Hifonics TPS-10 Waterproof Soundbar – Best Companion For Your ATV & UTV

The Hifonics TPS-10 is a weatherproof soundbar with a solid 10-speaker PowerSPORTS Amplified audio system. Its buttons and other external features are protected against the elements of nature, making it the perfect soundbar for enjoying music outdoors. Developed specially for off-road utility task vehicles, the Hifonics Thor TPS-10 is the best waterproof soundbar you can find to amp up your car’s stereo system. Its powerful speakers produce deep reverberating sound in open-air settings. This high performance outdoor speakerbar is equipped with Super High Power Digital (HPD) amplifier topology with 30% more SPL. Hifonics TPS-10 has Bluetooth connectivity with memory sync. It is manufactured by Maxxsonics USA and has a 1-year limited warranty of service (parts and labor) and support.

Why Hifonics TPS-10 Soundbar is Great choice For An UTV or ATV ?

Sound Performance : 

The Hifonics TPS-10 is a weatherproof soundbar designed for utility task vehicles (UTV). It projects immersive resonating sound in outdoor settings. As a car audio system, it is sufficiently loud even at high speeds of 70 miles per hour with no windshield. The soundbar is fitted with 8 3-inch high efficiency drivers with poly composite cones and butyl rubber surrounds. This helps produce more volume and superior bass and mid-range compared to other car speaker systems. The Hifonics TPS-10 also has 2 1-inch pure titanium dome tweeters with neodymium magnets for 30% extra SPL. The Hifonics TPS-10 allows you to directly plug-in from any device using the 3.5mm AUX input. It also has a 2V audio output for external components.

The Hifonics TPS-10 has Bluetooth connectivity. So you can comfortably pair it with any Bluetooth equipped device like smartphone, ipad, tablet, etc. and play your favorite songs on the go. Maximum wireless connectivity range is 32.8 feet. Also, memory sync ensures the soundbar remembers the recently connected Bluetooth devices. The soundbar has 2-way crossover channel and 4 ohm impedance.

Design of Hifonics TPS-10:

The Hifonics TPS-10 is just the right all-weather waterproof speakerbar for your car. It has a slender rectangular shape and comes in a smart black color. It has a heavy-duty aluminum body that is dustfree and waterproof. There is a heavy grille in the front protecting the speakers against impact. There are controls on the soundbar for power, Bluetooth, LED light, volume and track change. The soundbar has multiple illumination modes and variable color settings. It also has a handy in-built white LED map light to guide you through the functions. The mounting hardware includes a sliding track (that can fit 1.5”, 1.75” and 2” pipes) and surface mounting bracket (if roll cage is not possible). Overall the installation process is fairly simple with an easy DIY approach. The dimensions of the soundbar are 40.5” x 7.2” x 6.5”. It weighs 24.1 pounds.

Key features of the Hifonics Thor PowerSPORTS TPS-10 are as follows :

  • Weatherproof soundbar for utility task vehicles, ideal for all cars.
  • Equipped with 10-speaker PowerSPORTS Amplified audio system.
  • Bluetooth connectivity with memory sync.
  • Boasts super High Power Digital (HPD) amplifier topology with 30% more SPL.
  • Solid heavy-duty aluminum frame.
  • Speakers are protected against impact with a heavy grille.
  • Changeable illumination color settings with handy in-built white LED map light.


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