Dayton Audio BS36 Soundbar – Complete Review

Among the best passive soundbars, the Dayton Audio BS36 is a top seller. It has left, right and center channel speakers in a single enclosure. It is ideal for plasma and LCD TV, and greatly enhances your TV’s sound profile. The Dayton Audio BS36 makes for a great addition to your home entertainment system. You can use it to convert your existing system into a multi-channel surround sound system.

Let us now analyze the sound performance and design of the Audio BS36 in a little more detail.

Deep Dive Into Dayton Audio BS36 Soundbar :

Sound quality :

When it comes to acoustic performance, the Dayton Audio BS36 doesn’t disappoint. It boasts long-excursion woofers that deliver ground-shaking bass. The woofers are specially engineered to increase the impact of the low frequencies (bass). Movies with a lot of action and special effects like Jurassic Park and The Fast And The Furious are a delight to watch on the Audio BS36. It brings action scenes to life and makes them more animated and exciting. Whether it is the roar of a lion or the grunt of a race car engine, the rumble of clouds or the whoomp-whoomp of house music, the soundbar captures every nuance with breath-taking accuracy. The Dayton Audio BS36 has distinct left, right and centre channel speakers. It has three 3-3/4 inch paper cone woofers and three 5/8 inch aluminum tweeters. The woofers handle low frequencies while the tweeters handle high frequencies. Together they crank out full-range audio with soaring highs, crisp midrange and deep bass. Please keep in mind that the Audio BS36 is a passive soundbar. Therefore, it will need a separate A/V receiver or amplifier to decode the incoming TV signal into left, right and centre channels and direct them to the appropriate drivers in the soundbar. You can connect the soundbar to a subwoofer and surround speakers. For room-filling audio with optimum range and clarity, we recommend pairing the soundbar with a pair of SAT-BK satellite speakers and a powered subwoofer like the Dayton Audio SUB-80. It is the perfect combination for creating a home cinema-like experience. However, you can try other combinations from different brands as well. The Audio BS36 is a very adaptive bar and is compatible with a wide range of receivers from various brands. The soundbar has a frequency response of 100 Hz to 20 kHz, an impendence of 8 ohm and a sound pressure level (SPL) of 87 dB 1W/1m. Thus, it is fully equipped to process very high and very low frequency bands for a balanced acoustic output. The maximum power handling of the device is 80 watts and RMS power is 50 watts. This gives the system enough muscle to rock action-packed movies and high-bass music like EDM (electronic dance music).

We have come to the end of the sound section. Now let us focus on the design attributes of the Dayton Audio BS36.

Product design :

The Dayton soundbar is a sleek speaker bar. It has a compact space-saving cabinet, and is intended for small homes with limited space. It has a width of 36 inches, a height of 4 ¾ inches and a depth of 4 ¼ inches. The soundbar sits cozily under the TV without getting in the way. It has a flat low-profile frame and does not occupy much table-top space. It can be mounted on a wall or erected on a table, shelf or media console. This makes the system very flexible and you can install it anywhere you want. There are vents at the back for affixing the bar to walls or other vertical surfaces. It has screw mounts and M5 threaded inserts for 16-inch on-center studs. For table-top placement, the bar has two sturdy rubber feet. They hold the bar firmly in place and prevent it from wobbling or vibrating. The Dayton Audio BS36 is designed to complement the décor of modern homes. It has a high-gloss hand-rubbed black lacquer finish that lends the bar a smart and sophisticated look. The soundbar is suitable for medium to large flat-screen TV with screen sizes of up to 55-inch. It is not very heavy and weighs 14.2 lbs. Please note that the bar uses separate spring-loaded positive and negative terminals to connect to external receivers/speakers/subs.

Key features :

  • 36-inch passive soundbar with left, right and center channels
  • Long-excursion woofers for extra bass
  • Three 3-3/4inch paper cone woofers, three 5/8 inch aluminum tweeters
  • Glossy hand-rubbed black lacquer finish
  • Wall and shelf-mountable
  • Includes rubber feet

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