How to Charge JBL Flip 3 ?

A big factor for consumers in deciding the quality of any electronic device is battery backup or battery life. Similar is the case with Bluetooth waterproof speakers that require long lasting battery life for longer hours of merriment.

Let us check here how to charge JBL Flip 3 and protect it’s battery life –

Get 10 hours of battery life with JBL Flip 3:

JBL Flip 3 comes with a powerful 3000mAh battery that can last up to 10 hours depending on the volume and audio content. According to user reviews, if used on 50 per cent volume, JBL Flip 3 battery can last for more than 10 hours. This is one of the best among waterproof Bluetooth speakers that are used extensively. The Lithium-ion battery is easily rechargeable via the Micro-USB cable provided with the audio kit. Enjoy all night long parties and day-outs tension free with the longer battery life of JBL Flip 3. This is also an advantage on trips where recharging may be a difficult task.

JBL Flip 3 Charging Instructions:

Plug the Micro USB cable in a laptop or any device with a USB charging slot for an easy recharge. The approximate time JBL Flip 3 takes to fully recharge its battery is 3 to 3.5 hours. We have listed a few steps below describing all that we need to know on how to charge JBL Flip 3:

  • A charging slot is provided on the audio device with a cover on top of it. The cover seals the port preventing any kind of water damage. Pull the cover to see the USB slot where you can plug in the charger.

  • Now just take a look at the opposite side of the speaker and you can see battery indicator. The battery indicator ( 3 dot LED indicator ) is turned off right now.

  • Plug in the smaller end of the USB cable in the USB slot of the JBL Flip 3 now. You would notice another auxiliary pin cable slot to connect headphones etc.

  • Plug the larger end to a USB charging port like a laptop or USB charging extension. You can comfortably use the USB charger which is shipped along with JBL Flip 3. 

  • Plug in the USB charger extension and switch on the electric point to start charging.

  • Just beside the charging slots LED indicators are provided to show that it has started charging. These indicator dots will start blinking when charging starts. You can see it’s blinking.

  • All the LED dots would glow once the entire battery is charged and will stop blinking.
  • These LED lights also indicate low battery by turning red, so that you know it’s time to charge again.
  • Once charged plug out the USB cable and put the cover back.

A manual is also provided with the kit for JBL Flip 3 charging instructions and all other user instructions. The battery can also be changed in case of any damage. You can contact JBL support and they might fix battery issues free of cost if device is within warranty period.

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10 thoughts on “How to Charge JBL Flip 3 ?”

  1. My flip 3 won’t charge using the sub port is there any other way to charge it of not where can I go to get service

    • Ansie, tough call. I think it could be the charging port at the speaker end which is mal-functioning. Can you talk with the JBL customer care and ask for help ? May be they can ask you to visit some nearest servicing center etc. Hope this helps.

    • My jbl flip3 now charging 3.5 hours. During charging time only one led blinking. After disconnecting the plug it is not ON. Completely dead. What could be the problem ?

    • Hi, I am afraid there is no other option readily available. Can you talk with JBL customer care and find out how to replace the USB slot ? May be they can recommend some service center of JBL.


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