How to connect the Vizio subwoofer to the Soundbar?

Connecting vizio subwoofer with sounbar

Vizio is a popular name in the Sound System industry. It offers endless audio devices ranging from subwoofers, soundbars, TVs, accessories, and more. With several promising launches in the market, Vizio has built a strong user base that trusts its products to the core. The Vizio Subwoofer is one such product that a lot of people swear by and hence they are pairing it with their TV, Soundbar, and more such devices. However, recently, several users are raising queries like, ‘How to connect the Vizio Subwoofer to a Soundbar’?

The process of connecting the Vizio Subwoofer to a Soundbar is an easy one. However, first-time can come across some difficulties. Therefore, to cut down that confusion, we have got you a quick guide. This article below will help you to ‘Connect Vizio Subwoofer and a Soundbar’. Make sure you read till the end to get the most out of the article.

Connecting the Vizio Subwoofer to the Soundbar

Vizio Subwoofers generally connect to the Soundbar as and when they are Powered On. There is no technical science behind the same since the process is automatic.

However, if the Subwoofer and Soundbar do not connect automatically, here’s what you can do:

On the back of your Subwoofer, check the light. If the light is blinking, then it isn’t paired but looking for the Soundbar. However, if the light is constant and not blinking, the Subwoofer and Soundbar are already paired.

Though if the Subwoofer and Soundbar are still not working (or are not paired), here are some tips and tricks you can follow:

  1. If the Vizio Subwoofer isn’t pairing with the Soundbar, locate the cord between both the sound systems, unplug them, and then re-plug again. As both devices will Power On, they will reconnect automatically.
  2. If the Vizio Subwoofer isn’t pairing with the Soundbar, then consider the Reset option. Though with the device that does not have the Reset feature available, follow it with the alone device itself.
  3. While connecting Vizio Subwoofer to the Soundbar, make sure that both the sound devices are in Pairing Mode.

Soundbars usually have a Pair button on their remote. To operate the same, all you need to do is either use the Pair button on the remote or hold the power key on the sound bar for 10 seconds, and it will activate the pairing mode.

For Subwoofer, locate the button on the device labeled with the name Pairing or Link.

NOTE: Pairing Mode in different Subwoofer and Soundbar models can differ. For precise knowledge, look at the user manual given with the specific device.

  1. If the Vizio Subwoofer isn’t pairing with the Soundbar, make sure both devices are facing each other and are no more than a foot apart. It is important to keep both devices close during initial pairing. Though later on, you can keep them at a definite distance. Make sure there are no wires interfering with the connection.
  2. Make sure that both Subwoofer and Soundbar are Plugged In as well as Turned On.

Consider checking whether the plugs are securely pushed inside the socket. When Powered On, the light on Subwoofer’s Power Switch should appear lit. The light can either appear solid or blink. Simultaneously, to ensure whether the Soundbar is powered on or not, turn the Volume feature up and down. The Volume indicator light will blink if the Soundbar is On.

  1. Hard Restart both Subwoofer and Soundbar. To do so, simply press and hold the Play/Pause button, and it will power off the devices. Simultaneously, repeat the same step to restart the devices. But in between, ensure that you remove the plugs, wait a minute and plug them back in.
  2. Most Vizio Subwoofer and Soundbars are connected through Bluetooth. When there are already any devices or devices paired via Bluetooth, the Subwoofer may fail to recognize or pair with the Soundbar. In such a case, simply disconnect too many paired and active connections.
  3. Lastly, if nothing helps, it is time to update your Soundbar Firmware.

A step-by-step process for Updating Soundbar Firmware

  • Firstly, download the VIZIO SmartCast app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store into your smartphone.
  • Now connect the VIZIO soundbar to the SmartCast app. To do so, Connect the Soundbar to the TV, take the VIZIO soundbar remote and click on the Menu button. Further, use the Play/ Pause button to find and select wifi Setup.
  • Further, connect your smartphone to wifi (and not mobile data). Simultaneously, open the SmartCast app, tap on the three dots and open the Menu section. Here from the resultant list, select Device Settings -> Vizio Devices -> Add New Device option. The application will take you through an automated tutorial allowing you to connect the app and Soundbar together.
  • If any firmware update is available, it will automatically get downloaded.


This was all for connecting Vizio Subwoofer to Soundbar within a straightforward process. However, if nothing from the above-mentioned guide helped you and both the devices are still giving problems while pairing, it perhaps could be a hardware issue. Though to get over this, you would need to seek help from a professional technician. Instead of connecting with any local technician, first, try reaching out to the Vizio after-sales service.

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