BOSS Audio ATVB90 Marine-Grade Audio System Review

ATV sound systems come in different makes and shapes. Some have bullet-shaped speakers and external amps, some are designed like soundbars. Our next product is an audio tube consisting of woofers, tweeters and an amplifier inside a single comprehensive unit. It mounts to handlebar, and is suitable for motorcycles and ATVs.

If you wish for a simple solution with minimal wiring and installation, this is the product for you. It has a single sound unit and a wired remote control. It has Bluetooth, AUX and a storage compartment for keeping your valuables. Let us take a closer look at the technology, design and sound profile of the device.

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BOSS Audio ATVB90 Marine-Grade Audio System

Technology And Design

The BOSS Audio ATVB90 is a one of a kind ATV audio system. It is a rugged audio tube with two 8-inch woofers and two 1.5-inch weatherproof tweeters. It features an onboard amplifier with a peak power output of 700 watts. It is an all-in-one sound system with the speakers and the amp inside the same unit.

The system is suitable for motorbikes, ATVs, UTVs and side-by-sides. It is great for off-roading, dune bashing, hunting, ranch work and tailgating.

For connectivity there’s Bluetooth. You can stream songs directly from Spotify, Pandora and other music apps. There is also a 3.5mm AUX input which supports cabled input from any device that has a 3.5mm AUX output port. You can use this jack to play songs from smart phones, tablets, iPods, iPhones and MP3 players.

The sound system has a simple plug and play feature. It works with all 12 volts vehicles such as motorcycles and ATVs. Just connect it to the power source and then hook up your media device either using Bluetooth or AUX. That’s it, you are ready to start playing music.

One cool aspect of the BOSS Audio ATVB90 is that it can charge devices on the go. If you are out in the wild and your phone battery starts blinking, you can quickly get a power top-up using the 1A USB charge out port. That’s right. The audio tube comes with a built-in powerbank for charging small electronics like phones and iPods.

The system is fully weatherproof. It is designed for outdoor use in all types of terrain. It is IPX5 rated with a marine-grade enclosure. It is impervious to moisture, fog, dust and mild splashes of water. The cabinet can withstand water jets from any direction, but it must not be subjected to high-pressure water jets or pouring rain. Bear in mind it is only tolerant to water and is not completely waterproof.

The best thing about the BOSS Audio ATVB90 is the storage unit. It is rare for an ATV sound system to have onboard storage and this device knocks it out of the park. The benefit of having such a compartment is that you can leave your phone and wallet in it and enjoy off-roading to your heart’s content. Your belongings stay safe and dry, and you can do all the stunts in the world.

A wired in-line remote control with multiple functions accompanies the ATVB90. It has buttons for power, play, pause, Bluetooth, skipping song and adjusting the volume. A small door at the base of the remote control guards the AUX input jack and the USB charging point.

The ATVB90 has a black housing. It is 32.68 inches wide, 13.98 inches deep and 9.25 inches high. It has 4 heavy-duty straps with Velcro for securing it to handlebars. A cigarette lighter power cord and remote mounting clamp are also included.

Standard warranty period of the gadget is 1 year. It can be extended by 2 years.

Sound quality

The BOSS Audio ATVB90 has thunderous sound. It is one of the best ATV audio tubes you can get your hands on. It boasts a pair of 8-inch poly injection cone speakers and a pair of 1.5 inch high-performance weatherproof dome tweeters. An integrated Class A/B amplifier powers the loudspeakers to produce crystal clear music with plenty of depth and detail. Peak power handling is 700 watts meaning you get loud music with a lot of slam. 8-inch woofers in ATV speaker systems are literally unheard of. So this pair of extra-large woofers is just the best for hard-hitting bass. Plus, the 1.5-inch tweeters ensure every high note is naturally and accurately reproduced.

All in all, we can say that the BOSS Audio ATVB90 is a winner in every department – sound, durability, design. No other ATV sound system packs in so many features like USB charging and in-unit storage, and it certainly is one of our top picks.

Key Features :

  • All-terrain IPX5-rated ATV audio system.
  • Built-in Class A/B amp with 700-watt max power.
  • All-inclusive device with two 8-inch woofers, two 1.5-inch tweeters and a power amp.
  • Separate in-line remote control, built-in powerbank, USB charge out.
  • Bluetooth, 3.5mm AUX input, large storage unit, 4 heavy-duty straps with Velcro.

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