Alexa – A Complete Know How


Alexa – A Complete Know How [ Guide & Technical Details ]  Hello and welcome to our discussion on Alexa, Amazon’s smart home assistant. This is going to be a detailed no-holes-barred study, so sit back, relax, and maybe make yourself a cup of coffee or tea to keep you company. Following are the topics … Read more

A Comprehensive Guide To ATV Sound System

For off-roading enthusiasts, there’s nothing quite like an ATV with booming speakers. A sound system amplifies the excitement and takes the sport to a whole new level of awesome. If you are an outdoor sports junkie, you know the thrill that comes from tearing down a dirt track with speakers blaring at top volume. In … Read more

What Is A Subwoofer ? – A Comprehensive Study

A subwoofer is a loudspeaker that reproduces low-pitched audio frequencies called bass. It comprises of a speaker driver, also known as woofer, which produces frequencies between 20 to 500 Hz. The woofer is housed inside a wooden or plastic enclosure. This enclosure prevents sound waves coming off the back of the woofer from interfering with … Read more