Best Overhead Stereo And Radio Console For Golf Cart In 2019

Custom-made golf cart radio consoles are all the rage currently. They are practical and versatile stereo receivers with plenty of options for audio input. The consoles are made from durable material and are specifically engineered for golf carts, UTVs, trucks and campers. They have full-range speakers with enough muscle to rock your outdoor party.

What is Overhead Radio Console For Golf Cart ?

In simple terms, an overhead radio console for golf cart is a compact soundbar like structure that is used to install a music system on to a golf cart without taking any dashboard storage space. In other words, you can mount the radio on the cart top over your head. This saves dashboard space and gives amplified sound. The manufacturers designed these consoles with tough durable exteriors for outdoor sound systems. They contain slots for speakers and radio / cd player.

Regal-Burl-Overhead Golf Cart Radio Console

These consoles come for different Golf Cart brands like EZGO, Yamaha, Club Car etc. Several golf cart radio kits are available in the market with compatible units. To give you an idea of which console to buy, we are listing down best consoles for different golf cart brands. You can pair these with any universal fit speakers like from Innova, JBL, Aquavibes etc.

We recently did a study on golf cart radio systems. Based on their features and sound quality, we compiled a list of the top consoles. Here it is. Hope it helps shed light on some of the important aspects of golf cart sound systems.

Top 7 Golf Cart Radio Console :

Golf Cart UTV Overhead Console with CD Player and Bluetooth :

ThunderBucket Custom Golf Cart Radio Console Model 1

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This is a leading overhead golf cart console with wired and wireless facility. It is a custom-built stereo receiver by Thunder Buckets Audio. It has Bluetooth, an AM/FM radio, an MP3 player and a CD player. It is perfect for outdoor sports like golfing and off-road driving. It can also be used in trucks, RVs and tractors. The console has a rugged ABS enclosure with a black textured finish. It can be mounted on flat surfaces with the help of the extra-wide mounting flange. It can also be secured on to rolls cages and cross bars using standard tube straps. The lid of the console is fully sealed so that it does not rattle or knock against the mounted surface. All components of the receiver are siliconed to protect against mechanical damage. The device is equipped with 6.5-inch three way-firing Boss CH6530 tweeters with red poly injection cones and butyl rubber surrounds. They pump out full-range audio that is not only loud but acoustically optimized for the best outdoor entertainment. The speakers have a max power output of 300 watts and RMS power of 150 watts. They crank out good amount of bass to make your playlist more exciting and fun. This golf cart radio console is smart looking too. It has bright blue LED lights (with switch) surrounding the entire cabinet. It also features cob-style extra bright white LED map light (with switch). The receiver has AM/FM radio with a hidden antenna for a clean set-up. For sound input, the gadget has Bluetooth, a 3.5mm AUX in jack, a CD player, a USB flash drive reader and a TF card reader. The built-in MP3 player works with all kinds of devices and audio file formats. No matter what device you are using, this overhead radio console is fully capable of supporting the sound source. The console measures 24 inches by 9.5 inches by 4.75 inches.

Golf Cart EZ GO Club Car Yamaha Overhead Stereo Radio Console 6.5″ With Kicker Speakers :

ThunderBucket Golf Cart Radio Console with Kicker Speakers

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This golf cart radio console is a superb combination of SoundStream and Kicker sound components. It is a custom-made console by Thunder Buckets Audio for golf carts like the EZ GO and other golf carts with similar mounting spaces. Ideally it needs a space of 22 inches (lengthwise) by 16 inches (front to back) by 5.5 inches (drop from roof or mounting surface). This golf cart radio installation is fitted with the MX-10BT Car Digital Media Player by Soundstream. It is a quality stereo receiver with a wireless remote control and a detachable face plate. For audio input, the gadget has Bluetooth and auxiliary in ports. It has Bluetooth music streaming facility and works with all iOS, Android and Windows gadgets. It can play songs on music platforms like Spotify, Pandora and SoundCloud. The 3.5mm AUX-in jack is for wired input from non-Bluetooth devices. The console also accepts music input via USB flash drives and micro SD cards. An FM radio is integrated into the system. So if you like listening to the news while golfing, you will love this stereo receiver. The gadget is fitted with 6.5-inch Kickers drivers with a top power output of 240 watts. The speakers face the driver and the passengers for a more intimate sound experience. The golf cart radio system has a marine-rated ABS plastic cabinet. It is water-resistant and keeps the internal components dry and safe. You can hose down the console if you like after a day out in the open. The system has a simple 12 volt dual wire hook-up. The enclosure has multi-color changing RGB illumination and ultra bright cob-style LED map light with switch. It has a 1-inch mounting flange for mounting on flat surfaces. It also comes with a 15 cm of 12 gauge hook-up wire with an in-line fuse for added safety. The device is also internally wired so that the clock and pre-sets stay set after the initial hook-up.

Blue UTV Radio Golf Cart Overhead Stereo Console With 6.5″ Speakers :

Blue UTV Radio Golf Cart Overhead Stereo Console with Speakers

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The next golf cart speaker installation is a handmade custom stereo console by Thunder Buckets Audio. It is an overhead radio console for UTVs, ORVs, golf carts, trucks, campers and trailers. It is made from heavy-duty ABS plastic and sports an attractive glossy blue color. This console is equipped with full-range 6.5-inch Boss CH6530 speakers for superior stereo sound in outdoor open-air conditions. It delivers immersive and impactful audio with clear vocals and plenty of bass. The speakers are 3-way-firing and have red poly injection cones and butyl rubber surrounds. Max power of the drivers is 300 watts and RMS power is 150 watts. The gadget features a 200 watts Boss 611UAB stereo receiver with multiple options for sound input. It has Bluetooth for wireless input and supports all Bluetooth-enabled gadgets. For wired connectivity, it has an auxiliary input jack. Apart from these, it also has an SD card reader and a USB flash drive reader for playing songs. The system has an inbuilt media player compatible with MP3 and other audio files. Furthermore, it has an onboard AM/FM radio with a discreet antenna installation for a clean set-up. The golf cart radio console is easy to mount on flat surfaces as well as roll bars and cross bars. The extra wide flange affords a comfortable fit on hard flat mounting surfaces like golf cart roofs. Bar installation is achieved through standard tube straps. This golf cart radio system is completely sealed and siliconed for extra protection. Sealing the enclosure prevents damage from vibrations, knocks and impacts. The system also has Super Bright White cob-style LED map light with switch. Dimensions of the device are: 24 inches x 9.5 inches x 4.75 inches.


V Shaped UTV Golf Cart Radio Console

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At number 4 we have another custom-designed golf cart speaker installation by Thunder Buckets Audio. It is a V-shaped overhead stereo console with a tough ABS construction and a smart textured finish. It is ideal for RVs, campers, tractors, UTVs and golf carts. This outdoor sound system features a 240-watt marine-grade Bluetooth receiver from Pyle. It has Bluetooth 3.0 technology with a transmission range of 30 feet. It supports wireless music streaming and is compatible with apps like Spotify and Pandora. For cabled connectivity, the device has a 3.5mm AUX-in jack and an AUX audio cord (included). The jack comes in handy when dealing with non-Bluetooth systems. A third way to play songs on the receiver is via pen drives/USB flash drives. It gives you a lot of mobility and makes for clutter-free operations. The console is fitted with 6.5-inch Pyle marine speakers for the best stereo sound. The front section of the console has a circular control panel with soft-touch buttons. There are bright white LED dome lights with switch for a fun lighting effect. The flange of the console is extra wide for easy mounting. The lid is sealed and all the components of the gadget siliconed for added safety. Power requirement of the system is 12 volts. It consumes very less energy and has a burn time of 50,000 hours. It has a 15 cm of 12 gauge hook-up wire and a 15 ampere external in-line fuse. Dimensions of this golf cart speaker installation are 19 inches (length) x 10.5 inches (width) x 5.5 inches (drop from roof/mounting surface).

EMPTY Golf Cart UTV Overhead Stereo Radio Console :

Empty Golf Cart UTV Overhead Stereo Radio Console

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This next product is a build-yourself overhead radio console enclosure. It is an empty cabinet that can be used to house any speaker system and FM radio. It can be used in trailers, campers, RVs, golf carts, trucks and UTVs. The console is constructed for intense outdoor use. It is made from good quality ABS plastic that keeps the internal acoustic components safe from mechanical damage. The frame has a low-profile design. It fits close to the roof of your vehicle or whatever surface you choose to mount it on. It has a length of 22 inches, width of 8.5 inches and a depth (drop from roof) of 3.5 inches. It stays out of the way of the driver and passengers, remaining discreetly lodged on the ceiling overhead. The cabinet is large enough to accommodate 5.25 inch marine speakers. It can support single DIN stereo. This empty golf cart radio console can be used to customize your own stereo system. You have complete freedom to add any speaker and radio unit of your choice. The casing has an extra-wide flange so that it can be securely mounted on a flat hard surface. It can also be installed on cross bars and roll cages using standard tube straps. The console comes with a removable lid that can be glued, bolted or siliconed after the stereo receiver and speakers have been installed inside it. This golf cart console cabinet is custom-designed by Thunder Buckets Audio. It is a do-it-yourself (DIY) radio console frame hugely popular among golfing and adventure sports enthusiasts. It is black in color and has a nice textured finish.

Madjax Carbon Fiber Golf Cart Universal Overhead Stereo Console :

Madjax Golf Cart Universal Overhead Stereo Console

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At sixth spot we have the Madjax Carbon Fiber golf cart radio console. It is an empty stereo receiver console that needs to be fitted with speakers and a media player. It is a super versatile cabinet designed to accommodate audio players, radios and speakers of any configuration. It can house a radio with speakers or a CD player with speakers. Speaker size must ideally be 5.25 inches or 6 inches to ensure a perfect fit. The cabinet has discreet mounting plates that remain hidden from plain view. The plates can be screwed to any hard flat surface for setting up the system. The Madjax console is a DIY golf cart radio console case. It is made from heavy duty carbon fiber and protects the speakers and media receiver from impact and vibrations. It is black in color and has a glossy finish. The console box offers plenty of room for experimentation. Because it does not come pre-fixed with an inbuilt radio and speakers, you have the option to add any stereo receiver and speaker combination you like. The cabinet has attractive dual LED dome lights. The illumination system enhances the appearance of the console and makes it more appealing. The case stays close to the surface it is mounted on. Its dimensions are: 27.5 inches x 11.5 inches x 4.5 inches. It weighs 4.8 lbs.

Red Hawk Golf Cart Universal Pre-Assembled Radio Console :

Red Hawk Golf Cart Universal Pre Assembled Radio Console

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The final item on our list of top golf cart radio consoles is the Red Hawk golf cart radio installation. It is a pre-assembled overhead radio console for adventure sports. The device has a universal mounting system and is ideal for golf carts. It is specifically engineered to fit the E-Z-Go RXV, E-Z-Go TXT, Club Car Precedent and Club Car DS. However, it is equally suitable for off-road vehicles like UTV and side-by-sides, trucks, tractors and RVs. The Red Hawk console is the color of wood and has a glossy sheen. It has a stunning wood grain finish that makes it stand out from the other consoles. It stays close to the mounting surface and does not interfere with the line of vision of the driver. The console is fitted with a non-marine radio and speaker system. It has an AM/FM radio with an internal antenna. It has a CD player and a 3.5 mm AUX input jack for playing music. The Red Hawk golf cart radio console is equipped with a pair of 5-inch stereo speakers with a top power output of 100 watts. They deliver high-fidelity sound with distinct vocals, soaring highs and deep bass. The receiver has a removable face plate and a USB charging port. Installing the console is pretty simple. It has a hassle-free plug-and-play functionality. All you need to do is mount it to your vehicle’s roof, connect to a power source, power up and fire away.

To know more about top speaker for your golf cart and outdoor all-weather compatible soundbar, you can check these links. To find out the best soundbar for ATV, UTV, side by side and golf carts check this product.

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