Boss Audio MC750B All Terrain ATV Speaker System Review

Riding an ATV is always more fun with music blaring out from tower speakers. In this article we are going to talk about top ATV speakers that can really crank up your off-road experience. The goal is to create a comprehensive list of rugged sound systems that outlast all adventures. We will walk you through the specifications of the products and explain everything in detail. Let’s get cracking.

Our first product is by BOSS Audio. BOSS Audio is a leading outdoor sound gear manufacturer and today we are going to focus on quite a few of their most popular ATV speakers. Our top pick is the BOSS Audio MC750B. It is a pair of powered speakers with a peak output of 1000 watts. It is an all-terrain system with an external Class D amplifier. Here are the features and functions of this gadget.

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Boss Audio MC750B ATV Speaker Review :

Technology And Design :

The BOSS Audio MC750B is a formidable ATV speaker system. It comprises of a pair of 4-inch full-range bullet-shaped speakers with a beautiful chrome and glossy black finish. They are powered by a separate wired amplifier with a peak power handling of 1000 watts. A remote volume control, also wired, completes the package.

The speakers come with their own mounting clamps and brackets. You don’t need to buy anything and it is all included in the system. The brackets are adjustable and fit bars measuring 0.75 to 1.25 inches in diameter. You can install them on your ATV handlebars, UTV roll cage and overhead rods, whatever is best suited to your vehicle type.

The system works great with 12 volt motorcycles, scooters and all kinds of off-road automobiles. It has an operational power of 12 volts DC, and the permissible range is 10 to 16 volts.

The speakers are fully weatherproof and can take a splash or two. They are dust-resistant and are built to perform in all types of terrain. Whether you are in a jungle, a desert or a ranch, these babies can take a pounding without suffering even a scratch. So if you are looking for a tough all-weather pair of ATV speakers, this is the one for you.

The BOSS Audio MC750B has wired and wireless connectivity. It has Bluetooth Audio Streaming which lets you stream all your favorite songs from apps like Spotify and Pandora. You can keep your phone in your pocket or the storage compartment of the vehicle for greater safety, and comfortably play music without cables.  

There is a 3.5mm AUX input too for wired playback. It is compatible with the AUX outputs of MP3 players and smart phones alike. So even if you do not have Bluetooth on your source device or for some reason the Bluetooth is not working, you can just pop in the auxiliary audio cable and enjoy music anytime anywhere on these speakers.

The MC750B has a simple plug-and-play functionality. The installation is pretty easy and you can do it yourself. Just plug it into a wired 12 volt power source and then connect it to your media source such as a mobile phone or tablet, and you are good to go.

The remote control might be installed near the dash area or the handlebar so that you can easily control the volume while riding.

Each of the two speakers has a sturdy metal grille in front. With the mounting equipment attached, each speaker is roughly 8.5 inches high. They have a depth of 7.25 inches and a diameter of 5.9 inches. 

The device has a standard warranty of 1 year and an extended warranty of 2 years.

Sound Quality :

In terms of sound, the BOSS Audio MC750B is unbeatable. The 4-inch speakers are equipped with full-range drivers that produce crystal audio characterized by soaring highs, crisp midrange and rumbling bass. They are driven by a 1000-watt peak power Class D amplifier which ensures you get the best audio possible. Class D amps are known for their high-speed switching amplifier technology which requires less power and generates less heat than traditional Class A/B amplifiers. The amp used here has a small footprint, but packs in a surprising amount of power. It powers the loudspeakers and helps them deliver clean, ground-shaking bass.

The speakers are fitted with 3-ohm voice coils which work splendidly with all automotive receivers. The voice coils used to build this pair have been specially designed to increase the sensitivity of the speakers so as to produce more output. In other words, you get more sound for the same power, and the volume is also noticeably higher. This is very important as you will be using the speakers in an open-air setting which normally has a lot of background noise. This is where the 3-ohm voice coils come into play. They are really an ingenious way to generate better and beefier sound.

The BOSS Audio MC750B has a frequency response of 65 Hz to 22 KHz, signal-to-noise ratio of >85dB, and total harmonic distortion of < 0.01%.

Key Features :

  • Pair of 4-inch ATV speakers with external Class D amp.
  • Peak power 1000-watt, full-range bullet-shaped speakers.
  • Wired remote volume control, Bluetooth, 3.5mm AUX input.
  • Weatherproof, all-terrain system, works with 12 volt vehicles.
  • Adjustable mounting brackets fit 0.75 to 1.25-inch handlebars.

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