Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker II – Complete Review

Bose Corporation is a front runner among premium audio equipment brands. It bears the hallmark of a world-class company driven by innovation. It makes quality speakers and sound gear. The SoundLink Color Bluetooth speaker II is one of its latest launches. It is a rugged wireless outdoor speaker with a compact water-resistant enclosure. It has Bluetooth, NFC, AUX, speakerphone and a long-lasting battery.

Do not be fooled by the small package of the SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker II. It generates loud thumping audio despite its not-so-large size. It is designed to go wherever you go. It fits in satchels and handbags, and is comfortable to clutch too.

Let us peruse the specifications of the speaker to understand why youngsters love it so much.

Bose SoundLink Color II – A Premium Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker :

Technology And Design :

The Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker II is built for adventures. It has an IPX4-rated water-resistant housing which means it can take splashes of water from any direction. It features a durable wrap-around silicone exterior that is soft to the touch and easy to grab. The slip-free texture of the silicone prevents the speaker from slipping out of your hand. You can just pick it up and go, playing your favorite music along the way.

The device weighs 0.54 kg and is only slightly heavier than a football. It has a squarish shape with smooth rounded edges and corners. It measures 13.3 cm in height, 12.7 cm in width and 5.7 cm in depth. It is like a flat box that fits into your palm. There are soft-press buttons on top of the speaker for power, play, pause, volume, track skip, Bluetooth and input selection. Three tiny indicators show the statuses of power, Bluetooth and input selection.

The speaker has Bluetooth technology for wireless media input. It works with all iOS and Android gadgets including smart phones, tablets, iPods, iPads and PCs. It has a Bluetooth range of 30 feet which is quite standard. You can enjoy Wireless Music Streaming on music apps. Just connect it to your phone and the handy voice prompts will guide you through the process. The voice prompts have two important functions. They verbally guide you through the pairing process so you know what to do and don’t get confused. The second purpose is to identify the connected devices by their individual names in order to simplify usage. The prompts are switchable. If you don’t want them, you can turn them off.

The speaker has a good memory. It remembers and stores the details of the last 8 paired devices. When they come within its range again, it automatically shows their presence on your phone screen. The speaker can also be connected to two source devices at a time so two people can take turns playing DJ at the party.

The best thing about the speaker is that it can be accessed through the Bose Connect app. The app itself is very easy to navigate. It has a simple drag-and-drop functionality. It also lets you customize your listening preferences. There is a special Party Mode which pairs up two SoundLink Color Bluetooth II speakers to give you amplified surround sound. There is also a Stereo Mode for dedicated left and right channel sounds. The app lets you quickly swipe between connected devices with minimal hassle. It offers tips on how to achieve optimal sound quality. It also allows you to unlock product features so you can personalize your music better.

Apart from Bluetooth, the speaker has NFC pairing. If you or your friends have NFC-enabled devices, you can connect them to the speaker with a simple tap.

For input via cables, a 3.5mm AUX-IN jack has been provided. It works with non-Bluetooth and Bluetooth gadgets.

The SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker II has 8 hours of non-stop wireless playback time. It has a built-in rechargeable battery that charges through a Micro-B USB cable. It takes around 3 hours to be 100% charged if it is not playing music at the same time.

The device has an integrated microphone for hands-free phone conversations. If your phone and your speaker are wirelessly paired, and you get a call, the music pauses to allow the call to ring. Press the multi-function button on the speaker to answer the call. When you hang up, the music resumes on its own.

The multi-function buttons serve various purposes. It lets you play, pause and skip songs. Two quick presses take you to the next song, three quick presses take you back to the previous song. Long pressing the button activates voice control capability for accessing Siri, Google Now, etc. Pressing it again ends the voice control mode. When you have an incoming call, pressing the button once, as mentioned already, puts you in touch with the caller. Long pressing it, rejects the call. In the middle of a phone call, pressing the button once terminates the call.  

The SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker II is available in 4 exciting color tones: Polar White, Soft Black, Coral Red and Aquatic Blue.

The package contains the Bluetooth speaker and a micro USB cable.  

Sound Quality :

The SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker II has surprisingly bold sound. It is your go-to speaker for loud and clear audio from a compact package. It is equipped with dual opposing passive bass radiators that crank out thumping bass. They reduce distortions and vibrations to make the sound cleaner and more audible. The songs are deeper and richer and more enjoyable. All in all, the SoundLink Color is a great companion to have on nature trips. It runs for hours and keeps you and your friends entertained throughout the journey.

Key Features :

  • IPX4 water-resistant portable Bluetooth speaker with dual opposing passive bass radiators.
  • NFC pairing, AUX, built-in rechargeable battery with 8-hour back-up, hands-free calls.
  • Wrap-around soft-touch silicone skin exterior, includes micro USB cable.
  • App-controllable, customizable settings, Party Mode, Stereo Mode.
  • Supports Siri and Google Now, connects with 2 source devices at a time.


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