BRAVEN BRV-X : Water-Resistant Speaker Review

Braven BRV-X is probably the best release from the company BRAVEN for the music enthusiasts. You may consider this as a speaker or a rough and tough looking soundbar. Whatever you feel like, it is worth a look if you are an outdoor animal and want a musical companion on your road trips. Braven BRV-X could be your perfect choice for outdoor and indoor parties as well. More importantly this tough speaker cum soundbar is available at a decent price tag which you can not ignore.

Let us look at Braven BRV-X’s features & designs :

Physical Design :

The speaker looks very sturdy with a strong black capsule made by tough plastics around it. It is a look alike with BRV-1 featured earlier from the manufacturer Braven. The speaker cum soundbar seems to be heavy on size – 2.9-by-9.1-by-3.7-inch and 1.5 pound in weight with strong shockproof rubber exterior to withstand rough use. It is water resistant with rating of IPX7. If we open up the back side cap, we can see multiple options and controls ranging from 3.5 mm AUX input, power port of 12 volts, indicator LEDs for battery power and USB charging port. We can also figure out a switch to toggle between outdoor party mode and indoor use along with a reset option.

Inside the pack during unboxing you will notice charging plugs, wrist wrap, nylon belt and a 3.5mm cable. These are handy gears for carry it easily for treaking or outdoor fun.

Wireless Operation :

Bluetooth pairing of Braven BRV-X is an easy cakewalk, particularly for the NFC point that the speaker has. You can simply use it as a hands-free speaker phone paired with your smartphone. Good part is the excellent wireless streaming, zero noise and sound clarity creates such an experience that the caller does not feel that it is on a speaker phone. Except all these Braven offers a “True wireless” mode where you can pair up two BRV-X for a cool stereo experience.

Audio Quality :

Braven puts best effort to provide a class experience for it’s buyers. Braven BRV-X is not an exception. It has two front facing full range custom drivers. Also the acoustics consists of one subwoofer and a passive radiator to boost performance at different frequency ranges. So, on a technical specification Braven BRV-X scores high points.

Now looking at the actual sound quality we must say, they did justice to this speaker cum soundbar. In the mid and low range the speaker creates a thicker full sound. Thanks to it’s high performance passive radiator. For the outdoor party you can switch to the special outdoor equalizer settings which creates a strong treble for better performance. The working frequency is claimed to be 80Hz to 20KHz but we found that it diminishes sharply little before 80Hz. Priced around $200, the BRV-X is value for money for it’s quality sound across most of the frequency range.

Battery Performance :

BRV-X has excellent battery performance of uninterrupted 12 hours through it’s 5200mAh rechargeable battery. You can use the rechargeable battery to charge your smartphone and other gadgets. That’s quite handy in an outdoor setup. The other notable feature is the speaker auto-off if no music is played or bluetooth pairing is off for 30 minutes, to save battery life.

All in all great sound quality at an affordable price, strong solid exterior to withstand outdoor usage and better than average battery life put Braven BRV-X ahead of it’s competition. If you are thinking to buy an water-proof outdoor speaker, then this product is worth a look.


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