Echo Link Amp – Comprehensive Review

The Echo Link Amp is a step up from Echo Link and is for the serious audiophile. It combines the best features of the Link with a built-in 2-channel 60-watt amplifier. It is multi-room capable and connects to compatible Echo devices to play music throughout your home. The Echo Link Amp adds Alexa to your existing sound system when teamed with another Echo device. It is perfect for upgrading speakers and home theatre systems. It can stream high-fidelity music from music platforms like Spotify and Pandora.  All in all, it is a must-have audio equipment if you are passionate about quality sound. Plus, it makes your work simpler with voice control.

Echo Link Amp – A Closer Look At The Features & Design :

Features And Design :

The Echo Link Amp directly upgrades your stereo speakers. It is fitted with a Class D digital amplifier which converts a weak audio signal into a robust amplified signal so that it can drive loudspeakers and headphones. The final sound is noticeably louder and clearer and more enjoyable. The Eco Link Amp is an entry-level 2-channel audio receiver cum amplifier. It has multiple RCA and optical audio inputs and outputs for working with your existing stereo set-up. It is compatible with all kinds of speakers and soundbars including bookshelf, tower, outdoor, in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. It accepts input through a digital or analog line-in and sends the amplified output signal to the speakers.

The Echo Link Amp has a built-in DAC (digital-to-analog convertor). It improves the audio quality and dynamic range to create an enhanced sound experience. Audio inputs of the Echo Link Amp include analog (1 x left/right RCA) and digital (1 x coaxial RCA, 1 x optical Toslink) inputs. Audio outputs include analog (1 x left/right RCA, 1 x subwoofer RCA), digital (1 x coaxial RCA, 1 x optical Toslink) and left/right speaker binding posts. For headphone output it has a TPA6120A2 high-fidelity stereo headphone amplifier with a 3.5mm output jack. The device also has a 1xRJ45 Ethernet connector. This port only supports network connectivity. Power handling capacity of the Echo Link Amp is 60 watts @8 ohms. It has a dynamic range of minimum 94dB, total harmonic distortion of < 0.008% and a minimum channel separation of 100dB.

The gadget is very easy to set up. The first thing you need to do is connect your speakers to the Echo Link Amp. Then, plug in the amp to the power source and connect to the internet through the Alexa app. Connect with compatible Echo devices in your house and ask Alexa to play whatever you want. Note that the Echo Link Amp does not have microphones. Hence, you will need an Echo device like a Dot or an Echo to give instructions to Alexa. The gadget also does not support casting to multi-room music from a line-in or Bluetooth input. It is also not compatible with TV/video connections. The Amazon Music Unlimited Single Device Plan is not available on the Echo Link Amp.     

The biggest draw of the Echo Link Amp is that it adds Alexa to your home audio system. You can pair it with an Echo device to create voice-controlled music groups to stream music in multiple rooms in your house and even outdoors (provided you have connected devices there). Just say ‘Alexa, play the latest hip-hop songs everywhere’ and in an instant you will have hip-hop music playing in all the spaces – bedrooms, living room, porch, kitchen – where you have connected speakers. You can also play different music in different rooms of the house. For instance, if you say, ‘Alexa, play my Cardi B playlist in the living room’, the speakers in your living room will come to life with your Cardi B collection. Alexa voice control makes things a lot simpler. The Echo Link can also stream hi-fi music on your headphones for private listening. You don’t have to worry about rousing the household in the middle of the night. Just plug in your headphone and enjoy your music whenever you want. The Echo Link Amp delivers hi-fi streaming music to your stereo system. It works with service providers like Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, Tidal, SiriusXM, iHeartRadio, TuniIn and Deezer.

The Echo Link Amp is black in color and is shaped like a small compact box. It measures 8.5inches by 9.5inches by 3.4 inches, and weighs 80.6 oz. It can be placed on a media console or a shelf. The front panel of the Link Amp has a volume knob with tiny LED dots around it. A headphone jack is provided on the right bottom corner. The rear panel has an LED action button and all the inputs and outputs.  

Echo Link Vs Echo Link Amp :

The Echo Link Amp is different from the Echo Link in that the former is a self-sufficient system with a built-in receiver and amp, while the latter needs a separate receiver or amplifier to work. You can directly connect the Echo Link Amp to your speakers and play songs from your sound source (smart phone, tablet, etc.). But with the Echo Link, if you are connecting passive speakers, you will need a receiver or an amplifier to complete the set-up. That is the basic difference between an Echo Link Amp and an Echo Link.

The Echo Link Amp has a built-in 60-watt 2-channel Class D digital amplifier. It also has left and right speaker binding posts in audio outputs. The Echo Link does not have these features.

The Echo Link Amp is also larger and heavier than the Echo Link.

Key Features :

  • Upgrades speakers, adds hi-fi music streaming and Alexa to your existing stereo system.
  • 60-watt 2-channel Class D digital amplifier, multiple digital and analog inputs and outputs.
  • Multi-room capable, voice control music, headphone output.
  • Self-contained unit, directly connects with speakers, does not require a receiver.


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