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If you own a surround sound speaker system, you will know that it needs space to be properly installed. But space, today, is a luxury most urban and suburban homes lack. In such a scenario with cramped living spaces, the consumer is forced to look for space-saving methods of mounting sound devices or speaker shelves. This is where the bookshelf speaker stand steps in. It is an unobtrusive piece of furniture that provides a better alternative for mounting your speakers. It optimizes space and offers a secure home for your speakers. Most speaker stands feature flexible set up options, adjustable height and cable management.

Here are a few highly rated and extremely popular Surround Sound Speaker Stands & Bookshelf Speaker Stands :

Atlantic 77335799 Speaker Stands for Bookshelf Speakers :

The Atlantic 77335799 is a pair of sturdy surround sound speaker stands. They are made of heavy duty steel and can carry a maximum weight of 20 lbs. The stands feature cable management. The pedestal of the stand is hollow so it can accommodate the speaker cables. A rear access point is provided for the wires to connect with the speaker’s port and terminals. Cable management keeps cables hidden from view and gives your living room a neat and organized look. The speaker stands can be rotated 45ᵒ for achieving the most appropriate sound projection. It lets you point the speakers in the direction of the viewer for the best sound experience. The mounting plate is a square measuring 6 inches by 6 inches. It is big enough to hold large satellite speakers. The plate has 4 adhesive strips and 4 spike studs. They offer 2 different kinds of plate surface options. The Atlantic 77335799 stand is black in color and has a simple design. It has non-marring feet that protect your floor from scuff marks. The stand offers a great set up position for your speaker system. It is affordable, functional and enhances the aesthetics of the space it is in. Each stand measures 10” x 10” x 30”.

SANUS BF31-B1 31″ Bookshelf Speaker Stands :

Another great option for a surround sound speaker stand is the SANUS BF31-B1. It is, as the name suggests, 31 inches tall and holds a speaker plate measuring 5 inches by 5 inches. The SANUS stand comes in pairs. Each stand can bear a max weight of 20 lbs. It has a sturdy MDF construction that absorbs energy and provides better acoustic isolation. This in turn enhances the sound quality making it richer and fuller. The SANUS BF31-B1 has wire management for keeping your wires out of sight and giving your sound system a neat look. The column on which the speaker plate rests is hollow so that the cable can pass. A hole in provided behind the column at the top for accessing the wires and plugging them into the speakers. The plates have anti-slip neoprene pads for better speaker stability and also better sound. The pads make sure the speakers do not knock against the plates and cause disturbance. The stands have removable push-in carpet spikes for a more stable placement on rugs and other fabric surfaces. To conclude, we can say that the SANUS BF31-B1 surround sound speaker stands are built for stability. They ensure superior slip-free placements for both the speakers and the stand.

VIVO Premium Universal Floor Speaker Stands :

The VIVO Premium Universal Floor Speaker Stands are a popular product in this category. They blend in with the décor of any room and provide a nice perch for your satellite speakers. The VIVO bookshelf speaker stands are sold in pairs. They are made from heavy duty high gauge cold rolled steel. They have a low profile design and a smart black matte finish. The height of the stand is 25 inches from floor to speaker platform. The base is 9.5 inches by 9.5 inches and the speaker platform is 6.5 inches by 6.5 inches. This means it is large enough to hold medium to large sized speakers. Each plate is supported by a pair of steel pillars and can carry a maximum weight of 22 lbs. The VIVO stand features detachable plate spikes and carpet spikes for firm placement. The spikes are specially designed to reduce speaker and stand vibration and improve sound quality. The stands come with extra pads for protecting the speakers and floor from scratch marks. All in all, the VIVO is a great choice for a surround sound speaker stand.

VideoSecu MS08B DA8 Bookshelf Speaker Stands :

The next amazing surround sound speaker stand we think you should check out is the VideoSecu MS08B DA8. The USP of this pair is that you can adjust its height from 26.5 inches to 46 inches. This gives you the liberty to have your satellite speakers at any level you want for the most optimum sound projection. The columns have cable management for keeping the cables concealed from plain view. It makes your sound system look neater and more presentable. The VideoSecu MS08B DA8 offers multiple set up positions. There are platforms, L-brackets and 2-hole adapters for mounting the speakers on the stands. A set of foam mounting pads with adhesive on both sides are included in the package along with keyhole screws and M4 M5 1/4” – 20. The stands also have adjustable rubber feet which you need to twist to adjust the height. The VideoSecu bookshelf speaker stands can support up to 20 lbs. They have a heavy duty steel construction and are perfect for small to medium sized rear speakers.

VIVO Premium Universal SP02B Bookshelf Speaker Stand :

Speaker stands by VIVO are known for their superior build and affordable prices. The VIVO Premium Universal SP02B surround sound speaker stands are no exception. They combine smart sassy looks with great engineering. The stands which come in pairs have a height of 23 inches and can support a maximum weight of 22 lbs each. The speaker shelf is an 8-inch by 8-inch square platform while the base of the stand measures 10-inch by 10-inch. It is perfect for medium to large sized satellite speakers and subwoofers. The VIVO SP02B has a glass and aluminum body. The plate and base are made of tempered glass and the pillar is made of solid aluminum. The entire stand is black in color and has a glossy sheen. The SP02B bookshelf speaker stands have hollow pillars for keeping the cords out of sight. It reduces clutter and gives your sound system a tidy look. The stands are accompanied by removable carpet spikes for better stability on carpets and rugs. In case you have a wooden, tiled or marbled floor, you can use the included felt pads to prevent scratch marks on the floor.

Sanus Natural Series NF24C Bookshelf Speaker Stands :

The Sanus Natural Series NF24C is another surround sound speaker stand worth mentioning. It is a pair of bookshelf speaker stands with a floor-to-speaker plate height of 24 inches. It has a solid hardwood column that holds the square plate on top. The plate measures 7.5 inches by 7.5 inches and comes with brass studs with adjustable height. It can accommodate medium sized bookshelf speakers. The speaker shelf has high quality neoprene pads for enhanced resonance damping and sound isolation. It ensures the speaker doesn’t rattle against the plate and interfere with the audio. The hardwood column of the Sanus NF24C has a patented wire management channel. It provides a designated place for your speaker’s cables and makes your system look more presentable. The stands can support a maximum weight of 25 lbs each. The MDF base has screw-in polyester feet and adjustable carpet spikes for a more stable foundation on soft fabric covered floors.

Topeakmart Surround Sound Speaker Stands :

One product that stands out from the rest is the Topeakmart Surround Sound Speaker Stand. It is a sturdy pair of speaker stands with adjustable height. The stand offers 6 different pre-fixed heights – 31.5 inches, 35.5 inches, 39.5 inches, 43.5 inches, 47.5 inches and 51.5 inches. Just select the height of your choice for optimum sound range and reach. A safety lock pin is incorporated in the stand’s design to ensure the height remains exactly where you fixed it. The pin also lets you loosen and readjust the height when required. The Topeakmart speaker stands have a solid A3 steel body with triangular bases for a firmer foundation. The stands can hold a weight of 88 lbs tops which is far greater than what most surround sound speaker stands offer. The tray size is 9 inches by 9 inches and is spacious enough to accommodate large satellite speakers. The trays have anti-skid pads to prevent the speakers from slipping on the platform. The stands have 2 kinds of detachable feet: plastic and metal. You can use whichever you want depending on your floor type.   

Mount-It MI-1214 Surround Sound Speaker Stand for Home Theatre :


If you have a 5-channel home theatre system, you will need a speaker stand with 4 stands for your 2 front and 2 rear speakers. The Mount-It MI-1214 provides an excellent mounting set up for your entire home cinema system. Each stand has a heavy-gauge cast iron base with four feet for added stability. The pillar is made of steel and balances the speakers using the rear mounting holes of the speaker. Please note that the Mount-It MI-1214 bookshelf speaker stand supports speakers with mounting holes behind them on the back panel. Speakers with mounting holes on the side, top or bottom panels will not fit this stand. The stand’s height can be adjusted from 26.8 inches to 43.3 inches. A height adjustment handle is incorporated for this purpose. Each stand can hold a weight of 5 lbs tops. The pillar is sleek and hollow. You can pass your speaker’s cables through it to keep them hidden from view. This discreet cable placement makes for a neat and orderly home theatre placement. However, if your speakers have special connectors, these connectors will have to be linked only after the cables have passed through the pillars.

Vega A/V 24” Surround Sound Speaker Stands :

The Vega A/V 24” Surround Sound Speaker Stands are designed for medium to large sized satellite speakers. The stands are 24 inches tall and are sold in pairs. They have a solid steel frame with 4mm-thick base plates. Removable screw-in steel carpet spikes are provided for stable floor placement on rugs and soft fabrics. It minimizes vibration and improves sound quality. Each stand can carry a maximum weight of 35 lbs. The top plate measures 6.25 inches by 6.25 inches. The speaker plates are held up by two cylindrical steel columns. The specialty of the Vega A/V 24” bookshelf speaker stands is that they can be filled with sound deadening material like shot or sand. Adding such material increases the weight of the stands and improves its acoustic isolation. The Vega speaker stands are black in color and blend in with the décor of most houses. All in all, the Vega A/V 24” is a superb choice for a stand for large to medium speakers.

Sanus SF22-B1 Steel Foundation IV 22″ Black Bookshelf Speaker Stands :


We will end our article with this final product from Sanus, the SF22-B1 Steel Foundation IV. It is a 22-inch-tall heavy duty steel surround sound speaker stand sold in pairs. Each stand has a max load bearing capacity of 35 lbs. They are ideal for large to medium speakers. The oversized base is made of steel and incorporates detachable carpet spikes and rubber feet for better placement stability. The top plates measure 8.5 inches by 8.5 inches. They come with brass studs for firmer speaker foundation and neoprene pads for enhanced isolation. The plates are supported by twin hollow columns with wire management channels. The pillars also feature resonance damping rings which can be filled with sound damping material like shot or sand for extra weight and isolation. The Sanus SF22-B1 surround sound speaker stands have a simple minimalistic design. They are black in color and have a sand texture finish. They provide a secure option for bolt-mounting your satellite speakers and therefore are our final pick for a great bookshelf speaker stand.

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