How to hide Soundbar Wires ?

how to hide soundbar wires

Using a Soundbar to enhance the audio experience is undoubtedly a great way. But what comes with it is the unsightly cables, and you cannot avoid them. The visuals of clutter that is formed by those hanging and tangling Soundbar wires are not pleasing.

Even though most devices today have gone wireless, we cannot deny that some wired devices are still an important part of our homes. But what to do with those loose hanging wires? Well, simply hide them.

This article today is all about different ways of hiding Soundbar wires. For suiting different styles and choices, the options will vary, but each of them will ensure ease. Come, let’s shed some more light on it.

Methods for hiding Soundbar wires

Method 1: Use Cord Clips and keep the Soundbar Wires from hanging loose

Cord Clips are small plastic tools that hold wires and cables and keep them from hanging loose on the wall. Cord clips come in handy when you are trying to manage the wire clutter of your Soundbar, TV unit, and other such devices. The best part about Cord Clips is that you can attach them almost anywhere, whether it is wall furniture pieces or more. They even come in various colors, shapes and sizes and are extremely affordable as well.

Some Popular and Affordable Cord Clips for hiding Soundbar Wires

  1. OHill Cable Clips- Pack of 16
  2. OHill Cable Clips,16 Pack Black Adhesive Cord Holders
  3. Command Round Cord Clips- Transparent Clips
  4. Syncwire Clear Cable Clips – Cord Holders

Method 2: Use Zip ties and Hooks to hide the Soundbar Wires

Simply because your Soundbar wires are hanging loose, you cannot cause permanent damage to the fall. Though fortunately, you can use Zip ties and Hooks and tie the wires right behind your TV or another big device. It may not hide them completely, but it makes the visual very less messy.

Take small zip ties or hooks, take bunches of wire and tie them.

Some Popular and Affordable Zip Ties and Hooks

  1. Black Zip Ties Assorted Sizes 700 Pack 
  2. 12 Inch Zip Cable Ties (100 Pieces)
  3. HS Industrial Plastic Zip Ties 8 Inch (Bulk-500 Pack) 

Method 3: Use Cable Management Sleeves

Another great way of hiding the Soundbar wires is by using Cable Management Sleeves. They are basically made up of neoprene stretchy material, and each sleeve allows holding 8 to 10 cables or folders of cables. All you need to do is just gather the wire/ cable together (fold the long wire into a definite length), wrap the sleeve around and zip lock it.

Cable Management Sleeves don’t make the visually very sleek, but if you aren’t up for any break-and-make method, they are helpful. Neither you need to glue them to the wall, nor are they difficult to manage. The best part is these sleeves come in various sizes, fabrics, and colors. However, if you have multiple wires to hide, you might want to buy several sleeves.

Some Popular and Affordable Cable Management Sleeves

  1. Alex Tech 10ft – 1/2 inch Cord Protector Wire Loom Tubing Cable Sleeve
  2. Premium 63″ Cable Management Sleeve
  3. JOTO Cable Management Sleeve
  4. Cable Management Sleeves – Wire Organizer Cable Sleeves
  5. 6ft – 4/5 inch White Cable Sleeve, Cable Organizer

Method 4: Use Cable Concealer Raceway Kit to hide Soundbar wires

Cable Concealer Raceway Kit is perhaps a permanent solution that will hide all your Soundbar wires. The Cable Concealer Raceway Kit basically contains metal or plastic plates that attach to the wall and hide the wires sleekly. The plates come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and styles and are quite easy to use. The best part about Cable Concealer Raceway Kit is that by matching your wall color, they can make the entire setup seamless and clean. Not just that, but these plates are even inexpensive and would last long until you poke them out.

For using a Cable Concealer Raceway Kit, the process is quite simple. All you need to do is, insert the Soundbar wire inside the plastic or metal plate, conceal it and simply stick it to the wall. The plates have sticky tape on one side that holds them firmly to the wall. You are not left with a clean and sophisticated appearance.

Some Popular and Affordable Cable Concealer Raceway Kit options for your Soundbar wires

  1. Cord Cover Raceway Kit, 157in Cable Cover Channel
  2. 125in Cord Hider – Yecaye One-Cord Channel Cable Concealer
  3. Connectors Cord Cover and Hider by A+ ELECTRIC Store
  4. Cable Raceway Kit, Stageek Cable Management System Kit
  5. 125in Cord Cover, Yecaye Large Cord Hider on Wall Cable Management

Method 5: Use a Cable Management Box

If you want a more sort-out option, then go with Cable Management Box. You can utilize these options very simply and without even letting anyone know about the trick. A Cable Management Box will basically sit along with your Soundbar and appear like another device. These boxes come in a range of colors and styles, and you can manage them according to your home décor or your Sound system’s color.

The Cable Management Box will help burry all the wires inside totally out of view.

Some Popular and Affordable Cable Management Box options

  1. Yecaye Store Cable Management Box
  2. D-Line Cable Management Box
  3. Cable Management Box 3 Pack with 16 Cable Clips 
  4. Chouky Cable Organizer Box Set of Three

Wrapping up –

These were some of the easy methods that allow users to hide their Soundbar wires. You can go for affordable zip ties or invest in a nice Cable Management Box. All these methods will save you from the hassle of harming your interiors simply because some wires are hanging loose.

Whatever approach you use, these methods are going to last longer than you think.

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