BOSS Audio MR800 Marine Grade 2 Channel Amplifier Review

The sea can be a rough place for a sound system. There is a constant whirr of ambient sounds that interferes with the sound quality. Be it the roar of winds, the crash of waves or the vroom vroom of boat engines, the system has to overcome many disturbances. This is where marine amplifiers come in. They amplify the audio signal and help it rise above the surrounding distortions. The final sound is more audible and pronounced, and certainly more enjoyable.

Marine amplifiers are designed for harsh weather conditions. They have water-resistant cabinets for surviving the corrosive effects of life in the sea. In this article we will introduce you to a top-selling 2 channel marine amplifier system. It is the BOSS Audio MR800 and it is famous for its high-intensity amplification. It is a Class A/B amplifier with a peak power output of 800 watts.

BOSS Audio MR800 – A Deep Dive Into The Features And Performance :

Sound Amplification :

The MR800 is a full-range 2-channel marine grade amplifier. It has a maximum power of 800 watts.

RMS power rating of the amp is as follows :

  • 300 watts X 2 RMS at 2 ohm
  • 150 watts X 2 RMS at 4 ohm
  • 600 watts X 1 RMS Bridged at 4 ohm.

The MR800 can power a pair of stereo speakers or a pair of subwoofers at 4 ohm. Alternately, it can drive two pairs of speakers or four subwoofers at 2 ohm. This offers you a lot of flexibility in terms of set up.

The BOSS Audio amp has a MOSFET power supply. MOSFET stands for Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistors. This type of transistor seamlessly switches from full to non-conduction to deliver a consistently high output. The amp is bridgeable which means its 2 channels can be merged to power a single subwoofer. If you love bass, this is a great way to create a thunderous effect. The powers of both the channels will be combined to drive a single device, creating a stellar sound experience.

The MR800 is 2 ohm stable. This means the lowest impendence supported by the amp is 2 ohm which makes it capable of more power and consequently more volume. The device has high and low level inputs. You are free to pair it with any regular factory or aftermarket source unit. The high level inputs are for input from speakers and the low level inputs are for signals from the preamp output of the source unit. The MR800 is a Class A/B amp with a special linear circuitry that minimizes distortions and improves sound quality and power output.

The device has a fixed high-pass filter for controlling the frequencies that pass through the speakers and a variable low-pass filter for controlling the frequencies that pass through the subwoofer. Variable bass boost lets you adjust the bass output as you like. Variable gain control lets you control the output of the amp. We suggest you avoid too much gain as it has a tendency to create distortions. On the other hand, too little gain can cause the track to sound clipped. The trick is to find the right balance and stay there.

The BOSS Audio MR800 has switchable input sensitivity so you can link it to any head unit and use the volume controls on the unit to manage the output. It gives you more control over the input from the source unit so you can ensure a balanced sound. The MR800 has subwoofer level controls. It also includes a wired remote subwoofer control for monitoring the subwoofer. The amp has a frequency response of 6 Hz to 50 kHz. This is a stunning bandwidth and clearly puts the MR800 ahead of all others in its category. Signal-to-noise ratio of the device is greater than 102 dB and total harmonic distortion is less than 0.01%. All in all, the BOSS Audio MR800 is a good amplifier for 2 channel applications. It has all the latest features needed for high-power amplification in open air marine conditions.

We have concluded the segment on performance. Let us now take up the design aspects of the product.

Product Design :

The BOSS Audio MR800 is a fully marinized amplifier. It has a weatherproof enclosure that is impervious to sunlight, water, wind and salt. The circuit board has a special coating for minimizing the effects of natural elements. All plastic surfaces of the amp have UV coatings for protection against UV radiation. It ensures the internal parts stay safe and the device lasts longer.

The MR800 has inline water-resistant terminals for all its input and output connections. The ports and jacks are critical points as they are exposed to the weather and require added protection. The control panel of the amplifier is tightly sealed with a rubber door. It is waterproof and keeps out water and dirt.

The BOSS Audio MR800 is corrosion-free. It has protective coatings to counter corrosion from salt water, wind and the sun. The amp has a width of 7.25 inches, length of 8.75 inches and a height of 2.15 inches. It is small in size and can easily be accommodated in narrow spaces. It is flat in shape and has a light grey color. The remote subwoofer control is black. The circuit board has 2-fold thermal and speaker short protection. The cabinet has a heatsink design and is made of an alloy of aluminum. It ensures proper heat dissipation to prevent heat build-up. The gadget has LED indicators to show power and protection statuses. For installation, you will need 8 gauge wire for power and ground connections.

We have come to the end of our review. Let us summarize the product in a few points.

Key Features :

  • 2 channel marine amplifier.
  • Max power 800 watts, bridgeable Class A/B amp, MOSFET power supply, 2 ohm stable.
  • Fixed high-pass filter, variable low-pass filter, variable bass boost, variable gain control.
  • High and low level inputs, remote subwoofer control, aluminum alloy heatsink.
  • Rubber door, weatherproof connectors, UV protection.


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