Active Noise Cancellation – A Detailed Study

Active Noise Cancellation

As a user of earphones, or headphones, you are probably aware of the disturbance caused by random ambient sounds. It causes distortions and diminishes the clarity of the audio you are listening to. It muffles dialogues, weakens the bass and reduces the overall impact of the audio. This is where noise cancellation technology comes in. … Read more

What Is A Soundbar ?

A soundbar is a slender long loudspeaker with multiple drivers lined up one next to the other. It is a single-unit sound system shaped like a bar. A typical soundbar consists of three types of drivers: tweeter, midrange and woofer. Each of these drivers processes a specific band of frequency. The tweeter handles high frequencies, … Read more

How To Connect Soundbar To TV With Optical Cable ?

Most soundbars have an easy installation process. The package includes an optical digital-audio cable for connecting the soundbar to a television. It is a simple and hassle-free process. You can also use HDMI (High Definition Multi-media Interface) to connect the soundbar to a TV, if there is provision for HDMI. HDMI is an audio/video interface … Read more

How to Charge JBL Flip 3 ?

A big factor for consumers in deciding the quality of any electronic device is battery backup or battery life. Similar is the case with Bluetooth waterproof speakers that require long lasting battery life for longer hours of merriment. Let us check here how to charge JBL Flip 3 and protect it’s battery life – Get … Read more

Motorcycle Audio System : Classification & Types

Long journeys, fresh air, rough terrains, beautiful views, yes, we are talking about the ultimate experiences of motorbiking. Anyone whose soul finds pleasure in biking would relate to all of these. If we could add music to such majestic experiences, it would be like a cherry on a cake. This encourages us to write about … Read more