerful amplified speakers ride over surrounding distortions to give you the best sound possible.

Technology And Design :

The Infinity Kappa soundbar is an all-weather marine soundbar. It has a waterproof rating of IPX6 which means it is protected against powerful water jets or heavy seas. It is splashproof and can withstand heavy splashes of water and lashing waves. The device has multiple connectivity options. It has Bluetooth for wireless input from Bluetooth-enabled devices like smart phones, tablets and iPods. It has a 3.5mm AUX input jack for cabled input from non-Bluetooth and Bluetooth devices. It also has a micro USB connection for software updates. This makes the system future-proof so it can keep in step with changing technology. The device is protected against sudden surges in current, overheating and DC offset. An LED indicator flashes to let you know when the amplifier shuts down and goes into protection mode. The speaker bar has a function called Party mode which allows you to pair it with 3 Bluetooth devices at a time so you can share the playlist with friends. Music streams from the last-paired device and pauses other AVRCP-compatible devices. A red LED output display in front of the bar flashes in sync with the music. A dual-level LED down light keeps the deck area lit up. It provides enough ambient brightness to read maps and do small jobs. The amplifier has Bluetooth, 3.5mm AUX and RCA inputs. It has smart priority switching so you don’t have to manually select the source. The AUX port overrides Bluetooth and Bluetooth overrides the RCA jack. The system always follows this pattern for input selection. The Infinity Kappa 4100msb marine soundbar comes with a detachable remote control. It has its own designated storage on the end panel of the soundbar. To store, press the remote into the space provided. To remove, press the release button and pull out the remote. The remote lets you select songs, adjust the volume, and play and pause the music. The soundbar has all the necessary mounting equipment. It has universal mounting clamps, quick release brackets and inserts for securing the soundbar to a multitude of bars and roll cages. The clamps fit pipes with diameters between 1 inch to 3 ½ inches (25mm to 89mm). The box contains the soundbar, 2 mounting brackets, 1 threaded rod, 2 bridge plates, 2 hex bolts, 8 screws, 2 safety wires, 2 RCA adapters, 1 remote control with battery and a user manual. The soundbar has a steel grey color with a protective grille in front. It has a control panel behind the rear ridge plate. The left end panel has buttons for stand-by, Bluetooth and system illumination. The power switch is located on the rear panel. The bar also has a GoPro shoe on the bottom ridge plate. It is a great spot to set up an action camera to record all the fun you have. Dimensions of the Infinity Kappa soundbar are as follows: length- 31.5 inches, width- 6.12 inches, height- 5 inches. It weighs 10.3kg (22.7lbs).

Key Features :

  • 2-channel Bluetooth marine soundbar with fully separable tower speakers.
  • Four 4-inch long-excursion mid/woofers, Two 2-inch edge-driven dome tweeter.
  • Class D amp with multiple inputs, Bluetooth, 3.5mm AUX, RCA ouput, micro USB.
  • IPX6 waterproof, splashproof, universal mounting, fits 1 to 3 ½ inches tubes, detachable remote.
  • Priority switching, LED lighting, party mode, L&R audio output, GoPro shoe.


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