Best Water Speaker | Dancing Water Speakers In 2018

The market today is flooded with stereo systems of all makes, sizes and shapes. They come with new and advanced technologies and have different customer demographics. Among the latest innovations in sound systems is the dancing water speaker system. These amazing gadgets combine sound with light and water to create mesmerizing dancing fountains with LED illumination. The liquid responds to the tempo and volume of the songs and leaps up in slender vertical columns perfectly synchronized with the musical playback. The multi-color LED lights accentuate the water display and fill your room or party area with colorful moving lights for a fun-filled sound experience.

Why dancing water speakers are so popular ?

Dancing water speakers are popular among kids and young adults who are attracted by the brilliant light and water show. Children love to watch the fast paced musical water show and how it dances in harmony with the playing music.

If the sound device has Bluetooth, it is even better. It eliminates the need for wires and keeps your home clutter-free. Bluetooth dancing water speakers can be a valuable sound addition to your desktop or PC. You can place them on either side of your computer screen and enjoy music wirelessly for hours. You can also use them in the kitchen or living room as a fun stereo system. AUX cables can be messy and they gather dust. Bluetooth dancing water speakers allow you clean your table tops and shelves to keep them neat and dust-free. They are practical and flexible gadgets that make your job easy and also enhance the aesthetics of your house. Plus, they make for a great party sound accessory and are perfect for small house parties and dorm parties.

Guidelines for buying a dancing water speaker system :

Before you venture into buying a dancing water speaker, you need to consider a few important points.

First of all, you must understand your own sound needs. What is the design and make of your sound source, how large is your room, what kinds of connections are possible with your existing sound source ? You need to check whether your source has Bluetooth or AUX capability. You need to check iOS and Android compatibility. If your sound sources include non-Bluetooth CD players and MP3 players, you need to make sure the sound system supports such devices. You have to know all these important details to be able to figure out what kind of dancing water speaker will best suit your requirements.

Secondly, check for power supply options. USB charging is a must as it offers more flexibility. Devices with more than one mode of power supply are preferable. Strength of the rechargeable battery also matters. The greater the power capacity, the better.

Thirdly, devices with dual drivers and built-in amplifiers are more practical. Their audio will be louder and clearer. Sound systems that include a subwoofer will have better and deeper bass as compared to other systems.

Fourthly, look for safety and manufacturing standards. The product should not contain toxins or other chemicals harmful to pregnant women, children and the environment. The cabinet should be leak-proof with fully sealed compartments for the water display.

Finally, go for devices with more features like FM radio, extra USB ports, etc. Devices that support SD cards and USB flash drives in addition to having Bluetooth and AUX audio connectivity have a clear advantage over those that don’t. Such systems give you more options for audio input and are therefore more convenient. Easy-to-reach front-facing on-board buttons are another plus point. Devices with bass control are also preferable.

We recently conducted a market research to analyze the technologies used in making dancing water speakers. Based on sound performance, design and features, we made a list of the top 15 speakers. Here they are:

Top 15 Dancing Water Speakers To Rock Your Living Room :          

SoundSOUL Dancing Water Speakers :

SoundSOUL Dancing Water Speakers

Dazzling at the top spot are the SoundSOUL Dancing Water Speakers. These eye-catching sound devices have musical water fountains with LED light. The water dances in sync with the song being played. It gives a wonderful feel and fills your house with exciting colors. The speakers are sold in pairs. The SoundSOUL Dancing Water Speakers are designed with the latest sound and light technology. They have 6 different colors of LED light that light up the water display. The water jumps up with the musical beats. The more intense the beats, the higher the fountain jumps. The volume also impacts the streams of water in a similar manner. The speakers have a built-in amplifier that cranks out high decibel sound best suited for house parties and dorm parties. Each speaker has a 3W total power output. The acoustic drivers create realistic high definition stereo sound that is bound to leave your guests impressed. The SoundSOUL speaker can be connected to any audio source via 3.5mm mini audio cable. It is compatible with all iOS and Android devices. It also accepts sound input from MP3 and MP4 players and PCs. Setup is fairly simple. First, link the two speakers with the help of the connecting cord. Then, connect the left speaker to a USB charging port (in a laptop, PC, adapter, etc) using the USB power cable and the right speaker to the headphone jack or audio output jack of the music source using the 3.5mm mini plug cable. You are now ready to power up and play your music. The SoundSOUL speaker duo looks stunning in the dark. It creates a real disco dance party atmosphere with its color changing LED light show. Also, they are compact and hardly occupy any space. 4 buttons are provided on one of the speakers for power, water dance control and volume up/down. The body of the speakers is partly transparent (musical fountain section) and partly white plastic near the base. The speakers are available in 4 cabinet color variants: white, blue, pink and black. Each speaker measures 11.8” x 7.8” x 3.9” and weighs 1.75 lbs.

SoundSOUL Water Fountain Speakers :

SoundSOUL Water Fountain Speaker

Following closely at number 2 are the SoundSOUL Water Fountain Speakers. These Bluetooth dancing water speakers are excellent for parties and home use. They have multi-colored LED illumination which changes with the music and fills your room with vivid moving lights. The water fountain dances as the music plays, creating a wonderful sight. The speakers emit 4 different LED lights for a fun-filled light and sound effect. The SoundSOUL speaker duo has 2 types of connectivity: wireless and wired. For wireless connections the speakers have Bluetooth 4.0. The pair is compatible with all iOS and Android devices. Just pair up and start sending audio input without the clutter of cables and remotes. For wired audio input from non-Bluetooth devices, the speakers have a 3.5mm AUX-in port. They also accept audio from MP3 and MP4 players. The SoundSOUL dancing water speakers have a powerful 1800mAh rechargeable battery that can be charged with the help of a USB charging cable. It offers a play time of 4 hours tops per charge. Each of the speakers has a 3W driver that produces clear music and vocals. Plus, they have an integrated amplifier for extra loud sound cover. The SoundSOUL speakers are super portable. They are compact, lightweight and easy to carry from place to place. SoundSOUL conducts extensive R&D to ensure safety and reliability of their products. This pair of speakers is put through multiple levels of testing to make sure the liquid does not leak out of the cabinet. The gadgets are available in 4 colors: pink, black, blue and white. The bases are colored and the top is transparent for showing the fountain. Controls are provided at the base of one of the speakers for power on/off, play/pause, mode selections and volume and track change. The SoundSOUL dancing water speakers make for a great gift for kids on Christmas and birthdays. It is also a great party sound system and can really up the tempo of your house party with its titillating LED musical fountain display and loud booming sound. Each speaker measures 6.1” x 9.7” x 3.1” and weighs 1.6 lbs.

e-Joy Black Water Dancing Speaker :

e-Joy Black Water Dancing Speakers

Coming in at number 3 is the e-Joy dancing water speaker duo. These marvelous speakers have dancing water fountains with LED light show. There are 4 colors of LED lights: red, green, blue and orange. When the music is turned on, the water sprays leap upwards in a colorful display of vivid changing LED lights. It creates a captivating light show and gives the illusion of jumping liquid light. Each of the e-Joy speakers is equipped with a 3W driver (total system power 6W) that pumps out full range high definition audio with deep bass. The system also has an integrated amplifier. Vocals are nice and crisp and volume is loud enough for medium sized living rooms. The speakers have wired mode of connection. A 3.5mm AUX audio port is incorporated for connection via audio cables. The pair works on all iOS and Android devices. It supports audio from smart phones, laptops, tablets, iPods, play-stations, MP3 and MP4 players. Getting started is simple and easy. First, link the two speakers with the cord provided. Then, connect the speaker set to a power source using a USB charging cord. Now, connect it to the audio source using a mini 3.5mm AUX cable, power up and fire away. The e-Joy dancing water speakers have a smart design. They come in 4 color variants: red, pink, white and blue. The upper part of the speakers is transparent for showing the dancing water fountain. The lower part is made of solid plastic. It houses the controls which include power on/off, volume and track change. The package contains the speaker set, a connecting cable/stereo plug and a USB charging cord. Frequency range of the speakers is 220Hz to 13000Hz and impendence is 4 ohm. The speakers are lightweight and easily transportable. They are compact and fit in most regular-sized backpacks. Each of the speakers measure 9.7” x 6.5” x 3.2” and weighs 1.5 lbs.

Cra-Z-Art Dancing Water Speakers :

Cra-Z-Art Dancing Water Speakers

Among top most dancing water speakers, the Cra-Z-Art speakers have good market share. On our list of best dancing water speakers, they come in at 4th position. Backed by strong durable construction and a magical water and light show, the Cra-Z-Art speakers have managed to stay popular for a long time now. These speakers emit 3 LED lights, pink, blue and green to illuminate the water fountain. The water jets leap up with the beats of the playback creating a mesmerizing multi-colored LED light display. The enclosure is sealed tight to make it leak-proof. The speakers are subjected to multiple stages of quality checks to ensure they are non-toxic and 100% safe for household use. They are also tested for stereo performance. The speakers are equipped with full range drivers and an integrated amplifier that together produce loud and clear sound in all genres of music. They are perfect for kid’s parties and small house parties. You can gift them to your kid as they are known to be very popular among small children and teens. You can also place them on your study table next to your desktop or mount them on shelves in the kitchen or lining room. They look good wherever you install them. The speaker duo is unobtrusive and fits comfortably in small spaces. They are also lightweight, portable and travel-friendly. The Cra-Z-Art dancing water speakers have wired connectivity. You can link them up with your smart phone or other audio source via a mini 3.5mm AUX audio cable. The device is compatible with all iOS and Android gadgets, home stereo systems, MP3 and MP4 players. The speakers are USB-powered. Connect the pair to a power source like a laptop, desktop or adapter before starting the audio feed. Apart from the speaker system, the box contains a USB charging cable and a mini 3.5mm AUX cable. Measurements of each speaker are: 6.7” x 3.4” x 11.7”. Weight is 11.4 ounces. Please note that the sound system includes small parts. The manufacturers do not recommend it for children of 3 years and younger as they are a potential choking hazard.

HELLO KITTY KT4040 USB-Powered Water-Dancing Speakers :

HELLO KITTY KT4040 USB-Powered Water Dancing Speakers

Next in line is the Hello Kitty KT4040 dancing water speakers. These amazing water and light speakers are a smash-hit among young kids. The base of each speaker is shaped like a bow with a kitten resting on top of it. It is light pink and white in color and looks cute and adorable. It makes for an ideal gift for children and teens below the age of 18. The speakers are made from non-toxic material and are fully safe for children. However, since they include spare loose parts, they can be a choking hazard for kids aged 3 and less. The Hello Kitty KT4040 speaker system has LED illumination that lights up the jumping water fountain. The sprays of water correspond to the playing music and leap up in tandem with the beats and volume of the playback. The device produces 4 different LED colors: orange, blue, green and pink. It fills the surrounding space with glowing multi-color changing lights and creates a playful musical atmosphere. The speakers have dual 3W drivers that crank out crystal clear audio in all volume levels. Its full range acoustic speakers make sure you don’t miss a single word of your favorite songs. The Hello Kitty KT4040 dancing water speakers can be connected to any audio source using the included 3.5 mini AUX cable. It is compatible with all smart phones, iPhones, iPods, tablets, laptops, PCs, MP3, MP4 players and home stereo systems. For power, you need to connect the speaker system to a PC, laptop or power adapter with a USB charging cord. The speakers have a solid plastic build. The upper section of each individual speaker is transparent for displaying the water and light show. The lower section with the bow and kitty is opaque. The product comes with a 90-day limited warranty. The package includes the speaker system, a USB power cord, a 3.5mm AUX audio cord and an instructions manual. Each speaker measures 10.1” x 9.5” x 4.1” and weighs 1.9 lbs.

Svance Dancing Water Speaker :

Svance Dancing Water Speaker

Going strong at 6th position is the Svance Bluetooth dancing water speaker. This dazzling single-piece speaker boasts a colorful LED musical fountain with multiple changing lights. It is shaped like a bullet with a transparent top and opaque black bottom. There are 3 colors of LED lights: red, green and blue. The water dances in sync with the playing music, shooting up in a magnificent display of color and light for a fun-filled musical experience. The USP of the Svance speaker is that it has 3 modes of connectivity. For wireless connections, it has Bluetooth. You can pair your Bluetooth-enabled device to the speaker minus the clutter of cables and remote controls. For devices that do not have Bluetooth technology, a 3.5mm AUX-in port has been provided for wired connections. Additionally, the device accepts audio via micro SD cards. The gadget supports all iOS and Android devices, CD players, MP3 and MP4 players and home sound systems. In short, the Svance offers you a lot of flexibility in terms of music input mode. The Bluetooth dancing water speaker has an integrated amplifier and powerful acoustic drivers that produce distinct thumping sound with 360ᵒ dispersion. It is fitted with a built-in rechargeable battery that can be charged using a USB power cord. You can carry the speaker anywhere you go. It is portable and fits easily in backpacks and duffel bags. It is great as a musical accessory for taking on camps, picnics and dorm parties. You can also use it at home as a speaker system for your desktop. Before you use the speaker, fill the upper transparent enclosure with purified water with the help of the included dropper. Fill around 30-40 ml water to get the best fountain performance. Buttons are provided at the base of the speaker for mode, play/pause and volume and song change. At the rear of the base are buttons and ports/slots for LED light on/off, SD cards, AUX audio input and USB charging. The carton contains the Bluetooth speaker, a USB power cable, a 3.5mm AUX-in audio cable, a dropper, 2 pieces of silicone stoppers and a user’s guide. The Svance stereo system comes with one-year warranty. Dimensions of the product are: 3.9” x 3.9” x 7.7”. It weighs 1.15 lbs.

NAXA Electronics NHS-2009 Dancing Water Light Tower Speaker :

NAXA Electronics NHS-2009 Dancing Water Light Tower Speaker

The next high performance musical fountain speaker is the NAXA Electronics NHS-2009 Bluetooth dancing water speaker. It is a single-unit water and light tower speaker that combines great features with iconic design. The NAXA NHS-2009 is a floor-standing wireless stereo system with a transparent top that shows off the LED water fountain. The sprays of water shoot up in vertical columns in tandem with the musical beats and volume to create a spectacular multi-colored LED light and sound show. The speaker looks stunning in the dark and fills your room with brilliant pulsating colors. It can be positioned in a corner of your room or on shelves and tabletops as per your need. It has a slender shape and doesn’t need a lot of room. The NAXA NHS-2009 is engineered with dual full range audio drivers for the ultimate stereo sound feel. They have a total power output of 6W. No matter what kind of music is playing, the speaker produces the most accurate and realistic sound highlighting all the nuances of the playback. The speaker has 2 modes of play: Bluetooth and AUX connection. For wire-free audio input, pair your smart phone or other Bluetooth music source to the speaker. For non-Bluetooth devices, there is a 3.5mm AUX-in port. You can connect your music source using an AUX audio cable. The speaker is compatible with all iOS and Android devices, MP3, MP4 and CD players. One cool feature of the NAXA NHS-2009 is that it has a built-in FM radio. Tune in anytime to the radio to enjoy all the trending hits on your local FM channels. The speaker has easy-to-use buttons in the middle of the front panel below the transparent casing. You can turn on and turn off the power, play/pause the music, change the volume and track and select the source. The package includes the tower speaker, an AC power adapter and a remote control. Power capacity is AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz. The NAXA NHS-2009 Bluetooth dancing water speaker can be a fun gift for friends and family on Christmas, anniversaries and birthdays. It comes with one-year warranty and is practical and very useful as a gift item. Dimensions of the NAXA speaker are: 4.3” x 4.3” x 21.6”. It weighs 3.2 lbs.

Polaroid PBT626-2 Wireless Dancing Water Speakers :

Polaroid Wireless Dancing Water Speakers

Another greatly sought-after Bluetooth dancing water speaker is the Polaroid PBT626-2 wireless dancing water stereo system. It has a cool musical fountain illuminated by multi-color LED lights. The water responds to the beats and volume of the playback and jumps up in cylindrical columns for a vibrant and colorful water and light show. The Polaroid PBT626-2 is sold in pairs. It has Bluetooth for wireless connectivity. Just connect your audio source to the speaker and listen to your favorite songs without the hassle of cables and plug-ins. The speaker supports all Bluetooth devices like smart phones, iPhones, iPads, tablets, PCs and laptops. The stereo system is powered by a built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery that can be charged using a USB charging cable. Sound quality is impressive with loud and clear vocals and deep bass. The songs can be heard clearly in all corners of a medium-sized room. The speaker duo is perfect for small gatherings and for regular use as a desktop speaker system. It is not too large and fits easily next to your PC. The top of each speaker has a transparent tapering cover and the bottom is made of durable black plastic. If you are looking for a good gift for your teenage son or daughter, we suggest you give the Polaroid PBT626-2 dancing water speakers a thought. They are very popular among young adults and children who love the scintillating musical lights and water fountain display. The gadget is safe for children above the age of 3. It is leak-proof and made from non-toxic materials. Each of the speakers measures 9.8” x 7.4” x 4.5” and weighs 1.9 lbs.

BeFree Sound BFS-33X 2.1 Channel Wireless Multimedia LED Dancing Water Bluetooth Sound System :

BeFree Sound BFS-33X 2.1 Channel Wireless Multimedia Led Dancing Water Bluetooth System

Ranked 9th on our list of top most dancing water speakers is the BeFree Sound BFS-33X Bluetooth dancing water stereo system. It is a 2.1 channel multi-media speaker system with a powerful subwoofer and two satellite speakers that together crank out booming loud audio with crystal clear clarity. The subwoofer produces deep bass for a more exhilarating and floor-shaking sound effect. The multi-color LED illumination lights up the water display with colorful changing lights. The jets of water leap up in tall columns of vivid lights creating hypnotic visuals. Ideal for parties and small get-togethers, the speaker system can also be given as a gift to friends and family. The BeFree Sound BFS-33X dancing water speakers have 2 modes for accepting audio input: Bluetooth and AUX-in connection. You can connect the system to your smart phone or other Bluetooth-supporting device for music input minus the clutter of cords. For devices that do not have Bluetooth, you need to connect them to the speaker with a 3.5mm AUX-in cable. An AUX port is available in the rear panel of the system. All iOS and Android devices, PCs, desktops and home stereo systems are compatible with the BeFree Sound BFS-33X. The system runs on a built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery. The subwoofer is oval in shape with a flat base. The satellite speakers are shaped like capsules. They are slenderer and slightly shorter than the subwoofer. Both the subwoofer and the speakers have black and grey plastic bases that sit well on flat surfaces like table tops. The front of the subwoofer has a circular control panel with buttons for power on/off, play/pause and volume adjustments. Total power output of the system is 8W. The subwoofer is 5W and the speakers have a combined power of 3W. Measurements of the subwoofer are: 8.5” x 12.5”. It weighs 4.5 lbs. Each satellite speaker measures 3.5” x 10.5” and weighs 1 lbs.

Water Dancing and Infinity Pulse Light Speaker From Morebuybuy :

Water Dancing and Infinity Pulse Light Speaker From Morebuybuy

At number 10 is the Bluetooth dancing water speaker from Morebuybuy. It is a wireless party speaker with LED lights of vibrant changing colors. The speaker has a smart square shape and design with a water fountain display in the centre. The liquid shoots up in vertical dancing columns lit up by multi-color LED lights. The area surrounding the fountain also puts up an exciting light show with light rays radiating outwards, pulsating in sync with the playing music. The speaker creates a real party atmosphere and is perfect for cozy house parties and dorm parties. It can also be used as a regular desktop speaker system. The Morebuybuy Infinity Pulse dancing water speaker has Bluetooth for wireless audio input. It is compatible with all iOS and Android devices, MP3 and MP4 players. For non-Bluetooth devices a 3.5mm AUX port has been provided for connection via AUX-in audio cable. If you do not have provision for either of the aforementioned means of audio input, you can use a micro SD card. Just copy the songs on to a card and insert it into the card slot of the speaker. Therefore, the Morebuybuy Infinity Pulse accepts media via 3 different means. This makes the device super flexible and convenient. The speaker has Bluetooth auto-pairing feature. This means it remembers the last paired device and automatically links up with it upon being turned on again. The gadget comes with easy-to-use manual controls. On the top panel, buttons are provided for power on/off, play/pause, Volume up/down, LED light on/off and fountain on/off. The Morebuybuy speaker is built with dual 3W acoustic drivers that produce loud and clear audio. For power, it has 2 modes: AC/DC power supply and USB power connection. Ports are available for both types of power supply. Dimensions of the product are: 8.7” x 3.1” x 8.7”. It weighs 2.82 lbs.

Sharper Image SBT5013 Wall Powered Bluetooth Water Speakers :

Sharper Image SBT5013 Wall Powered Bluetooth Water Speakers

Another awesome dancing water speaker we think you should check out is the Sharper Image SBT5013 Bluetooth speaker with built-in musical fountain. It is a 2.1 channel stereo system with a subwoofer and two satellite speakers that together crank out space-filling sound with deep bass effect. The Sharper Image SBT5013 speakers have a spectacular multi-colored LED light and water show with dancing musical fountains. It fills your room with bright colors and makes your music more enjoyable. The speaker system has Bluetooth for hassle-free wireless connections. You won’t have to worry about tripping over cables on the floor and table tops littered with cables. Just pair the SBT5013 with your Bluetooth-enabled devices and live stream all the latest hits wirelessly and free of all tension. For wired connection, the speaker has provision for AUX audio input. A 3.5mm AUX audio cable is included with the system to help connect it to your music source. The Sharper Image SBT5013 dancing water speaker has an integrated AC power for plugging into any wall power outlet. Make sure to keep the system plugged in to the power source even while using Bluetooth. You can also power the device using your laptop’s charge. For this you can use the included AUX audio cable. The subwoofer has a separate knob for adjusting the bass. You can tune it as per your preference and the requirements of the playback. The package includes one subwoofer, two satellite speakers, one AUX cable, 2 USB to mini USB cables and a user’s guide. The gadget has a plastic construction and a smart black color. The musical fountain is enclosed inside a conical transparent casing affixed to the solid black base of each speaker. At the rear panel of the subwoofer you will find two knobs for adjusting volume and bass levels. There are also two USB ports and two ports for power supply. This dancing water speaker system makes for a great gift during Christmas time and other occasions like birthdays. They are equally useful as a stereo system for your PC or desktop.

Water Dancing Light Show Speakers From Morebuybuy :

Water Dancing Light Show Speakers From Morebuybuy

The final item on our list of 15 top most dancing water speakers is the Morebuybuy. It is one of the best dancing water speakers with a strong and reliable AUX-in connection. The speaker comes in pairs and boasts a scintillating dancing water fountain with LED illumination. The liquid leaps upwards in vertical jets, trembling and shaking in sync with the tempo and volume of the music. LED lights are projected from the base to light up these water sprays. This confluence of light, water and sound creates a hypnotic effect on the onlooker. It makes the music far more exciting and enjoyable. The Morebuybuy speakers have a cool cylindrical design. The top fountain section is transparent and the base is black and opaque. An internal light tube is placed in the centre of each speaker for added brightness. The speaker has a wired mode of connection. A 3.5mm AUX-in port has been provided for audio input via cables. The speakers are compatible with smart phones, laptops, desktops, tablets, CD players and MP3 and MP4 players. For connecting the two speakers, a 47-inch wire is included in the package. The extra long cable is convenient for large screen desktops and TVs. The Morebuybuy dancing water speakers are lightweight and super portable. They can be packed in suitcases, duffel bags and rucksacks and transported from one place to another without any trouble. They are great for taking on camps and picnics as a mobile stereo system. The gadget can be powered using the included USB power cable. Just connect the speaker with a power source like laptop or desktop with a USB cable to turn on the system. Each of the Morebuybuy dancing water speakers is equipped with a 3W driver. Total power output of the device is 6W. Frequency response is 180Hz to 18kHz. The package includes the speaker set, a 3.5mm AUX-in audio cable, a USB charging cable and an instructions manual. Dimensions of an individual unit are: 3.2” x 2.3” x 9.1”. It weighs 13.8 ounces.

Sylvania SP349 Light & Water Display Bluetooth Tower Speaker :

Sylvania SP349 Light & Water Display Bluetooth Tower Speaker

One of the most popular dancing water speakers is the Sylvania SP349 wireless tower speaker. It has a tastefully done outer cabinet with 6 different LED lights twinkling from the center of the front panel. An LED water fountain enclosed in a transparent compartment crowns the speaker. The water, illuminated by multi-color LED lights from the base, jumps up in sync with the playing music. The intensity and height of the water jets correspond to the volume and beats of the playback creating mesmerizing visuals. The Sylvania SP349 has three modes of connectivity: Bluetooth, 3.5mm AUX and RCA line-in connections. Using Bluetooth you can send audio to the speaker without the hassle of wires and plug-ins. The speaker is compatible with all iOS, Android and Windows devices. Transmission range of the speaker is 33 feet. For devices that lack Bluetooth, there is a 3.5mm AUX-in port for connecting with the speaker with the help of an audio cable. An RCA line-in connection is also available for media input. In other words, the speaker offers great flexibility in terms of audio input. The Sylvania SP349 dancing water speaker comes with a remote control for added convenience. It also has FM radio. If you like listening to the latest hits on your local radio channels, this is the speaker you need. The device is equipped with dual 5W drivers that crank out serious audio. They produce loud and clear sound that has a resonant space-filling effect. RMS power output of the speaker is 10W. The Sylvania SP349 speaker has a stylish cabinet with LED illumination. The fountain section sits atop the opaque black speaker body. Buttons for controlling power on/off, play/pause ad volume and track changes are available on the front panel. The speaker has digital volume control too. The Sylvania SP349 is a floor-standing speaker. It has a slender frame and does not occupy much space. It blends in with the furnishing of the room it is in. The speaker is suitable for homes, stores and offices. You can also use it as a party speaker in your dorm or frat house. Dimensions of the dancing water speaker are: 6.8” x 6.8” x 38”. It weighs 5.5 lbs.

Bass Jaxx Dancing Water Speaker :

Bass Jaxx Dancing Water Speaker

The Bass Jaxx dancing water speaker is another awesome product in this category of stereo speakers. It is a unique water speaker in that it does not have a dancing fountain but fake jelly fishes swimming in water. The water holding cabinet rests on top of the black base of the speaker. LED lights projected from below make the water glow. It lights up the water and the almost transparent jelly fishes with different changing LED colors. Setting up the Bass Jaxx speaker is simple. You need to remove the speaker from its plastic wrapper, fill the water holder with clean filtered water and drop in the artificial jelly fishes. Then put the top lid back on and plug in the device to a power source like a laptop or desktop using the included USB charging cable. You are now good to go. The Bass Jaxx speaker does not have Bluetooth. So you have to feed it with audio using a 3.5mm AUX-in audio cable. The speaker is compatible with all smart phones, iPhones, iPads, iPods, tablets, desktops, laptops, TVs, home stereo systems, MP3 and MP4 players. The Bass Jaxx comes in two other variants: one with artificial sharks and another with emojis. The floating miniature sharks and emojis are fun to watch and very popular among kids. You can enjoy the light show of the speaker even when the music is turned off. The LED lights get activated as soon as you power up. The Jass Baxx water speaker can be a great gift for your child on birthdays and Christmas. It is compact and sits firmly on flat surfaces like table tops and counters. The speaker makes for a fun desktop speaker with colorful LED lights. Plus, it looks extra special in dark rooms. Dimensions of the product are: 4” x 4” x 12”. It weighs 7 ounces.

Stoga ST81 Novelty Desk Lamp LED Light Bluetooth Dancing Water Speaker :

Stoga ST81 Novelty Desk Lamp LED Light Bluetooth Speaker with Water Dancing Feature

The next amazing dancing water speaker is the Stoga ST81 Novelty Desk Lamp. Unlike most dancing water speakers, the Stoga ST81 is shaped like a bedside reading lamp. It is in fact a speaker cum reading lamp with a dancing water fountain in the centre of the contraption. The lamp which gives off a soft white light shines from the top end of the gadget while the speaker outlet is at the bottom end. The water fountain dances in sync with the volume and intensity of the songs playing. The five jets of water are illuminated from below by colorful LED lights. It produces a stunning effect with light, music and water all coming together to create a scintillating dancing musical fountain. The Stoga ST81 speaker supports three types of connections. For wireless connections, it has Bluetooth. It is compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices like smart phones, desktops, laptops, iPhones, iPods and tablets. For devices that do not have Bluetooth like MP3 and MP4 players (older models), the speaker offers connectivity through a 3.5mm AUX-in cable. If neither of these options is possible for you, you can play your songs on the speaker using a TF card. Just copy the songs you want to play on the TF card, insert it in the TF card slot provided on the rear panel and fire away. All in all, the Stoga ST81 dancing water speaker is super convenient with respect to mode of sound input. The speaker is built with powerful drivers that pump out spacious full range audio. It is loud enough for medium-sized rooms and dorms. Bass is deep and vocals and dialogues are distinct. The speaker has an in-built microphone for hands-free calling. This is a huge plus as most dancing water speakers do not have hands-free speakerphones. The speaker is USB-powered. You can charge it with a micro USB charging cable. The lamp is made of heavy duty plastic and has a pristine white color. Touch sensitive controls are provided at the base in front for mode, play/pause, track change and answering calls hands-free. Slots and ports for charging and media input are available at the rear base. Dimensions of the dancing water speaker are: 3.9” x 3.9” x 2.4”. It weighs 1.76 lbs.

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